• General methodological considerations. History of/criteria for the outcome of root canal treatment. Reliability and reproducibility of periapical radiography. Quality of root-fillings and coronal restorations. Methods of instrumentation and root-filling.

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  • The study of modern methods of conservative treatment of obesity. Estimate of technical features and the results of sleeve gastrectomy and biliopanсreatic diversion in the Hess-Marceau modification. Implementation of the biliopankreatic bypassing.

    статья (342,9 K)
  • Characteristic features of the integrated use of electrical stimulation affects more effectively improve the biomechanical characteristics of the high jump. Analysis additional means for improving technical skills and improve performance athletes.

    статья (196,2 K)
  • Teaching methods and teacher learner roles. Intelligence types and appropriate educational activities. The fundamental dimension of learning style. The use of language learning strategies: a synthesis of studies with implications for strategy training.

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  • Investigation of obtaining diesteriv aliphatic dicarboxylic acid in the presence of aprotic catalysts - Lewis acids. Influence of catalysts on the technological indicators esterification process. Esterification process in the presence of aprotic acids.

    статья (124,6 K)
  • Analysis of advantages of a medicated chewing gum over other solid dosage forms for application in the mouth. The methods of obtaining a medicated chewing gum, as well as the basic technological aspects and the equipment applied have been considered.

    статья (294,8 K)
  • The method of linear programming (simplex method) as the method of systematic improvement and quality management, in particular the formation of grinding compounds, and the use of the resulting models to predict, control and optimize the process.

    статья (152,0 K)
  • Essence and principles of realization of foreign language teaching methods and techniques used, the criteria for educational effectiveness. Principle of communicative orientation. Effective technologies of teaching a foreign language as a second.

    контрольная работа (25,4 K)
  • Mobile banking as the Bank account management using tablet computer, smartphone or regular phone. Mobile banking development and its characteristics. Multinomial logit and probit regression results for the effect of ease of use on banking usefulness.

    дипломная работа (996,4 K)
  • Problems of reducing dielectric strength of transformer oil. The technology of pumping oil through the adsorbent to remove excess moisture. Analysis of methods of drying the adsorbent by an electromagnetic field. Advantages and disadvantages of methods.

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  • Substantiation of technological parameters of production of capsules containing herbs bedstraw. The study of the kinetics of water absorption of different compositions of powder mixtures. Development of technology of capsules, codenamed "Galiver".

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  • The application of technological foresight as a tool for the identification of national priorities in science. Economic development based on scientific achievements and new technologies - a crucial factor of competitiveness and the welfare of the nation.

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  • Characterization the potential of microorganisms as producers of new antibiotics. Research of problems and prospects of biotechnological production of antibiotics in the world and Ukraine in particular. Analysis of process preparation of inoculum.

    курсовая работа (189,8 K)
  • New approaches to research and construction microbial producers of antibiotics. Nutrient mediums for biosynthesis. Oil refining, purification and quality control. Screening of libraries of synthetic compounds. Culturing producer strains broad spectrum.

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  • Features of the technology application projects with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of teaching English to university students. Means of students' motivation to learn a foreign language, disclosure of their intellectual and creative potential.

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  • Development a technology of social and educational prevention of addictive behavior in children as part of the organization of a healthy lifestyle. Analysis of procedural implementation of children’s addictive behavior in life of territorial community.

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  • A General idea of the youth subculture "Teddy-boy". The clothing style of young people from the working class, seeking to emulate the Golden youth. The behavioral appearance of the fashion trends. The decline of the popularity considered subculture.

    презентация (1,8 M)
  • Problems between parents and children. A particular cultural grouping is a way for young people to express their individuality. Young people have a particular relationship with the world and a lot of serious problems. The common elements of a subculture.

    презентация (4,0 M)
  • Developing of telecommunications. The characteristics of the satellite services and Internet. Advancing role of telecommunications in banking. Russia’s telecommunications roads get wider, more expensive. Future of development telecommunications.

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  • The Conventional Telephone Set. Digital Transmission Techniques. Electronics in the Central Office. Modems and Fax Machines. The Convergence of Technologies. Electronic Dialing and Ringing Circuits. Pulse and Timing Restoration. Fiber Optic Principles.

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