• Further Experimental Investigation of Nonhypnotic Realities. The original experiment was intended to determine if external reality was apprehended differently in the somnambulistic hypnotic state than it was in the ordinary state of conscious awareness.

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  • Features and classification of injuries of the maxillofacial region. Sprains and fractures of teeth. Fractures of the mandible. Jawfall: causes, clinical manifestations. The anatomical shape of damaged residues. Treatment of mandibular fractures.

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  • Innovation diffusion theory: theoretical framework and application to banking. The main description and justification of innovation diffusion theory. Alternative point of view on approaches to theory. Wearable devices: from definition to evolution.

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  • Aviation as the design, development, production, operation and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. Manufacturers of civil transport aircraft. A draft failure for realization of hypersonic flight at speeds about six numbers of the Move.

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  • The study of the phenomenon of "musical innovations" as part of the national culture and economy on the basis of structuring interviews with composers, musicologists and other experts involved in the national music industry and cultural development.

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  • The concept of consumer innovation and evolution of their formation. The possibility of attracting retailers to requirements consumers in terms of Ukraine in the implementation of innovative models of development and the formation of the network economy.

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  • Technology of the innovation consumer utility formation according to stages of the innovation process to provide successful innovation activities. Levels of innovation consumer utility are identified. They are: formal, purchase and consumption utility.

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  • Concept of innovation consumer utility. Technology of the innovation consumer utility formation according to stages of the innovation process to provide innovation activity. Determining the necessary coefficient of relative reduction in cost per unit.

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  • Innovative activity as the basis for the survival of companies in modern conditions. The evolution of the entrepreneurial economy. The concept of ambitious entrepreneurship and intellectual property. State support of innovative entrepreneurship.

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  • The innovative orientation of modern investments. The conditions in which investment cycles originate, unfold, fade away. The necessity of introduction of changes into the direction of investment cycles, the unfavourable conditions of future development.

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  • Comparative analysis of different approaches which touch the topic of evaluation of innovative activity and efficiency in regions. Directions increase profit from innovation sphere, maintaining sustainable development and competitiveness of the country.

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  • Development of technological scheme for processing of oil extracted in Iraq. Characteristics and physico-chemical properties of the oils of Iraq. A description of the stages of oil refining. Calculations of material balances of each processing stage.

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  • Benefits and requirements for the structure and functioning of the electronic textbook as an innovative educational tool. Characteristic opening new possibilities in the study of Pharmacognosy discipline in the use of modern information technologies.

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  • Understanding the state of the soul, the filling of the creative power of the person. Classification of types of inspiration. Overview of voluntary and involuntary creation of creativity. Definition of the role of inspiration in the creative process.

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  • Institutions impact on the actualization of the social risks. According to the analysis of cross-country studies the inefficiency of public institutions in Ukraine has been found, which corresponds to the exacerbation of the social risks in the country.

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  • Introduce the basic principles of digital video compression,focusing on the main techniques used in various video coding standards and applies the rotation and reversion operations to increase the security of the secret images and the utilization.

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  • Intentional replantation is an accepted endodontic treatment procedure in which a tooth is extracted and treated outside the oral cavity and then inserted into its socket. Intentional replantation is indicated when other endodontic treatments have failed.

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  • Study the interaction of adaptor protein Ruk/CIN85 SH3 domains with endogenous indicator Tks4 in tumor cells of different tissue origins. Research of physiological responses of cell immunity in mice. New multiple molecular forms of adaptor protein.

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  • Using the methods of flow cytometry and laser correlation spectroscopy study of the interaction of human erythrocytes with fumed oxides. Analysis of the results of determination of the scattering parameters and the degree of hemolysis of erythrocytes.

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  • An overview of the potential energy of the strained randomly-oriented nuclei and their properties in the entrance channel, where the thermonuclear reaction, causes of superheavy elements. The essence of interaction deformed axially symmetric nuclei.

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