• The opportunities that create application of computer visualization using mathematical software to improve the quality of interactive teaching of students. Visualization of numerical solution of problems of mathematical physics by finite element method.

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  • The post endodontic is a relatively rare occurrence, but the sudden increase in patient symptoms necessitates a focused and active treatment plan. Discusses these facets of the flare-up: prevention and how to manage the patient once the flare-up occurs.

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  • Causes of interappointment pain. Presence of pathogenic bacteria. Presence of virulent clonal types. Microbial synergism or additism. Number of microbial cells. Apical extrusion of debris. Secondary intraradicular infections. Non-microbial causes.

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  • The natural connection between interassociates and variants of a semigroup. Variants of regular semigroups. Connection interassociates with commutative dimonoids. Study interassociates of the free semigroup with two generators using computer modeling.

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  • Interconnection between countries in terms of their air pollution emissions. The use of special panel data econometric techniques for estimates a modified version of Environmental Kuznets Curve, which includes intertemporal and special effect components.

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  • The concept of culture in various sciences. Intercultural communication as a subject of many studies. Interaction of cultures in different social groups. Intercultural communication and its basic concepts. Intercultural communication and conflict.

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  • Globalization and modern technological advances as the factor of interaction between people of different nationalities and cultures. Features monochronal and polychronic cultures. Conditions for successful project management in mixed international teams.

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  • Proving that a synthesis of research that involves the interpenetration and mutual methodological principles of the various sciences, overcoming unacceptable methods of economic determinism should become one of the research objectives of economic schools.

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  • A study of the historical experience of administrative restrictions on the upper limit of interest rates. The consequences of the restrictions for economy reasons, the conditions of abandonment of the practice of direct regulation of interest rates.

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  • The official symbol of Canada dumpling 9 meters in height and weighing up to 2700 kg in the central square Glendon. By public transport in Toronto. Assignment Canada best country status by the United Nations. Popularity bedtime reading among canadians.

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  • Consideration of oxygen as a basic element of atmosphere of Earth, his constituents, oxides, behavior of oxygen as a result of combustion, use of oxygen in a fuel, way of his receipt, production and uses of oxygen in different industries of industry.

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  • Scotland - a country that is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland. Consideration of the main Scottish Islands. A favorite vacation spot of royal family. Interesting facts of Scotland. Whiskey as the national drink of the country.

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  • Studies, the specificity of interphase interactions and features of the formation of nanoheterogeneous structure in polymer system. Determining the structure of interfacial region, the supramolecular structure and mechanical properties of the composites.

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  • General Characteristics of JSC "Intergas Central Asia". Financial risks. Vision and purpose of the JSC "Intergas Central Asia". Organizational structure. Analysis of key markets and Analysis of Financial Statements. Financial and economic indicators.

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  • Principles of interior design, its main aesthetic elements. Elements of design, basic design concept. Characteristics of the design relations. Model compositions: formal and informal. An example of a typical interior of the Bank, office and public spaces.

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  • Implementation of new neurotechnologies. Research of the concept of science, foresight and policy interlinking. Analysis of russian neurotechnology case. Identification and characterization of the main needs for improvements and changes in Russian case.

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  • Data Analysis and Model-Building Basics, making Predictions by Using Regression. Comparing Many Means with ANOVA. Building Strong Connections with Chi-Square Tests, rebels without a Distribution. Ten Errors in Statistical Conclusions, Practice Problems.

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  • The study of international funds and banks created to assist States in financing economic development and secure loan payments. Analysis of the activities of the International Bank for Reconstruction and development and International Finance Corporation.

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  • Causes of crises are considered. Theoretical, methodological investigation on the detection between the current weakly managed mobility of international capital flows, permanent crisis are provided. Necessity of control over international capital flows.

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  • Familiarity with the international aspects of optimal monetary policy. General characteristics of the consumer budget constraints and optimizations. The essence of the concept of "pricing". Consideration of the main functions of monetary policy.

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