• The review for different devices: Infrared sensor arrays for thermal imaging on active Si read-out chips, resonant cavity enhanced IR detectors, quantum well lasers on Si substrates and "wavelength transformers", structures operated in sub-threshold.

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  • Das Konzept der Leadership als die Fаhigkeit, um die Gruppe zu einem Ende zu beeinflussen, seine Hauptaufgabe. Die Essenz von Management. Beschreibung der grundlegenden Management-Theorien und ihre Unterschiede. Auswirkungen Team am Arbeitsplatz.

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  • Leaders are those who can make others perform tasks without being coerced through force or formal authority. Conflict Management Styles. Teambuilding is essential in the workplace and highly desirable skills to possess when seeking a new job, promotion.

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  • Teaching methods and teacher and learner roles. Intelligence types and appropriate educational activities. Characteristic of different strategies can be used by language learners, its research and results. Involving the students in planning the course.

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  • Losing your mind: the function of brain cells. The anatomy of the brain. The lanes less traveled: instructional strategies for episodic, procedural, automatic and emotional memory. Producing the evidence: assessment that mirrors instructional strategies.

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  • Factors influencing the use of Internet. Question about adoption of the learning management system in schools. The possibility for using computers and Internet for educational purposes. Software application for delivery of learning content to students.

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  • Training of interpreter's shorthand, review exercises on the improvement of translation skills, paying attention on the specifics of the selection of the main information in the text, the original of its translation. Translation shorthand and notation.

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  • Theories of Learning and Teaching Styles as Instrument of Enhancing the Language Teaching Process. The Theory of Learning Styles in Kazakhstan and Abroad.The Matching Learning and Teaching Styles as a Key Issue of Modern Foreign Language Teaching.

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  • Analysis of data aggregated preferences. The ranking of the elements as separate and static elements. Evaluation of the algorithms, assumptions, weight and shifting implicit preferences. The essence of ranking elements as a function of their attributes.

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  • Spoken language as the primary means of learning a foreign language. Active teaching methods and a specific sequence in the formation of language skills: auditory practice, speaking, reading, and writing. Methods of individual sessions with students.

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  • Collection de contes pour la lecture a domicile en francais. Biographie e crivain Pierre Gripari. Et l'histoire de l'auteur, la traduction des mots et des taches difficiles dans l'ordre croissant des difficultes lexicales et grammaticales dans le texte.

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  • Analysis of the legal regulation of investment activity in Ukraine. The actual state of Ukrainian politics and current problems of state. Development of recommendations for improvement of legal regulation of the investment climate in the country.

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  • Legal protection of competition as the main element of the market-type economic system in the CIS countries. Creature of the legislative pale for the shield of rivalry as the most effective term of the law mechanism at the domestic and interstate levels.

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  • The legal basis for the organization of scientific research set forth in the Law of Ukraine "On scientific and scientific-technical activities". Normative-legal acts that address the basic problems of copyright law prevent plagiarism in a research study.

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  • Discussing the process of the introduction in Ukraine of the tax on the income from fees for the use of funds involved in the deposit. Reforming of legislation to improve the mechanism of the tax on the income from fees for the use in the deposit.

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  • The practical significance of joint ownership in the division of marital property. Ensuring the rule of law through the mechanism of legal regulation in general. Characteristics of components of the legal regime of the proprietorship of the couple.

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  • On the basis of the latest modern achievements of constitutional law, the sources of this law, as well as an analysis of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, legal requirements for the procedure for amending the Basic Law of the state are examined.

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  • The capital, Bishkek, is situated in the Chui valley in the north of the country, between the Talas valley in the west and the eastern Issyk-Kul region. As kumys fermented Mare's milk, the Kyrgyz national drink. The Samanids - a sedentary Muslim people.

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  • The unicorn as a legendary animal. The historical origins of legends about him. Unicorns in antiquity, in Middle Ages and Renaissance. Traditional method of hunting. The famous late Gothic series of seven tapestry of the Unicorn. Image on the heraldry.

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  • The occurrence of legionnaires’ disease in passengers of cruise ships. International system of surveillance health authorities. A first documented evidence of the involvement of a water supply system in the transmission of legionella infection on ships.

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