• Econometric modeling of economic security. Model assessment of the impact of transaction costs on the over level of economic security. Determination of reserves to improve the level of economic security by reducing the operating costs of the enterprise.

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  • The recreation units in residential districts. Economic and environmental evaluation of economical resours in residential districts of Samara by using total value method. The recreational landscape: carbon dioxide sequestration and dust removing.

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  • The most efficient economic anti-corruption measures applied in foreign countries. Interdependencies between the country corruption level and the level of economic development as well as between the country corruption and competitiveness levels.

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  • Review and description of the extent of economic approaches' usage (tools, technologies) in the system of state management. Analysis and considers the practice of economic approaches implementation within the new model of public service in Kazakhstan.

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  • Covers economic aspects to be taken into account in the process of manufacturing systems design. Presented the problems of manufacturing system selection, capacity planning, system configuration. Analysis of their impact on financial effectiveness.

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  • Companies diversification strategy. Factors to be taken into account in the decision-making process of diversification and selection. Determination of numerical criteria for the choice of the preferred strategy. The development of competitive advantages.

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  • The optimum loading of capacities of higher educational institutions of the regions on the criterion of minimizing the capital investment. Economic policy in the sphere of higher education. A system of measures that improve social services for students.

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  • Formation of definition technique of economic efficiency of retail chain operational activity. Formulation of algorithm description of economic efficiency analysis of operational activity. Analysis of expenses of the company and trading activity.

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  • The study of economic activity of the operator. Its basic types and characteristics of development options. Analysis of demand at the enterprises of communication. Planning the volume of services and the calculation of indicators of productive assets.

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  • Practical guidelines for the study methods of conducting strategic operations planning and marketing decision-making for Telecom operators, employees of the departments of communication, Internet service providers or telecommunications agencies.

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  • Location, distribution and spatial organization of economic activity in the world. Branches of the economy: industry, agglomeration, transport, international trade, real estate. Ethnic and gender economics, cultural interaction and the environment.

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  • The main economic resources (natural, human and manufactured capital) and types of economic systems (command, mixed, market). Measures of life and environmental quality. Concept of externalities. Principles essential to building a sustainable economy.

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  • The definition of corporate control in Polish legal system. The principle of its implementation over companies with state Treasury share, as a set of mechanisms for successful monitoring and minimising conflicts between managers and shareholders.

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  • Development of recommendations regarding the commissioning of fixed assets of mining and processing enterprises in the implementation of investment projects based on the use of bank loans as a source of funding. Analysis of development of mining.

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  • The stages of reform and post-reform development of Russia. Values and economic development of Russia. Three sources and three components of russian values. Analyzes of the structure and evolution of values of the russian population in 1990-2002.

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  • Overview of groups of theories of human inclinations in the economic context. The study of the properties of econometric methods. In a practical example, two models are compared - taking into account human propensities and not taking into account.

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  • Russian-Kazakhstan ratios at the present. Cooperating in oil gas and power sphere. Cooperating in sphere of transport and communications. Central Asia and Caspian Sea. Variation of a role of Russia in Central Asia. Trade of Russia and Kazakhstan.

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  • Industry - production of a good or service. The consideration sectors of the world economy, classification them by certain categories. Methods of foresight and technology forecasting the most companies in the industry today. The study of economic trends.

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  • Types of Economic Systems. Traditional Economy, Command Economy, Free Market Economy. American Mixed Economy. Features of American Free Market Economy. How the Government influences. How would my pizzeria function under different economic systems.

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  • Meaning of rent in different economic theories. A special form of annuity. Modern theory of rent. Property taxes and charged for the possession or use. standard price of plot. Land tax problems and possible solution methods in the Russian Federation.

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