• Особенности использования и защиты облачных инфраструктур и применение службы федераций Active Directory для задач аутентификации. Анализ результатов внедрения технологии ADFS. Угрозы информационной безопасности при использовании облачных вычислений.

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  • Ади Дасслер как немецкий предприниматель, основатель компании "Adidas". Основные этапы и направления развития крупнейшего производителя спортивной обуви, одежды и инвентаря. Миссия и целевая аудитория данной фирмы, описание ее продукции, конкуренты.

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  • Analysis of the application of administrative law in the decisions of government units that are part of a national regulatory scheme in the areas of police law, commerce, manufacturing, environment, taxation, broadcasting, immigration and transport.

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  • The study of the level of local government in Germany . Review the progress and outcome of the administrative reform of 1960 and the second wave of modernization in 1990. Description of internal and external components of government reorganization.

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  • Administrative sanctions in comparison with penalties in Polish tax law - a double system or two systems? The duality of legal methods for countering tax fraud in Poland: whether administrative sanctions are contained in tax law or in criminal law.

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  • Основные возможности Adobe Acrobat. Быстрая печать и просмотр в режиме он-лайн. Приложение Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 2.0. Достоинства применения формата PDF в сравнении с LIT. Особенности подхода Adobe к продуктам для чтения и распространения еBook.

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  • Инструменты выделения и рисования. Магнитное лассо, "волшебная палочка", многоугольное лассо, пересадка голов", замена фона, градиентная заливка, "переодевание очков". Раскрашивание черно-белого изображения. Перевод цветного изображения в черно-белое.

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  • Компьютер - средство для художественного творчества. Создание коллажа в графическом редакторе Adobe Photoshop. Виды компьютерной графики. Инструменты выделения областей объекта, редактора (палитра история, шаг назад, отмена, резинка, штамп клонирование).

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  • Study of adsorption of cadmium (II) cations on the surface of macroporous amorphous silica with chemically modified b-cyclodextrin, its functional derivatives. The analysis of kinetic curves of sorption within the Lagergren model reaction pseudo order.

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  • Experimental study of interaction of water with the substrate and the role of cesium as a promoter for the adsorption of water on the strontium titanate surface. Enhancement of the catalytic properties of metal oxides by the addition of alkali species.

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  • The modification action of polyvinylpyrolidone on morphological peculiarities of magnesium hydrosilicate powder has been investigated. The most effective modification method is observed during joint precipitation of the system liquid components and PVP.

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  • Web Service Composition (WSC) is a process that helps to save much programming and cost effort by reusing existing components – web services. This paper presents an overview of current state-of-the-art Web Service Discovery and Selection methods.

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  • In this book offered a collection of the latest contributions to the area of computational intelligence applications to fault diagnosis. The book contains 10 chapters. Each of the chapters focuses on some theoretical aspects of intelligence methodologies.

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  • Research in the field of diagnostic imaging techniques. The use of the IntelliSpace Portal applications between client and server. The conduct of oncological, urological and cardiac examinations. Diagnostic and therapeutic services of the center.

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  • The Random Oracle Model and the Ideal Cipher Model Are Equivalent. Programmable Hash Functions and Their Applications. Adaptive One-Way Functions and Applications. Bits Security of the Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman Secret Keys. Cryptanalysis of MinRank.

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  • Factoring and discrete logarithm. One-way trapdoor permutations are sufficient for non-trivial single-server private information retrieval. Authenticate key exchange secure against dictionary attacks. Computing inverses over a shared secret modulus.

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  • Cryptanalysis of countermeasures proposed for repairing. Security analysis of the gennaro-halevi-rabin signature scheme. Authenticated key exchange secure against dictionary attacks. The modern security aspects of practical quantum cryptography.

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  • Show that computing e-th roots modulo n is easier than factoring n with currently known methods, given subexponential access to an oracle outputting the roots of numbers of the form xi + c. The strategy – a general outline. Polynomial construction.

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  • Ideas of vanguard investigators about applying probability models and applications (stochastic processes and inference, distributions and characterizations, Bayesian inference, selection methods, regression methods) in health and economic research.

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  • Freedom of access to the global network. Ease of use compared with the library. The Internet is a cost-effective source of research and self-knowledge and confidence. Language tools that have the potential to translate pages. Disadvantages of the network.

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