• Imitation of reality, endowing it with transcendental reflection, psychoanalytic experiments, neo-baroque symbols and a romantic world view is the main theme of the modern Ukrainian drama. Analysis of specific features of plots of modeling realism.

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  • The transition of Eastern Europe countries from centralized, planned economy toward market economy. Features of the Polish and Hungarian reforms in comparison with those of other post-communist countries. Economic, institutional, cultural transformation.

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  • The main problems of defining the boundaries of the deficit financing of the economy. A study of the state financing in Ukraine and abroad. The relationship between the dynamics of deficit financing and economic growth, and its suitability for Ukraine.

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  • Conflict as the principal means by which significant social and political changes have taken place throughout history. Conflict resolution techniques. Conflict resolution in politics: strategies, tactics, techniques and cooperative negotiation.

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  • The concept of political culture and value. The social community's consciousness and a set of their actions. Political ideology: the history and theory. The protection and the provision of public interest. The concept of political structure, services.

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  • Discourse analysis as a number of approaches to analyzing written, spoken language or any semiotic event. The concept of political discourse, its formal features. The analysis of political discourse from the point of view of the communicative approach.

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  • Features of political parties with civil society representatives with the aim of restructuring the party system by reducing the number of political parties. The establishment of a structure which will control the funding mechanisms of political parties.

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  • In this article is shown that in making political decisions the Ukrainian political system is more and more influenced by external forces – social organizations, businesses and the International community with the RU and the EU as the dominating actors.

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  • Kyrgyzstan as an secular, democratic, lawful state. Judicial Framework and Independence. Presidents of the Italian Republic. The imposition of constitutional court decisions according to Constitution. Political parties and elections the Eighties.

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  • On the background of statistical data on the dynamic quantitative growth of automotive transport that has more than doubled since 1991, temporal changes, a share of gaseous and particulate emissions from this source in total emission have been analyzed.

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  • Using polyethylene terephthalate in fibers for clothing, containers for liquids and foods, thermoforming for manufacturing. Polycondensation of oligomers and polymers in the solid phase, like in other methods of carrying out the polycondensation process.

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  • Nanocomposites comprising ray in a polymer. The reflection mechanical properties material. Increasing the polymer properties by forming the interphase. Obtaining curves of stress-strain states of macroscopic samples irradiated polymer materials.

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  • Investigation of using nanoscale polyacrylamide-based spheres as a displacement fluid in enhanced oil recovery and method to unlock the remaining oil resources. Core samples preparation and characterization. Properties of fluids at room condition.

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  • Opening of maintenance of polysemy as systems of polisemanticy and variant of value of word are in a language. Concept of homonym, his sounding, pronunciation, variations of values and general classification of sources. Linguistic nature of morphemes.

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  • Concept and general characteristics of pop music, the history of its development and features. Famous performers acting in the musical style. International festivals and competitions, the participants and prizes, current state and prospects of the main.

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  • The insurance for staff with higher contributions to EPF followed by medical benefits for dependents. Contrast in the value of education and development between the corporate sector and teaching profession. Evaluate the productivity of the organizations.

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  • Approaching and traffic area of New York port. Port of Singapore regulations. Pilot boarding, mooring, anchorage procedure. Arrival and departure execution. Communication by means of high frequency system. Occupational situations on bridge during watch.

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  • Assessing risks of Zagreb Stock Exchange and future offerings that are relevant in making the decisions about investments. The importance of diversification and systemic risk of individual stocks. Systemic risk of the given portfolio and its importance.

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  • Research and characterization of the main features of households portfolio choice and investigate the composition of savings rather than the aggregate of it. Review and analysis of the participation rate of Russian households on financial markets.

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  • Development of relations between Portugal and Angola within the framework of Community of Portuguese Language Countries. The basic principles of collaboration between countries in the field of economy and trade. Spread of Portuguese in the world.

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