• Definition of an affricate, approaches to the Study. Transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet by combination of two letters. Using the tie to show that it is part of the same consonant. The status of affricates as a problem in the English.

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  • General genre characteristics of the cult film "Men in black". Familiarization with the basics of plot dynamics American science fiction Comedy sequel. Stages of the recording process the trilogy. The budget format and the box office of the movie.

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  • A study of rules of drafting of texts asking for permission, giving permission, talking about permission and refusing permission in English. Examples of drafting of affirmative and interrogative suggestions, rules of the use of verbs to can, to be.

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  • Investigation of the mechanism of movement of working bodies vibroimpact classifier for the purpose of improving the efficiency and performance of mineral processing. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the dynamics of working bodies of the pendulum.

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  • Definition and characteristics of the premises descent into civil war. Acquaintance with the causes of humanitarian crisis in Syria. Research activities of rebels and the rise of the jihadists. Analysis of the main principles of syrian government.

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  • Simulation of cold rolling of bearing rings taking into account the temperature factor. Optimization of the shape of the roller generatrix of double-row railway roller bearing. The hydraulic resistance of mesh dividers of phases in the liquid stream.

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  • Порядок создания таблиц базы данных и процесс ввода данных в них. Характеристика основных разновидностей. Сущность однотабличных форм, их необходимость применения. Классификация форм для загрузки двух таблиц. Понятие запросов и правила создания отчетов.

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  • Access как система управления базами данных, ее внутренняя структура и назначение. Понятие и функции, принципы и порядок проектирования перекрестного запроса. Методика создания запроса на выборку с помощью Мастера. Составление запроса в режиме SQL.

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  • Формы хранения информации. Создание базы данных, таблиц, форм, запросов и отчетов. Система управления базами данных Access. Создание таблицы при помощи мастера таблиц, форм и отчетов с помощью мастера. Быстрое создание таблицы в режиме конструктора.

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  • Основні проблеми, що виникають при проектуванні баз даних. Сутність і структури ієрархічної, реляційної і сіткової моделі даних. Структура зв'язків між таблицями і особливості їх оформлення. Пошагова інструкція і принципи формування звітів в Access.

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  • Consideration of the specifics accommodation in the storey hotel "Dog Bark" the form of a dog. The construction of "The Ice Hotel" in Sweden. Opening on the island of Fiji, underwater hotel "Poseidon" resort 5 stars located on the bottom of the ocean.

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  • Researching definition of current assets and their classification. Analysis of general characteristics of cash and cash equivalents, cashless payment forms. Accounting for cash on hand, for the money on current accounts and for cash on card accounts.

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  • Legal regulation of accounting in ancient Rome. The system of accounting records in ancient Rome. The Roman jurisdiction (the flexible, legalized and civilized norms of legal relationship - private and public). Adversary and the income-expenses book.

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  • The concept and characteristics of accounting. Review basics of controlling the profits and losses of the organization. The study of the statement of cash flows. Measurement of total assets. Budget planning in the enterprise; especially decision-making.

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  • A study of accounting of production costs and cost of production horticulture. Needs and opportunities for improvement the documentary support for accounting in the industry. Development of the primary document to reduce the complexity of accounting work.

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  • The issue of integrated usage of strategic accounting instruments at national industrial enterprises. The achieving a synergy effect from the integrated usage of such instruments of the strategic accounting as EVA-analysis, AB-costing and DEA-analysis.

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  • Passenger air transpirations become an important part in the economy of each country. Increased competition in the airline industry. State and prospects of improving the competitiveness of Russian airlines in the international passenger airline market.

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  • The epidemiological characteristics of 18 patients with acinetobacter bacteremia were analyzed. The possibility of an association of glucose with the pathogenesis of acinetobacter infection was raised. Fifteen of 16 patients survived bacteremia.

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  • Acmeism as a reaction to Russian Symbolism, although this oversimplification has for the most part given way to a more subtle description of Acmeism. Factual justification for looking to the French as a main source of Acmeism, provided by Gumilev.

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  • Characteristic of such aspects of speech sounds as articulatory, acoustic, auditory and functional. Study of the frequency of the main tone. Describe of intensity of sound. Analysis of the defined formant structure of spectra of vowels and consonants.

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