• Концептуализация и анализ BTL как инновационной рекламной технологии. Определение понятия "BTL-коммуникаций" и области их применения в рекламе. Анализ динамики и статистики украинского рекламного рынка, места и доли сектора BTL рекламы, ее подвидов.

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  • Role and importance of the state budget in the national economy in a market economy. Revenues and expenditures of the state budget, their balance and execution problems. Intergovernmental relations: current situation, problems and their solutions.

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  • Familiarity with major budgetary aspects of economic security of the state. The essence of the concept "economic security in budget sphere". Budgetary performance as the most important indicators in assessing the overall state of the national economy.

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  • The budget process at the local level taking into account modern requirements of decentralized processes. Budget reform in Ukraine were systematized distinguishing the stages of formation, structural changes and transformation to medium terminal planning.

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  • Analysis the principles of regional policy. The issues of budget sufficiency of local governments are described and the need for result-based budgeting process leveraging is justified in strengthening the budgetary capacity of regional development.

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  • Analysis of the effect of the washing liquid on the quality of cementation of the Deposit. The study of the grouting systems of microsilica – additives DBM-1 and DBM natural zeolite-2 and the effect of a mixture of cement and formation of microstructure.

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  • Буфет как особый способ подачи блюд, когда закуски, салаты, главное блюдо и десерт предлагаются одновременно на отдельных столах или специальных буфетных стойках. Виды, классификация и специфика подачи блюд, использование сервировочной посуды и фужеров.

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  • Simulation modeling for solving problems of mathematical physics. Usage cellular neural networks as means of modeling. Usage locally asynchronous methods as algorithmic software and tool optimization of neural network. The block diagram of the software.

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  • The history of foundation of Bukovinian State Medical University. Description of infrastructure and basic directions specialization. Participating of students is in regional and international conferences. Condition for the advanced study and active rest.

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  • Analyze the organizational aspects of National Joint-Stock Company "Ukragroleasing". Determine the proper use of public resources and coverage of agricultural enterprises of different organizational forms. Review leasing transactions in the regions.

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  • Familiarity with the principles and methods of communication. General characteristics of the electronic communication system, the main features. Analysis of the functions of the organizational structure. Consideration of the purposes of audio-visual aids.

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  • Identifing the basic message implied by the text. The new breed of international managers, educated according to the most modern management philosophies. Preparing to make a telephone call. Promoting brands and product. Leading an intelligent business.

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  • Perfection of lexical and grammatical skills, the development of speech skills. Exercises that develop skills like reading. Thematic units with problematic character assignments, exercises, developing creative abilities of students, discussion threads.

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  • Basic Etiquette Tips. The Co-workers and your Boss. The Attire and Language. Time as a Factor. Cell Phone Usage. Meetings and Behavior. French Business Etiquette. Business Communication. Business Meetings and Discussions. Business etiquette in Russia.

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  • Personnel management as a factor in organizational strategy. Use of information technologies to establish the relationship between personnel and the goals of the organization. The concept of business intelligence in the context of personnel strategy.

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  • Particular qualities and rules of business writing. Pronouns and active versus passive voice in letters and memos. Identify qualifications, attributes and objectives in writing. Application and cover letter checklist. Samples of application letter.

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  • The formal paper communications between businesses. A sending a professional correspondence through the Post Office or by courier. Consideration of the basic rules of writing a business letter. The studying examples of senders and recipients in English.

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  • The role of the concept of the business model in strategic management. The identification of key components of business models, and using them as a classification attribute. A new approach that describes the types of business models existing in practice.

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  • Measuring, managing economic activity not only in the private, but also in the public sector. Methodology for assessing the performance of a municipal company, taking into account the specifics of enterprises that provide public services to the public.

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  • Developing a business plan for opening creperie "Tsarskaya" in the center of New York to the Russian diaspora. Analysis of the market and competitors. Developing a marketing plan. SWOT-analysis of the projected places. The assessment of possible risks.

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