• The growth perspectives an Aktobe. A settlement in city. The fertile soil and perfect location. The history is attracted immigrants. The climate in the city. Inner suburbs - streets Abylkhair Khan, Sankibay Batyr. Old Industrial area between the border.

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  • Characteristics of the administrative-territorial division, economic-geographical study of Russia. The political management system of the state. Description of the level of development of agriculture and industry. Nature, water, culture and traditions.

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  • The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. The capital of Russia. Geographical location and footprint. National republics, administrative regions and autonomous regions of the country. The largest cities. The study of border states.

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  • Formation of a series of Acts of Union, which united distinct nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland under a single government in London. The geographical location of the UK, the main water resources. The primary language spoken is English.

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  • Study of territorial structure in the UK. The geography of the location of objects of land and oceans. Climatic conditions in the United Kingdom. The mentality of Velikobritanii. Main undercarriage languages. Architectural and cultural attractions.

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  • Geographical location of the United States of America, history of their forming and further development. Natural sights of the USA. G. Washington - first president of America. Large cities of country. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of New York.

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  • A family of topology preserving mappings as Self-Organizing Map and Topographic Map. A clustering technique, that updates the centres. Frame based on the structure can be used with different clustering techniques, giving new properties to the algorithms.

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  • Almaty - the most beautiful city in Kazakhstan. Panoramic view of the city in all directions - one of the tourist advantages of the hill Kok-Tobe. The history of the construction of the Zenkov Cathedral. Tourist advantages of the Ski Resort Shymbulak.

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  • Current state and prospects of mapping of border areas. Features of the functioning of the Euroregion. Organization of cross-border cooperation. The need to use a systematic methodology in the study of border areas. The geographic and thematic maps.

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  • The Southeast a highly populated region of England. The main activity is farming. The Midlands a big industrial part in the country. A beautiful cities Cambridge and his fine historic buildings. Some facts about North ana East region of England.

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  • Geographical location and administrative division. The civil war in the USA. Elementary and High School education. Rating of 10 best universities in the world. Los Angeles - one of the world's major centers of the entertainment industry in film, music.

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  • Brief information about Wales, its flag, principality. Narcissus as a symbol of state. The castle and garden, Powis, St David's Cathedral, Cardiff castle. Bute Park, National Museum Cardiff, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, isle Of Anglesey, lake Bala.

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  • Washington is a monumental city. The tallest structure of the city - the Washington Monument. The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. The monuments dedicated to the US presidents.

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  • Maine as a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The studying a capital of the country is Augusta. The biggest cities are Maine: Portland and Lewiston. The largest county in the state.

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  • Russian Federation is a the largest country in the world, located in northern Eurasia. It is a federal semi-presidential republic, comprising 83 federal subjects. Ytr capital - Moscow is the largest economic, political, and scientific center of Russia.

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  • The geographical position of the city of San Francisco, the history of the "gold rush" on the Peninsula. The consequences of the earthquake, characteristics and specifics of the Golden Gate bridge, suicide barrier. The historical significance of Alcatraz.

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  • Washington, D.C. is situated on both banks of the Potomac river, between the two states, Maryland and Virginia. The White House is the place where the President lives and works. The Capitol is a high and beautiful building with white marble columns.

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  • Oil - the main source of energy and investing millions of dollars into the economy. The rapid growth of oil and gas due to increased demand for energy. Countries, with the largest oil reserves. The discovery of new sources of energy alternative to oil.

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  • Абхазия как типичная горная республика, особенности природы. Основы государственного строя и административное деление. История и население республики. Характеристика экономики Абхазии: промышленность, электроэнергетика, сельское хозяйство, транспорт.

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  • Легенда о появлении Абхазии, ее географическое положение, особенности рельефа и климата, основные этапы исторического развития. Живописные места Сухума. История Гагры как курорта. Горы Абхазии. Новоафонская пещера. Таможенный и паспортный контроль границ.

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