• W. Hogarth is english painter, founder and large representative of the national school of painting, Illustrator, author of satirical engravings, discoverer of new genres in painting and graphics. A brief sketch of his biography, creative achievements.

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  • Educational theory: anthroposophical basis, developmental approach, four temperaments, assessment. Anthroposophy's role in Waldorf education. Relationship with mainstream education, reading and literacy, religion, immunization and student health.

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  • Brief information about Wales, its flag, principality. Narcissus as a symbol of state. The castle and garden, Powis, St David's Cathedral, Cardiff castle. Bute Park, National Museum Cardiff, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, isle Of Anglesey, lake Bala.

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  • Was Tolstoy a sexist or not? This will be done during a look at the heroes of his novella The Kreutzer Sonata. An analysis of the women figures in the novella will show, that the women are strong, emancipated figures on the contrary to the male figures.

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  • Washington is a monumental city. The tallest structure of the city - the Washington Monument. The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. The monuments dedicated to the US presidents.

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  • Дослідження струменево-променевого різання твердих тіл з використанням лазера потужністю 400 Вт із широким діапазоном регулювання тривалості імпульсу та енергії. Вплив високошвидкісного потоку рідини малого діаметру на умови охолоджування в зоні різання.

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  • Elements of a watermarking system. Recovery of the hidden information. Demonstration of rightful ownership. Requirements of data-hiding-based authentication. Bridging the gap between analog and digital objects. Direct embedding readable watermarking.

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  • Familiarity with the basic method of identification of defects of the drive with induction motor using wavelet transform for the test signals. Analysis of a neural network model converted to the next subsequent stages on the basis of the algorithm.

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  • The definition of the essence and nature of the category "foreign language competence". Methods of forming and improvement of foreign language competence of civil servants. Forms оf work with students for successful formation of language knowledge.

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  • Notions as "foreign language competence" and "Civil Servants’ foreign language competence". Competence as the fundamental principle of professionalism by I. Zyazyuna. The difference between speech and language competence. Communicative language teaching.

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  • Characteristic of organization and visualization as principles for successful teaching language. Analysis of innovative methods to encourage students to practice reading. Characteristic of concentration games for checking knowledge over the vocabulary.

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  • Grammar as language sub-skill and aspects of grammatical structures. Approaches to presenting grammatical structures, principles of planning a lesson. Presenting grammatical structures. Analysis of the lesson plans developed within the current research.

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  • Scheme which describes advantages of interaction for both educational institutions and employers. Establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between them. Improvement of professional quality and the number of graduates on the labor market in Ukraine.

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  • The main directions of improving the economic security of the Russian Federation on federal and regional levels. Systematization of indicators of the national security of the country. Recommendations aimed at improving the economic security of the region.

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  • Trends in credit risk management in the modern banking system of Kazakhstan. The consequences of the crisis on the world financial markets and its impact on the emergence of new approaches to risk management. Ways to improve credit risk management.

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  • Study of intangible assets accounting of enterprises in accordance with the national and international accounting standards. Analysis of the issues of development of algorithm of crediting, acknowledgement, assessment and accounting of intangible assets.

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  • Identifying and characterizing the entity of the biometeorology is a combination of meteorology, medicine and biology. Acquaintance with well-being of weather-sensitive people. Consideration of medical conditions by monitoring the weather forecast.

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  • Consideration and characteristics of the scheme double-point wheel-rail interaction. Familiarization with the erosive wearing. Definition of the dependence of the coefficient of adhesion on the temperature. Analysis of sand system of the locomotive.

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  • Studying the concept of the weather is the mix of events that happen each day in our atmosphere including temperature, rainfall and humidity. Investigation state of the weather and climate nowadays. Definition features of the work meteorologist.

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  • Изучение индивидуалистической и кооператорской концепций развития интернета. Примеры принципиальных различий Web 1.0 и Web 2.0. Определение практических трудностей перехода от Web 2.0 к Web 3.0. Решения предлагаемые юзероцентристским деятельным подходом.

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