• Determination of a fire area during the time of its unobstructed development, the amount of the devices for the fire extinguishing agent supply. Consideration features of its mathematical model of the optimization in the woodworking enterprises workshops.

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  • The study of methods of improving the automated systems of railway transport. Turnouts as one of the most important and crucial components. Monitoring and management of objects of railway automatics in real time using the automated process of diagnosis.

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  • Research of mathematical model of the process intrusion forming polymer products. Establishing a dependency on the angle of melt costs lifting screw injection unit in the material cylinder based on the geometric parameters of extrusion head and mold.

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  • The impact of globalization and the expansion of international trade in the LDCs. The definitions of the mechanism by which these factors lead to a weakening of LDC institutions with a low level of technology, which can not absorb the advanced technology.

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  • Consideration the mathematical model of process of pressing of seamless pipes. Effect on various forms of rolling shaping matrix. The nature of the formation of the deformation zone. Development of direct compression on a cylindrical mandrel pipe.

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  • Mathematical model of transformation of stochastic and fuzzy information in quantum information in the form of multiplication of unitary operators from not commutative von Neumann group. Theoretical basis of information technologies of quantum-logic.

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  • Dynamic Modeling with Difference Equations. Linear Models of Structured Populations. Nonlinear Models of Interactions. Modeling Molecular Evolution. Constructing Phylogenetic Trees. Infectious Disease Modeling. Curve Fitting and Biological Modeling.

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  • Theory of condensation growth of aerosol particles under saturation conditions. Mathematical description of heat and mass transfer processes. The structure of mathematical models and the algorithm of pollution dynamics modeling in "clean rooms".

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  • Characteristics of laminar and turbulent fluid flows. Analysis of the relationship between the Reynolds number and turbulence. Solution of the Navier-Stokes hydrodynamic equations. Investigation of the structure and inhomogeneities of a cellular flame.

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  • MatLab (Matrix Labotary) и ее роль в обработке массивов данных (матриц и векторов). Понятие Simulink как пакета моделирования динамических систем. Дополнительные пакеты прикладных программ и характеристика проблем проектирования энергетических систем.

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  • Пример численного решения задачи в системе MatLab. Методы решения систем дифференциальных уравнений. Одношаговые явные методы Рунге-Кутта 4-го и 5-го порядка. Движение заряженной частицы. Закон Кулона. Траектория движения пули под действием силы тяжести.

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  • Fundamentals of the method of least squares for the case of vector and matrix of observations. Advantages of MNCs to predict performance in the telemedia business. MNCs use algorithm for the matrix of observations with the ability to scale the data.

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  • Technologies for voltage control of self-excited induction generators. An approach for maximizing the power extracted from self-excited induction generators in specific applications without strict restrictions on the generated frequency and voltage.

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  • Индикатор типов личности Майерс-Бриггс (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI). Основные шкалы предрасположенностей. Концепция типов личности и взаимоотношений между ними, основанная на типологии Юнга и теории информационного метаболизма А. Кемпинского.

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  • Достоинства системы Pro/ENGINEER. Основные возможности. Создание и редактирование кривых. Разработка, редактирование и оценка качества поверхностей. Визуализация, создание рабочих чертежей на основе трехмерных моделей. Создание фотореалистичных образов.

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  • Рассмотрение общих сведений о разработчике антивирусного программного обеспечения. Исследование истории создания компании и марки. Характеристика её основных продуктов, их назначения, принципа и механизма действия, а также способов применения программ.

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  • McDonald's - the world's largest fast-food chain, known for its burgers and fries. Brand McDonald's mission is "to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat". Promotions: Ronald McDonald House Charities, World Children's Day, Mother knows best.

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  • The methods developed by Hamilton 1989 and Chib 1996 to identied multiple-equation models. It details Bayesian estimation and inference for a class of models with different degrees of time variation and discuss analytical and computational difculties.

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  • Semantic fields and lexico-semantic groups. The individual terms are called hyponyms, they contain the meanings which distinguish them from each other. Antonyms and synonyms: general concept and specific classification. Synonymy viewed diachronically.

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  • Review of Theoretical and Practical Studying of Modality in English. The Notion of Modality. The Category of Modality. Modal Words as Means of Expressing the Truth. Syntactic Functions of Modal Words. Comparison and General Characteristics of Modal Words.

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