• History of Personality Traits. Personality Traits and States. Cattell's Theory of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence. Arousability Theory and the Biological Basis of Personality and Intelligence. Agreeableness, Modesty, and Test-Taking Attitudes.

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  • Geographical location, demographic characteristics and political system of Turkmenistan. Availability of minerals and main directions of foreign policy of Turkmenistan. Prospects for economic development and the structure of export-import operations.

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  • Analysis of perspectives of development of renewable energy sources in Poland in the future. Investigation and characterization of the cumulative power installation and electric energy production. Definition of the forecast of power installation.

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  • The problem of rising crime in Europe and the struggle against it. Analysis of the effectiveness of imprisonment of convicted persons and the rehabilitation effect of punishment. Description of the standards and principles of European prison services.

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  • Description of the Deepwater Horizon accident. Theoretical framework the part of the process and causes. Analysis of information distribution within BP and contractors. Analysis from different perspectives, its approaches and evaluation. IRGC model.

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  • Сущность и содержание PEST-анализа, его цели и задачи. Политические, экономические, социальные и технологические факторы PEST-анализа. Проблемы, возникающие при оценке макросреды предприятия. Этапы проведения PEST-анализа, их краткая характеристика.

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  • Историко-географическое описание Кабардино-Балкарской Республики. Характеристика политического положения и партийного состава. Отрасли экономики, объем валового регионального продукта. Численность и занятость населения, национальный состав и миграция.

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  • Изложение этапов рest-анализа предприятия: политических, экономических и технологических факторов, влияющих на предприятие; модель Майкла Портера (новые игроки на рынке, конкуренты, предлагающие продукты-заменители, власть покупателей, сила поставщиков).

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  • Влияние внутренней и внешней среды на деятельность предприятия. Инновационный метод анализа в стратегическом управлении. Краткая характеристика ОАО "Газпром". Миссия и основные цели организации. Экономическая ситуация на мировом энергетическом рынке.

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  • Ensemble of palaces and parks of Peterhof - a monument of architecture and garden park art of outstanding value: Monplaisir Palace Terrace, Marli Palace in the Lower Park, Upper Garden, The Aleksandria Park, Strelna, The Most Famous Fountains of the Park.

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  • Structure-phase state, magnetic resistance investigation of Ni/Au/Ni film systems was carried out. Studying dimensional magnetic resistance. It was shown that in Ni/Au/Ni film systems is preferentially presents magnetic resistance in perpendicular pane.

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  • Use for measuring the phase shift signals a lack of ways noni. Changing the momentum duration at the frequency of the input wave. The peculiarity of the new method of pulse coincidences packets of digital beeps. Application phase meters at high speed.

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  • Thermal treatment results in the formation of additional amorphous nanoclusters and in their crystallization with anneal temperature increasing. Nitride films annealed at 1200 °C contain crystalline Si clusters only. Characteristics of SiNx films.

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  • Test of loess rocks to establish the mechanism of occurrence of the restructuring of the breed in filtering and presenting quantitative nature of the process of removal of soil material. The mechanism of formation of erosion gullies in the samples.

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  • Knowledge economy as the development of economy, which is characterized by information society or knowledge society. Analysis of the main modern trends in the development of terminology and description of the paradigmatic characteristics of knowledge.

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  • Truth as obviously a crucially important topic in a theory of knowledge. Consideration of the characteristics of transcendentalism and realism. The idea of a conceptual frame work as important in a consideration of the three philosophers in discussion.

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  • The discovery of giant magnetic seasons granular thin films of alloys - the reason for the study the temperature coefficient of resistance, resistivity. Characteristics of schematic illustration of a single layer and tube current layered structure.

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  • Построение полного класса PHI-функций для моделирования отношения включения объектов, имеющих форму цилиндра, параллелепипеда, правильной призмы и шара в цилиндрический, параболоидный контейнер. Описание ограничения включения в аналитическом виде.

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  • The most significant concepts in the philosophy of language. A feature of philosophical knowledge of the XX century. Hard determination of scientific apparatus of modern science. Exploring the theory and practice of interpretation by hermeneutics.

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  • Biography of Plato, trained at the Academy in Athens. Plato's philosophical views; doctrine of ideas, of two worlds: ideas and forms. In the "State" Plato also gives us the basis of the doctrine of the human soul, of beauty, of love, of knowledge.

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