• Main characteristics of chelator preparations and the critical examination of the extensive literature on the their effectiveness. Clinical results on the application and the order in which the chelator should be used. The results of the dental surgery.

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  • Zinc and Lead Market Update. Zinc daily price and stock level. Zinc Metal World Balance. Lead daily price and stock level. Zinc Metal Production in CIS. Russian Zinc Market Overview. Mining segment – Operational performance. Income statement highlights.

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  • The novel approach to chemical design of carbon-coated Al2O3 nanoparticles with an average particle size of 8-10 nm was developed. Carbon coating was synthesised by modification of fumed alumina support with 4,4-methylenebis and its subsequent pyrolysis.

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  • Study the chemical modification polyglycidyl phenolformaldehyde oligomers by methacrylic acid using a catalyst benzyltriethylammonium chloride. The influence of time, temperature on the rate of reaction between compounds. A structuring chemical mixtures.

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  • Prospects for study of sulfones. Develop of the preparative method of alkylation of 4-methyl-2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinoline-6-sulfinic acid with allyl bromide. Characteristic of synthesis scheme of 6-allylsulfonyl-4-methyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline-2-one.

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  • The applications of leuco-dyes, of spiro compounds and tetrazolium salts. The transformation of the molecules in thermal and photo-imaging systems. Leuco compounds which are not formed by reduction of the parent dye. The chemistry of the phthalides.

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  • The base of the city of Chicago in 1833, which is located in the Midwestern United States on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago as a major transportation and telecommunication hub in North America. The main attractions of the city.

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  • Acquaintance with history of Chicago - by the main industrial, point-of-sale, commercial, financial and transport center of North America. An origin of nickname is "Windy City". Description of his geographical features, architecture, industry and sights.

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  • Previous research on relationship between Chief Executive Officer overconfidence and investments decisions. Recent empirical findings. Variables and Chief Executive Officer overconfidence index construction. Board’s role in investment decision-making.

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  • The importance of physical activity for children. Sociopedagogical phenomenon of Henryk Jordan - physician, social activist and founder of the sports theme parks for children. The new concept of Jordan, combining physical education with health problems.

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  • The history of trade relations between China and Europe, the latest developments of the process and evaluation of the future prospects. An analysis of the investment climate in the country, its improvement. A global surplus of China's trade surplus.

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  • Conducting Meetings. Business cards are also part of the compulsory ritual communication. Chinese people, particularly the elders, may initially refuse a present. Feigned indifference to the case. Rank in business culture. Clarification of issues.

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  • China and the Arab Spring events. Natural gas market in MENA region. Market space and investment opportunities China’s economic strength in MENA and Egyptian Arab Spring controversy. North Africa, Union for the Mediterranean and China market space.

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  • Chinese outbound direct investment and the State: the Paradigm Perspective. General description of Foreign direct investment. Rise of Chinese outbound direct investment since the 2000-s. The share of investments in created assets in the total number.

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  • Early Chinese thought. Ancestor reverence, mysterious force, patterns in nature. Great philosophical figures. Concepts within Chinese philosophy. A hierarchy of being. The experience of Tao. Philosophical Taoism. Chinese religion. The Confucian classics.

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  • The Chinese tiger - subspecies of a tiger which is under the greatest threat of disappearance, and maybe, in the wild nature doesn't exist any more. The range of this subspecies in three isolated areas in south-central China. Physical data, lifestyle.

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  • The problem of disposal of the pharmaceutical industry, the assessment of its relevance at the present stage, perspectives permission. Harmful substances emitted during the production of pesticides, chlorine compounds. Legal and technical support.

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  • The main objectives, strategy development and good governance provided by companies carrying loads. Studies of the use and selection of effective economic development strategy of shipping companies on the example of "Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company".

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  • Christmas is a holiday when all family members get together. Today, it is an official state holiday. Christmas tree came from Europe, but today it is in Ukraine, member of the New Year celebrations. "Kutia" is a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish.

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  • Development of thematic lesson plan foreign language. The history of cultural traditions of celebrating Christmas and new year in English-speaking countries. The origin and development of the legend of Santa Claus. Features Christmas trees and gifts.

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