• The queen and the parliament. The British Constitution. The Function of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Commons Members of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Lords. The Comparison Of Two Political Systems: Ukrainian And British Ones.

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  • Analysis of monitoring mechanism of the Council of Europe. Classification of obligations of member States and the relevant control mechanisms. Description of types: monitoring the obligations of States members of the Council and contractual obligations.

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  • Human rights as moral principles or norms that describe certain standards behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law. Values and norms of behavior. The right to freedom and inviolability of the person.

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  • General characteristic of the United States Constitution, functions. Familiarity with the basic functions of the executive branch. Consideration brief biography of Barack Obama. Formation and characteristics of the judicial system of the United States.

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  • Levels of government in the US: federal, state, local. The legislative, executive and judicial powers. US Constitution - the legal document regulating the business through the government elected by the people. The study of the president's powers.

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  • Сучасні моделі президентства, форми президентської влади. Повноваження, обов'язки і відповідальність президента. Специфіка обрання на пост глави держави. Специфічний конституційний механізм обрання президента в Індонезії. Елементи президентських виборів.

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  • Russian constitution as the supreme law of the land. Statutes as the predominant legal source of law. Presidential decrees and directives. Judicial decisions, practice and explanations of supreme courts. USSR legislation, custom, international law.

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  • The legal basis for the organization of scientific research set forth in the Law of Ukraine "On scientific and scientific-technical activities". Normative-legal acts that address the basic problems of copyright law prevent plagiarism in a research study.

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  • On the basis of the latest modern achievements of constitutional law, the sources of this law, as well as an analysis of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, legal requirements for the procedure for amending the Basic Law of the state are examined.

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  • Аналіз підходу Європейського суду з прав людини до проблем судової нормотворчості, поширювального тлумачення, аналогії у кримінально-правовій сфері, сформованих у практиці з застосування ст. 7 Конвенції про захист прав людини і основоположних свобод.

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  • Analysis of normative legal acts and basic measures for prevention of bankruptcy of the debtor-aviation enterprise. The main conceptual provisions of the legal framework for the merger, division, transformation, carried out extrajudicial procedures.

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  • Research problems of adequate social adaptation, including civil relations. Determination of the specifics of the concrete contract of carriage of passengers. Rationale for the need for legal regulation of contractual relations on the part of the state.

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  • Grounded the meaning of the periodization method in the process of cognition of state legal phenomena. Regulations of formational and civilizational approaches the author suggests his conceptual understanding of periodization of state legal process.

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  • Characteristics of states’ influence on the development of social partnership and socially-responsible business in the EU activity. State, transnational corporations and social innovations of the EU. Social partnership and political power.

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  • Orgazation the legislative authority and the executive branch in Great Britain. The History of British Monarchy. The personal and political prerogatives of Monarchs in Great Britain. Five Facts about British Monarchy which are usually mistaken.

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  • Problems, importance and components of natural private law, principles of its development. The relationship of contemporary international, private, and civil rights. Explanation and justification of the dialectic of natural entities of private law.

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  • The study draft of a new progressive and liberal law "On health protection" also known as the Russian medical Constitution. The analysis based on it problems of development and implementation of assisted reproduction, its advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Становлення класового суспільства. Конкубінат і чоловіки в контексті загальних оцінок конкубінату та законності за нормами класичного періоду. Суперечність законодавства Октавіана Августа щодо конкубінату та становища в ньому вільнонародженого чоловіка.

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  • Familiarity with the organizational forms of public control. The peculiarities of social control as a form of social control. Characteristics of the main tasks of the public councils. The analysis of peculiarities of realization of the state policy.

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  • Review purpose of the penalty of imprisonment. Determination of remuneration for prisoners. The study of the main areas of employment. Evaluation of educational, cultural and sports activities. Characteristics of disciplinary responsibility of convicts.

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