• Types of Economic Systems. Traditional Economy, Command Economy, Free Market Economy. American Mixed Economy. Features of American Free Market Economy. How the Government influences. How would my pizzeria function under different economic systems.

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  • Meaning of rent in different economic theories. A special form of annuity. Modern theory of rent. Property taxes and charged for the possession or use. standard price of plot. Land tax problems and possible solution methods in the Russian Federation.

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  • European options on several assets. The Black-Scholes-Merton model. Numerical method. Sparse grid combination technique. Applying the method to the option pricing problem. Solving the transformed equation. Monte Carlo simulations. Bermudan styles.

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  • The main types of economy. The basic benefits of planned economy. The features of free enterprises market. Microeconomic studying the behavior of individuals in making decisions on the markets. Fundamental researches of the national and global economies.

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  • The branch of agriculture of Britain's leading manufactured culture. The largest industries within the manufacturing sector. Abundant supplies of coal, oil, and natural gas Britain. Currency and banking system of the country, transport and communications.

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  • Features of the nature and climate of Japan. Dependence of economy on external sources of materials and markets. The development of metallurgical and chemical industries. Production of robotics and electronics. Business partners and main export products.

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  • Kazakhstan's industrial sector. Current GDP per capita. Trends in the gross domestic product of Kazakhstan. Inflow of foreign currency. Implementation of the program of pension reform. Capitalization of the banking system. Especially energy policy.

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  • The dynamics of Kazakhstan's exports of oil and gas on the world energy market. The history of the fight against inflation and the creation of a free market economy in the post-Soviet period. Fiscal, monetary and economic reserves of Kazakhstan.

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  • Russia has undergone significant changes since the collapse of the Soviet Union, moving from a centrally-planned economy to market-based economy. The policy of privatization in the 1990s. The impact of the global financial crisis on the Russian economy.

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  • The UK as the fourth largest economy in the world and is one of the strongest in Europe. The main large coal, natural gas, oil reserves. The UK has a very small domestic manufacturing sector. Agriculture is intensive and efficient by European standards.

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  • The basic factors of ecotourism development in the Danube region and the forms of possible ecotourism business. Major tourist attractions, for forms ecotourism development in the present, perspective funding sources for its further development.

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  • The outbreak of legionnaires disease in cruise ships. Delay in disease recognition. Sources of outbreak in cruise ships. Centralized national system for reporting radiographically confirmed pneumonia in cruise. High risk for complications of influenza.

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  • Health care models need to adopt new paradigms for the care of all patients with HIV infection. The debate to how the medical system can ensure that HIV-infected patients are guaranteed access to providers experienced in the management of HIV infection.

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  • Evidence of tubercle transmission during all modes of travel: by air, by land, and by sea. Analises the efficiency of transmission of a given disease vary greatly from one person to another or even vary within an individual from one day to the next.

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  • The pathogenesis, clinical investigation, medical microbiology, diagnosis, immune mechanisms of diseases caused by infectious agents. Treatment of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) with the first licensed of an antileishmanial drug in the United States.

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  • Education of children in primary and secondary schools in England. Letting students additional examinations for admission to college. The oldest universities Oxford and Cambridge. Universities award two kinds of degrees: the Bachelor's and the Master's.

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  • Features of the British education system and its resemblance to the European. Public and private schools. Features of pre-school and primary education. Departments of secondary education, social and sports life in the school. Life at College and Universit

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  • Prestigious, interesting and popular of studying in England and Great Britain. Compulsory schooling in England and education in Britain. Features of primary and secondary school. Basic rules of conduct in the educational institutions of the country.

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  • Features of preschool and primary education in Russia. The studying of basic and additional subjects in secondary school. Differences of preschool and primary education in Britain and Russia. Comparative analysis of higher education in the UK and Russia.

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  • The place of education in the Orthodox Christian Civilization. Characteristics of high schools of Kiev Rus, analysis of the specificity of training. Consideration of features of Western monasticism. The essence of the concept "collegial" system.

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