• История становления и развития финансов, их роль и значение в условиях товарно-денежных отношений. Взаимосвязь финансов с такими экономическими категориями как цена, заработная плата, кредит. Экономическая природа и границы финансовых отношений.

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  • Model study in the form of a global game, in which tax compliance depends on two groups of variables. The value of the government authorities to ensure compliance with the tax control. The probability of compliance, resulting in a decision model.

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  • A structural general equilibrium model of a small open economy using Bayesian methods. the conduct of monetary policy in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. Test to investigate the hypothesis whether central banks do respond to exchange rates.

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  • The changes of the TU-indicator for certain types of transport of Ukraine. Structure of the contribution of individual modes of transport in GDP. Practical approaches to ensuring financial sustainability is in the works of Russian and foreign scientists.

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  • Исследование основ биржевых фондов и практики инвестирования в данный инструмент финансового рынка. Характеристика преимуществ Паевого инвестиционного фонда. Изучение популярных стратегий трейдинга. Особенности развития ExchangeTradeFunds в России.

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  • The research hypothesis about the role of a fixed exchange rate in the economy for fuel exporting countries. Exchange rate regime exporting and exporting countries. The dependence of the exchange rate of the central bank policy and the level of democracy.

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  • Analytical solution for the arbitrary number of periods. Analytical Solution for the model with limited rationality of sophisticated investors. Numerical analysis for the models with full and limited rationality of sophisticated extrapolative investors.

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  • Features of the tax system in Japan, its main differences from the United States, European countries. Description of the main taxes and fees. Classifying them according to various criteria. Direct taxes on income of physical persons and legal entities.

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  • Major problems of corporate finance in the telecommunications sector and the creation of modern economic thinking. Characteristics of deep and complex understanding of economic issues and financial performance management sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

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  • Substantiation of necessity of financial analysis, on the example of a commercial firm. The role of analysis for raising capital in the company. Development of recommendations to improve the external and internal financing and increase your profits.

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  • Financial market and its structure. Composition of Financial market. Participants and issuers in KR securities market. Financial Instruments. Classification of Securities. Professional participants. Trade on Stock Exchange. Analyze of Financial Market.

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  • Assessment of influence of financial risks on the stability of the financial system of Ukraine (FSU) in the framework of vector autoregressive modeling. Liquidity risks and currency risks, measures to mitigate and ensure the sustainability of the FSU.

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  • Familiarity with the historically determined tendencies of development of tax administration, analysis of the stages of Genesis. Feature natito-elitist conception of management. Consideration of the features of the regulatory functions of taxes.

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  • Essence, main points and classification of Capital markets. Difference between Money Markets, Capital Markets and regular bank lending. Market participants. The main trading room of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. New issuance, Investment strategies, Taxation.

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  • Try to identify some methodological solutions for the task of estimation of tax expenditures and the efficiency of tax incentives in Russia. The competition between the instruments of tax and fiscal stimulation. The definitions of tax expenditures.

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  • Finance of households in system of the financial relations, their essence and functions. Research house farms as subject of the economic relations. Essence and functions of finance of house farms. Analyzes of main directions of expenses of households.

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  • Causes of crises are considered. Theoretical, methodological investigation on the detection between the current weakly managed mobility of international capital flows, permanent crisis are provided. Necessity of control over international capital flows.

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  • Finance is the process by which money is transferred among businesses, individuals, governments. Characteristics: monetary, distributive, purpose of funds. Functions: salaries, income of companies, controlling. Resources: centralized, decentralized.

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  • Low quality of reporting in Asia compared to developed markets - the main incentives for investment in the financial sector in the region. Cash accounting - the methodology of recording transactions only if the real cash flows in or out of the firm.

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  • IP-телефония как неотъемлемая часть жизни современного человека. IP-телефония и история возникновения данной технологии, ее особенности. Основные характеристики операторов услуг. VoIP операторы и провайдеры. Выбор оператора IP-телефонии и оплата VoIP.

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