• Ilya Aleksandrovich Ilyin – the first Kazakhstani weightlifter in history to win four world championships. The participation of the athlete in the sports competitions. The Olympic achievements I. Ilyina. Personal records of the great Kazakhstani athlete.

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  • Analyze the occurrence and role of image forces in physics and chemistry of surfaces. It is shown that a prima facie simple concept of classical electrostatics has a very complicated background of diverse many-body phenomena. Focusing on dynamic effects.

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  • Analysis Russia’s image emerging from news in Polish press published from 1991 to 2005. The manner of functioning of the image of Russia in the documentary and press discourse. Descript the social knowledge about Russia existing in Polish society.

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  • Сonstructing identities, problem of media representations or consolidation of the stereotypes and clichеs. Presented analysis is focused on Russia’s image emerging from news in Polish press published from 1991 to 2005. Іnvestigating the meaning of texts.

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  • Use of telecommunications in maritime medicine practice. Justification for the use of telemedicine technology, the conditions for their implementation. The use of available technology to enhance current practices in remote diagnosis and treatment needs.

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  • Immigration of the population as the entry of the population of one country to another for temporary or permanent residence, considered in relation to the country where migrants come. Passing a comprehensive reform. The Economics of family reunification.

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  • Security features combined bacterial preparation on the basis of probiotic strains of bacteria of the two genera grown combines deep cultivation. Hematological indications blood of experimental animals, the presence of indicators of biological activity.

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  • Analysis of concepts of corruption and collective action approach in the fight against corruption. Study of international anti-corruption regulations. Analysis of impact of business organizations on anti-corruption policy in Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

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  • Studying the notion of testosterone (belongs to a family of androgens) as a hormone that stimulates sexual development in male human beings. Consideration of opinion Eugene Shippen and William Fryer for researched topic in book "Testosterone syndrome".

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  • Early studies on technological growth. Data sources and description. Adjustment of time series: deflation, deseasoning. Methodology and econometric model. Micro-based models, industry-level models. Error correction model estimation, model diagnostics.

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  • The identification of the differences in the influence of company's participation in inter-firm relationships on financial performance between European and Russian companies. Inter-firm cooperation phenomenon. Case-study Analysis vs Econometric Modelling.

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  • To determine the effect of ash from the biomass samples of the fruit, taking into account physiological features of spring oilseed rape. Chlorophyll content in the leaves of rapeseed. The use of microorganisms, their impact on the index of the leaf area.

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  • The impact of overheat on easing the stiffness of disabled sportspeople’s biceps muscle of arm and the central part of the deltoid muscle. The upshot of the discussion that the Finnish sauna has a tonic effect on a disable swimmer's body.

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  • Вивчення особливостей інструменту, який мінімізує затрати часу та матеріалу для створення оптимальної конструкції при збереженні міцності деталі. Інтегрування в Autodesk Inventor системи для динамічного та частотного аналізу методом кінцевих елементів.

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  • Мінімізація затрат часу і матеріалу при створенні оптимальної конструкції деталі при збереженні характеристик її міцності. Розробка програмного комплексу Impactopt плагін, його інтеграція в Autodesk Inventor для аналізу системи методом кінцевих елементів.

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  • Основи інтегрування системи для динамічного і частотного аналізу методом кінцевих елементів в Autodesk Inventor. Особливості функціонування програмного комплексу Impact, методи оптимізації плагіну. Характеристика інструментального інтерфейсу програми.

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  • The temperature and frequency dependences of the impedance components of PbTe(In) nanocrystalline lms within the frequency range of 20 Hz–1 MHz in the temperature interval of 4.2–300 K in darkness and under illumination. The lms on a glass substrate.

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  • Review of modern systems of control which are intended for use in nuclear power plants including their functions and main tasks. Discussion on the application of programmable logic gates (FPGA). Experience of modernization of the digital systems on FPGA.

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  • Try to identify some methodological solutions for the task of estimation of tax expenditures and the efficiency of tax incentives in Russia. The competition between the instruments of tax and fiscal stimulation. The definitions of tax expenditures.

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  • National regulatory and legal framework for environmental economics and various bylaws and regulations in the area of environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources were analyzed in the article. Analysis of gaps caused progress.

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