• Roles of information in the economic system in modern world. The main provisions of the theory of rational information gathering. Theory and practice of functioning of the information market. General equilibrium with markets for future and uncertainty.

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  • The essence of the information function of finance, based on economic basis. Awareness of the immanence of this function in relation to financing as a basis for an effective search for ways to optimize financial relations, minimize asymmetries and risks.

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  • The use firewalls to create a demilitarized zone to protect the servers from unauthorized access. The versions of creation of virtual private networks that can combine some geographically distant networks in one network using global information space.

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  • The role of intermediaries in search the information of private. Revealed to uninformed parties. Strategic manipulation of certification. The choice a monopoly intermediary. Capture a large share of the surplus. The competition among intermediaries.

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  • Finding Boolean functions with maximum algebraic immunity based on univariate polynomial representation. Algebraic techniques in differential cryptanalysis revisited. An efficient rational secret sharing scheme based on the chinese remainder theorem.

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  • The structure of an information security program. Creation and implementation of policies and standards. Activity of federal sentencing guidelines for criminal convictions. System and network access control. Conducting a business impact analysis.

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  • Practical acquaintance with the capabilities, configuration of firewalls. Information security in computer systems. Identify and control applications. The addition of security devices. Regular inspections of all users, regardless of location or device.

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  • To develop the methods of creating new knowledge to increase the quantity of innovative goods and services. The use of patent information in terms of the modern information society. Ensuring the competitiveness of technical patents on world markets.

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  • Сomparative analyse of contemporary information society development in Poland and Republic of Moldova. The information society development process of European Union, Poland – as a member of the Union and Republic of Moldova – as nonEuropean member.

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  • Principles of construction of a monitoring system. Appearance of the reflectometer ALIMP. Application of the complex modulated signals. Algorithms of processing of the information. Block scheme of power lines monitoring on the basis of the devices ALIMP.

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  • Text description of the main processes running in the dealer. Overview of Incadea enterprise software solutions at the global automotive retail market. Analysis of the information system correspondence to existed business-processes in the company.

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  • Analysis of the mobile banking information system based on biometric authentication. A function is proposed that ensures the closure of biometric template data in information networks. Estimation of the number of customer requests to the payment system.

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  • The role of information technologies as one of the key factors in labour productivity growth under current conditions. The contribution of information technologies into the average annual growth of labour productivity in a range of some countries.

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  • Information technology - a broad class of disciplines and areas of activity related to technology creation, preservation, management and processing of data, including the use of computer technology. The information technology industry. Search engine.

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  • Universal device for the processing, transmission, exchange and storage of information. Role of computer in modern life. The spread of the Internet and its using in common life. Embodiment of achievements of modern information technologies in real life.

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  • Analysis of modern tools of information wars. Systematization of types of communication weapons on the Internet. Determination of the components of the 4P system. Characteristics of the role of social networks in the strategy of intelligence arms.

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  • Способи передачі інформації, інтерфейси під’єднання та протоколи роботи пристроїв. Використання стандарту USB, технології бездротової передачі даних. Технології бездротової передачі даних на не велику відстань з малими витратами енергії через Bluetooth.

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  • The analysis of world practice of incorporating private capital in state investment projects with the budget shortfalls. A study of the factors of successful implementation of projects of state-private partnership practical examples of Croatia and Serbia.

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  • Recourse to the private sector capital to complete public investment projects for which there were insufficient funds in the public budget. Numerous benefits private sector (technical expertise, risk transfer, costs reduction and time for implementation).

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  • Further Experimental Investigation of Nonhypnotic Realities. The original experiment was intended to determine if external reality was apprehended differently in the somnambulistic hypnotic state than it was in the ordinary state of conscious awareness.

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