• Slavoj Zizek uses examples from popular culture to explain the theory of Jacques Lacan and also uses Lacanian psychoanalysis, Hegelian philosophy and Marxist economic criticism to interpret and speak extensively on immediately current social phenomena.

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  • The concept and features of the Enlightenment, an assessment of its role and significance in the history of mankind. Prominent representatives and timing of this period, their achievements and directions of research. The ideals, humanitarian foundations.

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  • The main problems in the investment manager: get additional benefits, avoidance of risk. Features of the decision on capital investment: assessing the company's budget, marketing research, the results of the audit. Evaluation of budget expenditures.

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  • Research predicting bankruptcy for Russian companies. A comparison of approaches to modeling financial difficulties for private companies with financial and non-financial variables. Features a variety of models before and after the economic crisis.

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  • The study Tayloristic principles of work organization as a system of accepted norms of the Communist leadership and the ideologists of the Soviet regime, which became the dominant practice in the farms of Hungary the transition to a market economy.

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  • Feature of the resource potential of Ukrainian agriculture. The black earth as one of the fruitful soil types. Statistics on the export of sunflower oil. The main problems of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. Agriculture Canada, their characteristics.

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  • Вплив тривалості спільного кокультивування калюсів з агробактерією на вбудовування дезоксирибонуклеїнової кислоти. Особливості позитивного впливу антибіотика цефотаксима на морфогенез у культурі апікальних меристем пагонів і зрілих зародків пшениці.

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  • Familiarization with the result of analysis of the effectiveness of aid to Ukraine and its capacity to support economic and democratic reforms in the country. Development of improvements in order to increase aid impact on the reform process in Ukraine.

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  • Создание Airbus Industries. Разработка самолетов для перегруженных авиалиний. Разработка самолета А300 ZERO-G для имитации условий невесомости. Характеристика самолетов. Конкуренция с "Боингом". Устранение конкурентов корпорации "Макдоннел-Дуглас".

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  • The land bridge, now recalled as Beringia, as the first gateway to Alaska. The Eskimos: Flexible Residents of the Arctic. The Athabascans: Nomads of the Interior. The Northwest Coast Indians. From the Russian Empire to the United States of America.

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  • Problem of disappearance of rare species of animals and birds on Alaska. Black bears, American elks and musk oxen. Decrease in quantity of sea otters and petrels. Mission of restoration of the wild nature. Program of researches of University Ferbanks.

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  • A brief sketch of the life, the stages of personal and academic formation of the Albert Einstein. Areas of activity of the scientist and the assessment of its achievements. The theory of relativity, the content and scope of practical application.

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  • Сhildhood and youth of Alexander Dovzhenko; the history of his family in "Autobioghaphy". Education; becaming a movie director; years of war; the most famous Dovzhenko’s movies: "Ukraine in the fire", "Michurin", "Enchanted Desna"; the last years of life.

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  • Alexander Fleming - British bacteriologist and biochemist, who discovered penicillin. His biography, early life, research (good antiseptics, diseases were caused by germs that attack human beings). Honours, awards. A statue of Alexander Fleming in Madrid.

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  • Логотип компании "Alfa Romeo". Первый автомобиль с новым именем. Решение проводить ежегодный чемпионат Европы по автогонкам серии Гран-при. Дебют гоночной модели "Alfa Romeo Р1". Производство военных грузовиков. Модельный ряд Альфа Ромео в 2015 году.

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  • Definition and characterization of the alginate-hydroxyapatite beads that potentially which can be used for drug release due to the adsorptive properties. Investigation and consideration of the main features of alginatecontrolled crystallization.

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  • A Bayesian algorithm for determining the statistical accuracy factor, which can be used to estimate the accuracy characteristics of on-board automatic landing system on the stage of operational control. Solution of the statistical accuracy problem.

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  • Hereditary Information and Protein Biosynthesis. Gel Electrophoresis and Direct Sequencing. Generalized Sux Trees and the Substring Problem. Ecient Computation of Overlaps. Denition and Scoring of Multiple Alignments. The FASTA and BLAST Heuristic.

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  • A bird's-eye view of modern cryptography. Preliminaries and Defining security in cryptography. Elementary number theory and algebra background. Approximations using partial Greatest common divisors computations. Birthday-based algorithms for functions.

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  • Characteristics of traditional African clothing, its change over time, the use of embroidery. Main food ingredients (meat, vegetables, bulbs, fruits, nuts, and seafood). Features of greeting people when meeting, аfrican weapon, respect for their culture.

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