• Evaluation of the effect of counter-sanctions on the welfare of of Russians. Analysis of increasing import duties in the manufacturing sectors. Changes in price levels, conversion of trade flows with the countries that have not been put under sanctions.

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  • Wolbachiaspecies are obligate intracellular maternally inherited endosymbionts. Analysis of neurodegenerative phenotype of adult flies after bacterium elimination has shown decrease of its manifestations aftertetracycline treatment against Wolbachia.

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  • "Compounding" or "word-composition" as one of the productive ways of word-building in modern English. The principles of compounding. The classification of English compounds and their meaning. Criteria for distinguishing between compounds and free phrases.

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  • The essay section of lexicology, studying the meaning of the words and its formal parts. The study of theories about the nature of the meaning of the speech, which considers semasiology. The relationship between the symbol and the meaning of words.

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  • Stages of treatment of phonology, morphology and syntax. The semantic structure of the disambiguation of ambiguous words in context. The distribution of vector representations in modern computer linguistics to simulate the semantic relationships of words.

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  • Word formation as a linguistic discipline and subject of its research. Types of word-formation: аffixation, сonversion, сomposition, shortening. Minor types of word-formation: reduplication, blending, initialism, neologism, onomatopoeia, backformation.

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  • Применение и присвоение темы документу. Изменение цвета, графических эффектов и шрифта. Создание пользовательской Word 2007 темы. Применение дизайн эффектов в любой графике, изображении. Использование шрифта для основного текста и для заголовков.

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  • WordNet: пример описания значений. Лексическая иерархия. WordNet: описание гиперонимов и гипонимов. Теория прототипов. Отношения между синсетами существительных. Важность отношений антонимии. Тропонимия - основа иерархии глаголов. Каузальные отношения.

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  • Информационный поиск: векторная модель (vector-space model). Традиционные методы оценки эффективности поиска. Board: значения и иерархия. Процедура разрешения многозначности. Проблемы при разрешении многозначности в контексте информационного поиска.

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  • WordNet: проблемы использования в автоматической обработке. Лексическая многозначность: полисемия и омонимия. Проблема лексической многозначности и информационный поиск. Группировка значений на основе корпуса. Автоматизированная процедура разметки.

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  • Decisions relating to working capital involve managing relationships between a firm’s short-term assets and liabilities to ensure is able to continue its operations. Research results from compared costs and returns. Increasing corporate profitability.

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  • Information about the life and work of the great composer W. A. Mozart. Youth, training and the beginning of the creative path of the composer. Feature most famous works and musical style. The myths and legends surrounding the identity of the composer.

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  • Relativistic dynamics of a charge in a penning trap. Spectroscopy and local structure of the rare-earth impurity ions in lithium tetraborate glasses. Investigation of boson spectrum of two-dimensional optical lattices with the graphene type structure.

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  • Sound Instrumenting, graphical Means. Morphemic Repetition, extension of Morphemic. Word and its Semantic Structure. Role of the Context in the Actualization of Meaning. Colloquial vs. Literary Type of Communication. Samples of Stylistic Analysis.

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  • Comparison, contrast between japanese cuisine and mediterranean cuisine. Factors influencing japanese and mediterranean muisines. Historical and geographic influences on food. Developing trends in food and drinks. London restaurant with ethnic profile.

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  • Religion is a cultural system of behaviors and practices, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organisation that relate humanity to what an anthropologist has called "an order of existence". Islam. Christianity. Judaism. Buddhism.

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  • An effective and persuasive tool about how to prepare the campaign letter for senator or representative for their support, effort and co-sponsorship of a certain bill. It is include information about your position and how issue affects you personally.

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  • Correspondence of the Russian Agent from Rome during the First World War concerning armed orders. Everyday military expenses of Russia. The letter of the war agent in Italy. Consideration of features of activity officers and soldiers of the front line.

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  • The concept and activities of the World Trade Organization, its structure and the relationship of individual members. Perspectives and significance of entry into the international organization of Kazakhstan, evaluation of benefits for the state.

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  • Irradiation conditions of WWER-1000 surveillance specimens and reactor pressure vessel are comparative analyzed for various core loadings. It is proved that the fluences onto specimens don't correlate with ones onto pressure vessel of reactor WWER-1000.

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