• The features of formation of moral ideas, actions and individual behavior in law-based society with the high culture of human relations. The great role of moral evaluation and the nature of interpersonal relations in ethical regulation of behavior.

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  • Introduction to the method of obtaining the isotopic symmetry energy on the basis of the isotopic shift of the neutron and proton chemical potentials. Consideration of the behavior of the symmetry energy coefficient, analysis of the way the correlation.

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  • Дослідження способів побудови архітектури мережевих сервісів з використанням Shell-інтерпретатора, керування взаємодією між системою та користувачем. Написання додатків для процесів фонового режиму в ОС Linux як вирішення проблем організації їх роботи.

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  • Comparison of identification schemes. Exogeneity of identified technology shocks. Unit root versus stationary hours. Habit formation in consumption, adjustment costs on investment. Bivariate model, stationary hours specification. Log of hours per capita.

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  • In this study problem of short-term forecasting for coal and crude oil production in Ukraine. Autoregressive and optimal filtering algorithm for linear systems based upon autoregressive model of second order were constructed for short term forecasting.

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  • Development of a intelligent hybrid models for short-term forecasting of the expected operationg condition EPS, based on the combined use of ANN and HHT. Analisys of dinamic of change in EPS parameters operating conditions. Experimental calculations.

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  • Consideration and characteristic essence and content of gender equality. Determine the need for equality between men and women in labor sphere. Research of the specific features of discrimination in labor sphere between women and men in Kazakhstan.

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  • Canada's geographic location and characteristics of its territory. Ottawa - the capital of the state. Toronto is the largest Canadian city and the cultural and main commercial center. Agawa Canyon and Niagara Falls as the main attractions of Canada.

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  • The history of London, especially of the monarchy as form of government. Characetristic economy and environment. History and description of the main sights: Tower Bridge, Downing Street, St.Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey.

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  • Atherosclerosis: Signal Transduction by Oxygen and Nitrogen Radicals. Apoptotic Pathways in Cancer Progression and Treatment. Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Insulin Resistance: Implications for Diabetes. Neurotrophic Signaling in Mood Disorders.

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  • The effect of the announcement of the "buyback" of the shares at their price. Reasons for repurchase of own shares. The study of the effect of takeover danger on motivation of firms for repurchase of shares on financial markets using fictitious variable.

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  • Diagnostic and clinical parameters of the symptoms of the cancer disease of the small intestine. Complications that can be caused, as a result of a cancerous tumor. Comorbidities that occur suddenly and in need of treatment by surgical intervention.

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  • Research modifications in the process of protective coating forming while heating. Examination of interaction between silicium organic compounds based on the rich polymethylphenylsiloxane. Opportunities of their utilization for high-temperature.

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  • The possibility of using the silicon strip-detector coated with a polyethylene film for the coordinate determination of fast neutrons. The average charge collected on the strips as a function of coordinates of incident neutrons has been calculated.

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  • Peculiarities of dominant negative bacteria in root canals of intact teeth with necrotic pulps and inperiodontal pockets. The analysis of studies compared the microflora of the root canal and that of the adjacent periodontal pocket in the same patient.

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  • Catalytic, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of cobalt sulfide. Chemical structure and application of inorganic compounds and salts the sulfurous acid. Brief description of the structure of pyrite. Methods for the synthesis of the metals.

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  • Chemical and mechanical processes of the buried concrete elements breakage, filtration through the damaged concrete into enclosing soil. Reconstruction of hydraulic objects in the mine Colliery Group "Pokrovskoye". Fragment of the finite-element scheme.

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  • The emergence stages of deformation and strain of concrete at loading over the entire height section. Taking into account previous stresses in the armature, which are at the phase of making. Destruction of columns and determine their carrying capacity.

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  • The use of any mobile or wireless device for learning on the move. Mobile learning systems. Mobile learning, as a novel educational approach. Canceling the time, place, age, gender, or member of a specific group to participate in learning opportunities.

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  • Development of a new approach to the simultaneous determination of two reducing agents, which is based on the dependence of the rate of their reaction. Automation of the method using a typical device of the method of sequential injection analysis.

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