• А critical analysis of the research in accounting of fixed assets. accounting for non-current assets, which were developed by Ukrainian scientists. The most attention to problems of taxation of operations with non-current assets and their classification.

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  • A study of the historical background which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Socio-economic situation of the people during the creation of the CIS. Main trends in the economic, political and social development of the post-Soviet territories.

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  • Events that leading up to Cleggs's abdunction of Miranda and her following imprisonment. Miranda's attempts to escape and her illness. The same events from Miranda's point of view. Clegg awakening to a new outlook. Psychological basis of The Collector.

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  • The colonial history of the United States covers the history of European settlements from the start of colonization of America until their incorporation into the United States. Goals of colonization. Culture and society in the 13 British colonies.

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  • Analysis the profitability of value, momentum strategies and a combination of strategies in Russian stock market. The explanation of the value premium and momentum effect. Momentum, value and combo portfolio construction and regression analysis.

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  • The historical study of early cinematic comedy. Investigates early cinema's exploration of sense and nonsense by utilizing the contributions to the philosophy of comedy and by examining significant poststructuralist interpretations of their work.

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  • The Commonwealth of Australia is a federal state within the Commonwealth. The climate, the diversity of flora and fauna of Australia. Features mineral resources. There are five big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaida, Perth and Brisbane.

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  • The communitarian critique of liberal politics. The effects of the four mobilities (geographic, social, marital, political). Liberalism is, the theoretical endorsement and justification of this movement. Liberalism is as a theory of relationship.

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  • Especially the establishment of the school Montessori model. The base of medical and educational institution for mentally retarded children from poor families and orphans. The main characteristic of the formation of the concept of Reggio-Emilio.

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  • Review the history of national clothes: tartan, kilt and Bashkir clothes. Comparative analysis and description of the Scottish and Bashkir costumes. The study of the national dress as the display memory of the past, of traditions and national mentality.

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  • Influence of exercise order on the efficacy and safety training. Regular physical activity throughout the study, resistance training. Functional restrictions for resistance training program or test 1RM. Determination of reliability of re-testing.

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  • The procedure is complex monitoring of the competitiveness of the labor potential of regions and the analysis of its components. Defining the main strategic areas of potential employment increase competitiveness in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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  • Historical background to the first travel into space. The rationale for the interest of scientists to the origin of such phenomena as the asteroid belt, comet dust and weightlessness. Study of the technical aspects of the work of missiles and orbits.

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  • The main functions of the human blood. The composition of blood plasma. Transportation, homeostasis, protection, hemostasis. Cells, cell fragments, and an aqueous solution of plasma. Proportion of cellular elements in total and is calleda hematocrit.

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  • A concentrator intended for collect and processing signals of the origin of fire from different sensors is developed. Information from the sensors is transmitted through the system of main and remote concentrators to the fire extinguishing system.

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  • The importance of packaging in the production and sale of cheese. Ways to extend the shelf life without loss of useful properties of the product. History and vacuum packaging function. Nanocomposites in modern packaging. Utilization of the container.

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  • Atherosclerosis as a disease of elastic arteries arising from lipid metabolism and is accompanied by deposition of cholesterol and certain fractions of lipoproteins in the intima of blood vessels. The main factors of the appearance of the disease.

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  • Definition and characteristic of features corruption is the lack of integrity and honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery). Study and analysis of causes the growth of corruption: capabilities, low probability of exposure and poor motivation.

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  • Types of groupware: computer-mediated communication, meeting and decisions support systems, shared applications, artefacts. Implementation issues. Cooperative work involves: participants, artefacts. Email and bulletin boards. Structured message systems.

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  • Community development and innovative technologies and its reflection in recruiting and modify the modern vocabulary of the English language. Neologism as a new word or phrase created to refer to something new (previously unknown) object or phenomenon.

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