• Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind. The directions of development: the western and eastern. Prominent representatives and their teachings.

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  • Consideration of the scientific study of nature and the development of society and social behavior, social life. Analysis study features companionship. Browse object, subject and methods of sociology research. Differences micro and macro sociology.

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  • Analysis of examples of China's attitude toward humanitarian crises. Recent and current deployments under United Nations. Changes in China's attitude towards peacekeeping. Determination of reasons for the change in China’s attitude towards peacekeeping.

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  • Philosophy as a reflection of the objects, which exact knowledge is still hidden from us. Process of development of the questions about knowledge and how they constantly move from the field of philosophy to the area of science. Philosophical education.

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  • The comparison of the game in the dictator and ultimatum when participants know the names of their colleagues and there, and the impact of social preferences on economic behavior (allocation of money to anonymous strangers in the dictator game).

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  • Oil - the main source of energy and investing millions of dollars into the economy. The rapid growth of oil and gas due to increased demand for energy. Countries, with the largest oil reserves. The discovery of new sources of energy alternative to oil.

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  • The ability of yeast strains to sbravati lactose in a medium containing whey powder and lactose in different concentrations. The decrease in the synthesis of ethanol when the concentration of substrate, its resistance in microaerophilic conditions.

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  • Research and criticism of dominant feminist analyses of the “Hottentot Venus". Anatomy of the "other" is the source of negative representations of black sexuality. Alternative way of understanding the construction of Black women in colonial discourse.

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  • The reasons for choosing profession of a journalist. The opportunity to travel frequently to different cities and countries, to communicate with interesting people. A possibility realize dream: to produce your own book or TV-show for young audiences.

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  • The rate of price inflation in the United States. The trend-cycle model with stochastic volatility explains a variety of recent univariate inflation forecasting difficulties and begins to explain some multivariate inflation forecasting puzzles as well.

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  • Analysis of the use of English language in modern society. The definition of the main reasons of learning English. Consideration of the prospects in education and career people who constantly raise their level of knowledge of the English language.

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  • The differences between how think and communicate men and women. The dramatic findings of new research on the brain. A investigating evolutionary biology. Analyzing and studying social changes. Consideration of the reasons why men do not listen.

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  • A review of the basics. NPV and its competitors. The book rate of return. Internal rate of return. Capital rationing. CFO decision tools. The payback period of a project. Term structure assumption. Profitability index. Linear programming. Vegetron case.

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  • Theoretical foundations of the relativistic paradigm in physics and interactive technologies. An example of a community of interactive computing. Programming tool and tools for computer create physical and electronic worlds in everyday activities.

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  • The entry of Jorg Haider’s Freedom Party into a coalition government in Austria. The negative common denominator of the entire established political spectrum. A bi-polar system as the consensual form of politics in our time. The Postmodern politics.

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  • Необхідність теоретичного осмислення проблеми публічності політичної інформації та обмеження свободи доступу до інформації як проблеми сучасної демократії. Вплив ресурсу WikiLeaks на трансформацію сучасного розуміння публічності політичної влади.

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  • Goals of Our Research work. Information explosion or The beginning of new era uncensored press. Consequences and the public reaction to Wikileaks publication. Comparison of Wikileaks and Television, and other censored portal. Stylistic rules and work.

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  • Понятие телекоммуникационной технологии. Целесообразность и область использования WiMAX. Фиксированный и мобильный вариант доступа. Предоставление услуг высокоскоростной связи. Диапазон соединения базовой и абонентской станции, скорость обмена данными.

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  • Классификация операционных систем (ОС), их функции, возможности и нововведения. Использование различных приложений в ОС. Системные требования, отличия Windows 10 от Windows 7. Мобильная Windows 10 TP в деталях. Список изменений для текущего билда.

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  • История возникновения и поступления в продажу Windows. Новшества и изменения в операционной системе. Редакции в Windows 7: профессиональная, максимальная и пр. Внешний вид и новый интерфейс в Windows 8, основные нововведения в ней, критика и редакции.

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