• The Star-Spangled Banner - the national anthem of the United States of America. Text taken from the poem "Defence of Fort McHenry". Thanksgiving was originally a holiday express gratitude and appreciation to God, exactly as the family and friends.

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  • Characteristic features of the united states economy, which is made up of individual people, business and labor organizations, and social institutions. Examination notion of market economy. Study of nature entrepreneurship, capital, natural resources.

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  • Geographical location and administrative division. The civil war in the USA. Elementary and High School education. Rating of 10 best universities in the world. Los Angeles - one of the world's major centers of the entertainment industry in film, music.

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  • The Chesapeake Colonies. The New England Colonies. Social and Economic Developments. The Growth of Slavery. Deterioration of Imperial Ties. The War for Independence. Diverging Visions of the American Republic and Expansion of the American Domain.

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  • Collegiate research university located in Oxford, England. Quiet atmosphere, friendly colleagues and the four-hundred-year-old library, which has about five million books. Date of university foundation. Conduct training at the university since 1096.

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  • Harvard University, sometimes simply refer to as Harvard, is a private university in Massachusetts. Charter creating Collegiate School. Leland Stanford, the university's founder. The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources.

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  • Характеристика особенностей группы переносимых, многозадачных и многопользовательских операционных систем. Рассмотрение причин раскола UNIX. Исследование UNIX-подобных операционных систем. Изучение ключевых аспектов функционирования OpenBSD и FreeBSD.

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  • Characteristics the problem of unregistered employment in Poland. Unregistered work in the employment of young people is viewed as the problem of a particular significance. The survey among students for the identification of the scale of problem.

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  • Обзор области применения операционных систем Unix и Linux. Особенности функционирования компьютерных баз, основанных на одноименном ядре. Преимущества и недостатки Linux. Программирование сетевых и файловых систем. Построение графического интерфейса.

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  • A study of the mainstreaming of the accounting principles based on the strategic concept of enterprise management, their affinity and specificity relative to accounting principles. Requirements, conditions, construction rules of management accounting.

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  • Urban anthropology sat alongside ecological, economic, applied, political, legal, medical, educational, psychological, cognitive, symbolic, and also aesthetic anthropologies. Diverse interests marked urban anthropological research in the Caribbean.

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  • The history, mechanisms behind the Electoral College. A study of its possible effects on the allocation of campaign resources. Model that allows us to analyze the scope of the impact of the electoral college for the presidential campaigns in the US.

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  • Etymology, usage and types of euphemisms. Specific features of English political euphemis. The role of euphemisms in today’s English political discourse. Evolution of English euphemisms. Euphemisms in English political texts of the XXI century.

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  • Especially the use of measuring instruments for the diagnosis of energy system models that represent the stationary states in the second and third stages of the transition process. Usage of PMU for diagnostics of power system's mathematical model.

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  • Exploration of the effect of physical load testing to changes in skin temperatures of individual body parts, analysis of the relationship between body temperature and the level of oxygen consumption. Non-exchangeable temperature reduction of body surface.

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  • Характеристика и назначение печатной платы и технологического процесса сборки и монтажа USB-ионизатора воздуха. Расчет и выбор размеров печатных плат. Анализ процессов и устройств для сборки и монтажа. Разработка электрической схемы, принцип ее работы.

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  • Application of biomedical signals for the control purposes is currently growing interest of research society. In this paper application domain of using electroencephalographic signals obtained from an inexpensive Emotiv EPOC headset was described.

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  • Description of the socio-geographical approach to the formation of a spatial database that is used to regulate the processes of transformation of urban areas. The process of developing urban infrastructure and its role in the development of the city.

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  • Increase in the use of hard, high strength and temperature resistant materials in engineering necessitated the development of machining techniques. Abrasive flow machining as process non-conventional machining processes. Magneto abrasive flow machining.

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  • Natural zeolite clinoptoline and its nanomodified forms have been used for modification of structures of the composite building materials. Characteristics of this zeolite have been studied by thermal analysis, IR spectroscopy, and adsorption methods.

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