• Изучение особенностей строительства сетей четвертого поколения коммерческих сетей (LTE), для предоставления скоростного мобильного Интернета. Технологическая нейтральность технологий LTE 1800 и UMTS 900. Проблема работы сетей LTE и GSM в одном диапазоне.

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  • Review of proposals to address the problems of missile navigation accuracy rate on long flights. The Lunar parallax method of measuring the direction of movement , using the orientation on the position of the moon and the stars relative to the Earth.

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  • Studying the most common manifestation of infection due to nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) in children is cervical lymphadenitis in an otherwise healthy patient. Initial surgical excision of involved lymph nodes. The therapy and antibiotic regimens.

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  • Lymphocytic chalone and immune homeostasis. Classes of stress responses. Adaptive responses that are aimed at supporting constant internal environment. The impact of stress changes on protective systems of the body. Using a model of antigen load.

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