• This work examines what it means to be a philosopher and attacks the sterility of modern philosophy. In this article explores the nature and scope of philosophy and its relation to social and economic development, science, art, literature and music.

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  • The software for the house and office. The formulation of mission, the analysis of the industry and their advantage before other companies. Marketing plan, expenses. Cash design of a stream, plan of the organization and qualification of the personnel.

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  • This article provides an overview on the relations between democracy and social power. Theoretical ideas about power, social power and social capital will be combined with empirical findings in Southeast Asia and a discussion about democracy indexes.

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  • Ukraine on the world demographic map. Examination of the average wage in the country. Analysis of the dynamics of population. The impact of the demographic situation in the economy. Creating opportunities for business growth and economic activity.

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  • Disease tissues of the teeth, caused by the action of microorganisms in the fermentation of carbohydrates. The process of demineralization of enamel and dentin with subsequent decay of organic material. The study of the classification of dental caries.

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  • The work of public health services in the UK. Populations in need of regular dental examination. Dental examination of schoolchildren. The organization of dental services in the United Kingdom. Terms of free dental care of certain groups of patients.

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  • Main traumatic events involving dental structures. Examination of the patient with dental trauma. Classification of dental injuries. Traumatic injuries to teeth. Soft tissue and bony injuries. The effect of trauma on teeth and supporting tissues.

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  • Non-cavitated caries pathology and clinical implications. Caries and the amelo-dentinal junction. Dentin exposed caries pathology. Closed and open cariogenic ecosystems. Dentin and pulp reactions. The immune response. Tertiary dentinogenesis and caries.

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  • A controlling the morphology of zinc hydroxide and zinc oxide at room temperature without using any template or surface ligand. Identify the precipitated materials. Dependence of ZnO morphology on Zn2+ concentration. Scanning electron microscopy of zinc.

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  • Consideration in this study, multi-chamber detonation sprayer was applied for deposition of NiCoCrAlY powder coatings on nickel base superalloy JS6U. The coating microstructures and phase compositions were characterized using SEM, OM and XRD techniques.

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  • Studding of Deposition of uniform coatings in the vacuum arc deposition setup. A control unit consisted of two electromagnetic coils installed under substrate of 400 mm dia. exposed to the plasma flux at a distance of 325 mm from the plasma duct exit.

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  • The physical presentation of depression. Dysregulation of Serotonin (5HT) and Norepinephrine (NE) in the brain. Emotional and physical symptoms of modern depression. Treatment outcome: effect on work and social functioning of depressed patients.

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  • Depth profiles of the near-surface region and chemical composition for amorphous films deposited from Ge33As12Se55 bulk glasses and their changes resulting ageing under ambient conditions have been studied by the methods of Auger electron spectroscopy.

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  • Metaphysics as a scientific discipline, designed the issues of availability andlogotsentrizma together. Investigation of the basic principles of metaphysics in the works of Peirce and Derrida, features and approaches. The results of these scientists.

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  • Criticism of power in the works of Derrida. Exposing them to violence and illegality of institutions. Provision of antagonisms within Western philosophy. The outside of ethical responsibility. Law, justice and authority. The politics of emancipation.

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  • Study of Immunofluorescence as a general laboratory technique. Estimation of advantages and lacks of besperesadochnogo/kosvennogo immunofluorescene. Description of principle of Luminescence. Concept of limitation of IF of Methods. General conclusions.

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  • Deformation of solids. The study of plastic flow. The nanoscale point defects a transition from the solid state of the medium. Synergetic equations describing the self-organization of the particles. Phase diagram of the system and distribution function.

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  • Using the general formalism of quantum theory of resonance scattering amplitudes for the construction process with the formation of an intermediate resonance in the incident particle and the nucleus. The energy distributions of the emitted nuclei.

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  • Tooth decay as the most common dental disease. Classification of local and systemic factors that contribute to the formation of caries. An important role hereditary factor, oral hygiene and the excessive use of sweet in the formation of cavities.

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  • Three-phase rectifier with center tap. Non-symmetrical scheme of three-phase bridge rectifier, Larionov’s scheme. The review of constructive solutions. Principle of designed scheme operation. Calculation of rectifier working on active-inductive load.

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