• Специфика образа человека, сформированного в рамках двух отечественных культур (советской культуры сталинского периода и культуры общества потребления) с целью выявления его позитивной специфики. Демонстрация знаков изобилия в советской культуре.

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  • Виникнення інформаційного суспільства. Аналіз умов формування інформаційного суспільства та віртуальної реальності. Специфіка життєдіяльності та комунікації людини в умовах інформатизації. Процес індивідуалізації суспільного та особистого життя.

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  • Reductive opening of heterocycles as a source of functionalized organolithium compounds. Methods for homologation of heterocycles. Double lithiation of thianthrene. Phthalan: a versatile starting material. Homologation of six-membered heterocycles.

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  • Characteristics and sources of homonyms and homographs. Classification of homonyms. Subgroups of homonyms, simple lexico-grammatical partial homonyms. The contribution of word-building to the growth of homonymy. Shortening as a type of word-building.

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  • Analysis of monitoring mechanism of the Council of Europe. Classification of obligations of member States and the relevant control mechanisms. Description of types: monitoring the obligations of States members of the Council and contractual obligations.

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  • Principles of treatment of the upper right central incisor with intra-alveolar horizontal root fracture at the level of the middle third and upper left central incisor with horizontal root fracture in the cervical third. Results endodontic procedure.

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  • Determining the optimal rest time between loads during a workout. Assessment of difference in sustainability reps in the lying mode with an interval of rest between light and heavy loads. The determination of the concentration of plasma cortisol.

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  • Establishment Hotel "Paradise hotel" in 2013 in specially collar of artificial career on the island of Madagascar. The rules and requirements to the personnel. Rooms fund and description. Additional services, the menu of the restaurant the old empire.

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  • The acquaintance with the peculiarities of the Shannon entropy. Consideration of the stages and fundamental characteristics of the formation of a unified informational complex DNA. An analysis of the advantages of fractal packing of DNA inside cells.

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  • The initial public offering. Security sales by public companies. Private placements and public issues. The first stage market value balance sheet. Venture capital investments. Average initial ipo returns. Underwriting spreads and new share price.

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  • The main proof of Earth's rotation in the system of Copernicus from the point of view of physics scientists Hooke and Newton. Tests conducted by scientists for several centuries. The first dynamic proof of the rotation of the Earth Foucault scholar.

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  • Analysis of the question of Liu Xiaobo case that brightly reflecting the position of public intellectuals in China and their role as described by the mass media. Opinion on Liu Xiaobo case by "China Daily" and case by "South China Morning Post".

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  • Associations between oral health and systemic diseases. Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. The main pathways linking oral inflammatory lesions to systemic diseases. Local spread of oral inflammatory lesions. Adverse pregnancy outcome.

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  • The essence and main features of globalization. The history of the emergence and spread of this phenomenon in the world. Features of the economic and social impact of globalization in developed countries. Useful and harmful effects of this phenomenon.

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  • Features of the momentum of science-based industrial Park. Knowledge innovation capability and industrial clusters. The regional innovation system. Performance as an indicator of business competitiveness. The moderating role of industrial clusters.

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  • Valuation of Long-Lived Assets. Eternal and annuities. Compound interest and present value. Nominal and real interest rates (adjusted for inflation), their calculation. Factors on sale that can be used to calculate the current value of any cash flow.

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  • In this article John Searle attempts to derive "ought" from "is" and develops the concept of institutional facts. He show that the act of making a promise places one under an obligation by definition, and that such an obligation amounts to an "ought".

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  • New cross-layer scheduling algorithm to quality of service. The modern methods for improving bit error and throughput program for the management of resources. The assessment of service quality, modulation and coding scheme in the resource block.

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  • Improved memory and memory process. Stimulating the production of new brain cells with the help of proper nutrition. Exercises for development of memory. Storing information using mnemonics. Studies of brain plasticity. The value of a healthy sleep.

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  • Communication as a form of human interaction. Consideration of the most common "language mechanisms". Analysis Tips for Using communicative activities. Methods of Use various communicative activities in the school classroom no matter level of the pupils.

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