• The English Educational System. Independent or public schools. Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE. Compulsory free secondary education for pupils up to 16 years. The British high school system. School vacations, the role of sport in British schools.

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  • The story of British schools. Arguments about the purpose of education. The civic university movement. University Charter Awarded. There are plenty of stereotypes, British education is only Oxford and Cambrige, but there are educational stereotypes.

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  • The American system of school education. Elementary and secondary education. Secondary education in the United States. Junior and senior high school. Public and private schools. College and university. The programme of studies in the elementary school.

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  • Рublic schools and private schools in the United States. The history of evolution of free public schools. Educational statistics in the United States. Characteristic of educational stages. The problem of transporting students to and from school.

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  • The main components of the American education system. The length of the school year. The preschool education programme. The programme of studies in the elementary school. Basic subjects in the curriculum: English, mathematics, science, social studies.

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  • The American system of school education. The general pattern of education, the length of the school year. The funding of higher education institutions. The basic principles of the organization of vocational education. The program at the university level.

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  • Pedagogical analysis of the formation and development of education for democratic citizenship in Canada. Civic education as a means of forming a democratic state and the realization of socio-economic and cultural-educational policy in the country.

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  • Theoretical fundamentals of design and non-design processes in the development of policy spaces. Policy development and Non-design, a comparison of the Russian and European legal education. Description of legal education to policy restrictions in Russia.

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  • The structure of the education system of Kazakhstan. The main objectives of the education system. General secondary education is guaranteed and is compulsory for all citizens. Higher vocational education is provided citizens with secondary education.

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  • Characteristics of problems of orientation in axiological approach to teaching pedagogy in higher education institutions in the conditions of a United Europe. Characteristics of the personality of future teachers from different countries of Europe.

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  • Arithmetic operations and properties of decimals, proportion and percents. Fundamental concepts of algebra, functions and graphs. The fundamental operations with complex numbers. Limits of function values, one-sided limits, infinitesimal functions.

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  • Description of the educational system in the UK. The typology of schools, their characteristics. National curriculum and educational structure of the country. The analysis of further and higher education. The most famous universities of England.

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  • Types of British state and private schools. Universities and colleges in Great Britain. General pattern of education in the USA. Elementary, high schools and institutions of higher learning. Private and state colleges. Educational system in Ukraine.

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  • The right to education is stated in the constitution of the Russia Federation. The types of public high schools in the UK, particularly assessment of students' knowledge. Higher education in universities in the UK, receive grants from the Local Education.

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  • Brief biography of E. Sapir. Analysis of the scientist's contribution to the development of linguistics. Study of classification of American Indian languages by E. Sapir. Characteristic of criteria of establishing the structural types of languages.

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  • The physicomechanical properties of mortar containing high volume fly ash (FA) as a replacement material of cement in presence of copolymer latexes. Synthesis and characterization of copolymer latexes. Compressive strength and workability of mortar.

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  • Hydrothermal sol-gel synthesis of hexagonally ordered silicas using a hybrid template system is reported. Silicas were characterized by IR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction techniques as well as electron microscopy. The hexagonal structure of MCM-41.

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  • Effect of piracetam and interleukin- 1 receptor antagonist on the values of thiol-disulfide system and protein oxidative modification (POM) was studied based on the rat alloxan diabetes model. The reasons of damage to brain tissue of the animals.

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  • Study changes in TDS and protein oxidative modification measures in the brain of rats with experimental diabetes mellitus when using cerebroprotectors. Activity of glutathione reductase (GR) and glutathione peroxidase (GP) in the DM rat brain tissue.

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  • Study the effect of ultra-low concentrations of docetaxel and recombinant human beta-defensin-2 in the nanomolar range clusters on the proliferation and viability of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma KTC-2 cells. Expression of cell cycle regulatory factors.

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