• The methods that were used and can be used to general static calculation of the monolithic concrete slabs, including cavity forming with inserts. Calculation of overlap with tubular inserts. Actual and calculated section slabs with tubular inserts.

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  • RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) как способ обмена данными посредством радиосигналов. Преимущества RFID-технологии перед технологией штрих-кодирования. Классификация RFID-систем по диапазону, по типу памяти и источнику питания, по исполнению.

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  • Физические принципы работы систем радиочастотной идентификации, информация по действующим в этой области стандартам и основным областям практического применения RFID-систем. Функционирования СВЧ и микроволновых систем, электронных иммобилайзеров.

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  • Резус-иммунизация - появление у беременной антител в ответ на внедрение фетальных эритроцитарных антигенов группы резус, оценка иммунизации. Структура резус-системы и механизм изоиммунизации. Ведение беременности и изоиммунизация во время родов.

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  • Rheology of high-viscosity marine fuel, temperature conditions of fuel preparation in ship power plant. The relationship between objects, environment and fuel quality of the fuel spray. Influence of variable electric fields for high-viscosity marine fuel.

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  • Richard Wright's contribution to the American literature. Afro-American literature. Harlem Renaissance. Richard Wright's life, career and his best works. Social aspects of Richard Wright's works. Social problems reflected in the "Uncle Tom's children".

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  • A review on novel ring transformations of dinitropyridones and nitropyrimidinones. The synthesis of functionalized molecules, such as nitroanilines, nitropyridines by the ring transformation of dinitropyridones as the nitromalonaldehyde equivalent.

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  • Архитектура системы команд. Классификация процессоров (CISC и RISC), характеристика их типов и функциональные особенности. Методы адресации и типы данных. Типы и формат команд. Организация данных и виртуальная память. Регистровая модель процессора.

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  • Markowitz portfolio theory. Risk and return relationship. Validity and the role of the CAPM. Efficient frontier. Security market line. Capital asset pricing model. Testing the CAPM. Consumption betas with market betas and the arbitrage pricing theory.

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  • The analysis of risk factors when entering into leasing agreements and lease of relationships. Finding ways of reducing losses, neutralization the impact of risks on the performance of the leasing companies. Elements of risk management leasing company.

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  • Strategies for managing the risks. Range of strategic approaches for dealing with risks. Identifying hazards. Stakeholders and spreading the risks. Analysis the ten elements of operation that represent the main risk areas to the success of a business.

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  • Study the history of the development of high-tech equipment to help people in case of natural disasters. The description of creating a rescue robot with wireless control sensor. Its main advantages: high noise immunity and low power consumption.

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  • Analysis of the natural disasters that have pushed people to the creation of the technological equipment to help people. The use of robots with sensors to save people in the rubble. Equipment Robot wireless modules to facilitate the search for victims.

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  • The main feature of multi-purpose manipulator. Analysis of the origin of the term "robot". The use of robotics in factories, warehouses and laboratories. Characteristics of new ways of using androids. Application future of robotic vehicles in space.

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  • Consideration of the characteristics of semantic modeling. Analysis of passivity-based switching control for stabilization of wheeled mobile robots. Features optimal kinodynamic motion planning for 2D reconfiguration of self-reconfigurable robots.

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  • A novel family of data-driven linear transformations, aimed at finding low dimensional embeddings of multivariate data, in a way that optimally preserves the structure of the data. The PCA and Fisher’s LDA are the special members in this transformation.

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  • The history of Chinese rock music. The Open Door Policy: new policy and new music. Yaogun – Chinese rock’n’roll. Official attitude towards changes in youth culture and spread of rock-music in China. Tang Dynasty, Black Panther, Chinese heavy metal bands.

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  • The origins and traditions of Ancient Music UK. Areas of Madrigal British school based on the Italian model, in the fifties and in the modern period. Long history of border ballads Northumbria. Features and stages of development of British rock music.

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  • Position of an advocate. Person who specialized in law. Special role refers to the advocate in every legal state. The role of the lawyer in Poland. Representation of clients in all types of cases, particularly in criminal, civil and corporate law.

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  • An overview of the axiological foundations of the Polish legal order. The role of the lawyer in а explanation of the meaning of legal regulations and rules. The difficulties of translation of legal texts in the layout of a single normative concept.

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