• A transit time of light through the system. The magnetic field oscillations. The studying a Faraday’s law. The resistance of an electric wires and contacts. Levitation of conductors in an oscillating field. Methods for choosing the discrete differences.

    лабораторная работа (1,3 M)
  • The assaying of lexical and semantic structure of the concept multilingualism, which will allow us to define the complex of linguistic means verbalizing the concept and to single out the cognitive features which compile the concept under investigation.

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  • Newspaper's style. Context and its role in translation. Features of the translation of newspaper articles from Kazakh into English. Difficulties and replace some omissions of lexical and semantic nature. Cliches and some set expressions for translation.

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  • General characteristics of the problems of studying foreign languages. Consideration of the English language as a major international. Introduction to the history of translation. The linguistic theory of translation. Translation from English to Russian.

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  • Ways of forming compound words, classifications of English compounds. Secondary ways of wordbuilding and ways of forming phraseological units. Analyzes of syntactical classification of phraseological units. Local varieties of English on British isles.

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  • Fundamentals of lexicological theory in relation to the material of the English language. Principles and methods of analysis and the tenets of academic lexicography. Skills in the use of monolingual monolingual and bilingual translating dictionaries.

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  • Objectives and principles of lexicology. The words, their nature and value, semantic relationships. The difference between semasiology and semantics. Unlike free phrases and idiomatic units. The important characteristic features of phraseological units.

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  • English is the national language of England proper, the USA, Australia and some provinces of Canada. Features American English, local dialects in the USA, Canadian, Australian and Indian variants. The main lexical differences between the variants.

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  • Intervention is an orthodoxy and it’s taken for granted that if we do it, it’s humanitarian. People have been tried and convicted for that. Clinton criticized India for violating the Nonproliferation Treaty. Colombia was once a big wheat producer.

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  • Ecological differences between the untreated and root-filled root canals. The root canal flora. The root canal as a unique site of infection. Methods for isolation and cultivation of the microorganisms. Microbiology of canals with persistent infection.

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  • The Royal Navy as the United Kingdom’s principal naval warfare force. The role of the Navy in the development of the British Empire as the dominant world power during the XVII-XX centuries. The value of the ship "Victory" at the battle of Trafalgar.

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  • The basis of the reasons for the relevance of issues relating to public health threats to the global community. Analysis the level of physical fitness among the early school-age children in the individual motor tests including the subjects gender.

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  • Computer modeling of fluorescence light quenching is performed with no limitations on the optical wave intensities. Searching for such combinations of polarizations of the interacting waves that provide minimal polarization changes for the waves.

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  • Incorporation of metal nanoparticles into photovoltaic cells attracts much attention last years as a promising way for efficiency improvement by light trapping. Direction of light scattering and a red shift of light scattering efficiency maxima.

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  • The transmission line overload as the relevant problem for the distribution network of the Moscow Power System. Development of the device LOLA Institute ESP, use his logic to the microprocessor devices. Parameter calculations, the scope of LOLA.

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  • The article considers etymological and linguo-cognitive peculiarities of designation units verbalizing the mythic concept WAY. The author created and used an algebraic model of the QUEST which demonstrates causative relations between its sub-scenarios.

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  • Study the generally acknowledged definition of hermeneutics. Dynamics of development of the philosophical concept. The justification of the indissoluble unity of language semiotic and hermeneutic studies in the context of the process of interpretation.

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  • An attempt to give an overview of contemporary achievements in the theory and practice of raising the effectiveness of business communication from the linguistic and socio-cultural viewpoint. The business communication as a cross-cultural issue.

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  • Intercultural competence as a core element for the professional and social competence of a teacher. A system of lingua-cultural knowledge which is developed at the foreign language learning stage. Working with authentic texts and corrective exercises.

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  • Linguistic features of the vowels and consonants in the German language. Historical background, peculiarities of ancient and modern Germanic languages. Phonetic processes in old English, the great vowel shift. Grammatical categories of English verb.

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