• The most significant concepts in the philosophy of language. A feature of philosophical knowledge of the XX century. Hard determination of scientific apparatus of modern science. Exploring the theory and practice of interpretation by hermeneutics.

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  • Biography of Plato, trained at the Academy in Athens. Plato's philosophical views; doctrine of ideas, of two worlds: ideas and forms. In the "State" Plato also gives us the basis of the doctrine of the human soul, of beauty, of love, of knowledge.

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  • Of all the many changes of the world economy in recent decades, few have been nearly so dramatic as the resurrection of global finance. How can we explain the remarkable globalization of financial markets and what are its economic, political implications?

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  • Stylistic march to the sound of the words or sentences. Onomatopoeia in English. Giving melodic sound statements using alliteration. The use of composite and incomplete rhymes with poetry writing. The rhythmic and stylistic organization of the text.

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  • The branches of Linguistics about Speech Sounds. Functional Aspect of a Speech Sound. Methods of Investigation in Phonetics and Phonology. Segmental and Suprasegmental Levels in Phonetics. Realization of Segmental Phonemes in speech. Allophones.

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  • Photocatalytic NaAuCl4 reduction by ethanol with participation of ZnO nanocrystals that results in the formation of gold nanocrystals with the mean size of 25–30 nm. Exceptional capability of gold nanocrystals to accumulate and retain negative charge.

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  • Рассмотрение рhotoshop как программы, предназначенной для осуществления различных работ в области анимации, цифровой фотографии, обработки различного рода изображений перед печатью в типографии. Изучение основных особенностей функционирования программы.

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  • Analysis of spectral characteristics of a steady state (excitation and emission) spectra of photoluminescence of europium included in the single crystal and glassy lithium tetraborate and silica to distinguish oxidation, the site-symmetry and morphology.

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  • Technique of chemical etching as a promising method for creating nanostructures of si. The development of photovoltaic converters and methods of production resoursesaving for silicon micro - and nanostructures based on isotropic and anisotropic etching.

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  • Phraseological units, set phrase and types of stability. Classification of phraseologisms by Vinogradov. Method of application. Semantic stability as the stability of meaning. Main features of the phraseological fusions, unities and combinations.

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  • Phraseology as a subsystem of language. Types of phraseological units. Idioms classification. Pure, semi and literal idioms. Phraseological problems of translation: different combinability of words, homonymy, synonymy, polysemy of phraseological units.

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  • General characteristics of phraseological units. Definition of the idiomatic and stable expressions denoting feelings, moods and states of a person, approaches to its classification. Contrastive analysis of phraseological units in English and Ukrainian.

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  • Description the persuasive power of phraseological units in cosmetics leaflets written either in English, French. Considerable impact on a translator’s stylistic choices. Phraseological units and metaphor. The main provisions of rhetoric and stylistics.

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  • Contrastive typology of the English and Ukrainian phraseology. Phraseological units and free word-groups, their distinguishing features. Classification of phraseological units and their structural types. The national peculiarity of phraseological units.

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  • Characteristic of semantic structure, principles and ways of forming phraseological units. Classification of phraseological units in the Kazakh and English languages. Analysis of the peculiarities of translating idioms, stable expressions and proverbs.

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  • The study of criteria for the classification of phraseological units. Analysis phrasemes and idioms depending on the typology of fixed context. Etymologically, the rationale for classification by origin phrases that have a specific lexical meaning.

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  • Phylogenetic study of the structural elements of poly(a) region of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) to stimulate polyadenylation HIV-1 transcription and TRANS-activation response hairpin that combines space and uses the AAUAAA signals.

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  • Lesions of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Cardio-respiratory system. The problem associated lung lesions and cardiac patients suffering from bronchial asthma. Formation of pulmonary hypertension. Violations of intracardiac hemodynamics.

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  • Intensification of billet deformation for reaching effect of macroshift deformations during stretch forging in combined dies is grounded. Technological modes for approximation work-piece cross-section to round shape and getting resource saving effect.

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  • Substantiation of a complex technique of physical rehabilitation of children with functional disorders "hollow foot" in the early stages of its development. Influence feature of implementation of a specially designed set of corrective exercises.

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