• Method to predict potential energy generation to local areas. results of its testing on the territory of Kharkiv region. The use of energy output simulation for wind turbines accommodation options with consideration of environmental and resource factors.

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  • Consideration of the structural tectonic location of Kharkiv oblast, its geological and geomorphological structure, which form the underlying features of nature’s variety and beauty, the development of the nature reserve lands of the Kharkiv region.

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  • The unsupervised methods required to reduce the dimension of the data set and to extract meaningful biological information. This work shows that Independent Component Analysis is a promising approach for the analysis of genome-wide transcriptomic data.

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  • Consideration of toxicity of the nanoparticles of the different elements. Investigation the effect of geometry (shape, size) of silver nanoparticles on their cytotoxicity. Shape, critical diameter, crystal lattice parameters of the nanoparticles.

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  • The importance of political activity Bismarck in the unification of Germany. His role in the creation of the North German Confederation. General characteristics of the diplomacy of Bismarck. Specificity and successes in consolidation of diplomacy.

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  • Герундий как неличная форма глагола и часть речи в английском языке. Исследование особенностей его перевода с русского на английский язык. Его морфологические и синтаксические свойства, окружение, обуславливающее выбор того или иного варианта перевода.

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  • Analysis on the Geographic Information System. Monitoring of the environment in the vicinity of the airport. Modeling control air pollution, noise. Operation of aircraft in the conditions of the implementation of intelligent transport management systems.

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  • Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana. Geography and geology. Glaciers, Flora, Recreation. "Crown of the Continent Ecosystem". Lake McDonald. Two hundred waterfalls. The largest falls. Major climatic zones. Threatened species of mammals.

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  • Glaucoma as a cause of blindness in dogs. Analysis of the main forms of the disease: congenital, hereditary open-angle (primary angle closure) glaucoma. The effectiveness of the use of timolol as a method of reducing intraocular pressure in animals.

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  • Brief description of the world's leading brands. History of Air Jordan Company, issue of sports footwear for basketball clubs and public consumption. Creating clothing chain Inditex and Zapa. Opening salons of fashion of Chanel for the secular elite.

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  • Essence, main points and classification of Capital markets. Difference between Money Markets, Capital Markets and regular bank lending. Market participants. The main trading room of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. New issuance, Investment strategies, Taxation.

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  • The structure of the atmosphere and its levels. Sources of pollution of the Earth's air envelope and their negative impact on the overall environmental situation in the environment. The concept and justification of the effect of "global warming".

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  • World practice of using online banking, its benefits, potential risks and disadvantages. Review of the current state of online banking in Uzbekistan. Development of proposals on the need for further development of online banking practice in Uzbekistan.

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  • The definitions of "globalization", "global problems", "threat", "call". Kinds of global problems. Main social problems, the problems of "social-nature" and "social-man". Priority and features of global problems. Alternative solutions to this problems.

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  • International business. Multinational corporations. International trade and financial markets. Economic monetary policy. European integration. The concept of globalization and the importance of this process in the modern world, the development prospects.

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  • The history of economic globalization. Overview globalization mechanism, its advantages and disadvantages. The gap between Russia and the West in all the critical parameters of the scientific and economic development. Competition in the global market.

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  • Globalization as the process of global economic, political, cultural and religious integration and unification. Trade – employment linkage by Holgerg G Social protection and Unemployment insuranceorg. The weakening of the economic impact on employment.

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  • Evaluation of the impact of globalization on the economic competitiveness of Slovakia. The essence of globalization processes. The position of Slovakia in this rating. Characteristics of tax benefits, labor market and political situation in the country.

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  • Cultural situation in the world in the context of globalization. The value of the global division of labor and enhance the role of corporations, which have become powerful forces in the world economy. Globalization theory in sociology and culture.

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  • Structural resemblance glyproline peptide family. Studing a simplest proline-containing linear peptides PG, GP, PGP. The suppression of reactions of blood coagulation and platelet aggregation and protection of gastric mucosa against ulcerogenic factors.

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