• The differential diagnosis of cysts from other forms of apical periodontitis lesions. Prevalence among periapical lesions. Histopathological categories of radicular cysts. Pathogenesis of pocket cysts. Controversy over the healing of periapical cysts.

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  • Techniques to teaching English at schools and courses. Alternative approaches to foreign language teaching. Classification of non-traditional lessons for teaching vocabulary. Methodology for such lessons. Practical application of non-traditional lessons.

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  • The self regulation of the parameters of the algorithm is a major step towards the establishment of the method as a general tool of nonlinear data analysis. Algorithms for the general task of extracting nonlinear principal manifolds from high dimensional.

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  • The description of the autoassociative's neural network natural's approach for NLPCA. Review several network architectures including the hierarchical, the circular, and the inverses models. Analisys result's, which are shown on example molecular biology.

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  • Suggested changes of a line of position can be computed speedily by the Dreisonstok method which can be used without interpolation, and which, after the simple routine is once learned, involves only two rules which are very easy to remember and to apply.

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  • The combination of creative understanding with scientific precision to produce a startling account of the mind working at its potential. Demonstration of sociocultural circumstances of interactions with personality traits to encourage the creative mind.

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  • Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems. Improving the efficiency and responsiveness of radio communication to enhance the safety of navigation. Selective Calling controller. An analysis of the navigation environment while reducing the risk.

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  • Synthesis of block copolymers via the polymerization of methyl methacrylate initiated by Ce4 - PEG system using a functional peroxidecontaining the services of an agent. Rheological and colloidal-chemical characteristics of new polyampholitic surfactant.

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  • Complexity as a key independent variable that influences subsequent decisions in the practice of project management. Operations management, practice of the emergency, description of complex projects. Project management and systematic monitoring.

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  • In Anarchy, State and Utopia Nozick approaches political philosophy within a framework which at first sight seems both familiar and congenial to contemporary liberal thought. There are different concerns which lead people to call for greater equality.

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  • Оценка сложности дискретных игр преследования на плоскости с простым движением в теории алгоритмов. Задачи оптимального преследования одного убегающего группой преследователей. Результаты экспериментов для метода случайного поиска с локальной оптимизацией

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  • A proposed public key distribution protocol, which is based on diffie-hellman problem is a two-pass protocol and has many of desirable secrity; the protocol is an extension diffie-hellman key exchange using random numbers and establishes a shared key K.

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  • Investigation of size effects in hydrogen-bonded crystals by numerical solution of the kinetic equation in finite differences, by finite difference method Calculation of the current density of thermally stimulated depolarization in finite differences.

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  • The application of the methods of calculation of surface and volume losses in the constructional elements of transformers of ferromagnetic steel. A samples definition of heating in the constructional elements of equipment with the single-phase autotype.

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  • The essence of the nursing survey. Five pieces of questioning during an objective examination of patients. Auscultation, palpation, percussion as methods of examination. Anamnesis morbe - initial symptoms of the disease. The value anamnesis vitae.

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  • Research and factors affecting the consumption of calories an adult. Nutritional needs of women and men, the justification of the difference between them. Food for appetite limits, evaluation of its effectiveness. Eating Patterns, and its optimal value.

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  • Aiming nutritional therapy in the preoperative period to creating optimal conditions functioning of the body before the operation and subsequent wound healing. Studing of operation on the biliary tract. Supply of nutrients help system of the patient.

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  • Анализ квантово-химическими методами электронного строения N-алкилиминов, механизмов передачи электронных эффектов, факторов, влияющих на барьеры инверсии атома N. Двух- и четырехэлектронные взаимодействия, влияющие на изменение барьеров инверсии атома N.

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