• Characteristic of the provisions of the law of july 1992 on games and mutual wagering. Present the change process of the material scope of polish gaming since 1992 and to demonstrate the controversy related to the accepted way of determining its scope.

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  • The definition of "source of law". Anchored in the Russian Federation, the Constitution and the sources of the universally recognized norms of international law. Decisions of courts and other bodies of constitutional justice and their legal validity.

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  • Features internal and external policy of the state. Concept and characteristics of the state as a subject of international law. Ensuring the sovereignty of education in the country. Determination and a guarantee of protection of freedoms of citizens.

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  • The characteristics of the judicial system and procedural legislation of France. The device of the administrative courts. Terms of training judges and judicial staff. The French system of juvenile justice. The use of punishment and the prison system.

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  • The investigation of the crime scene, which describes the circumstances of the crime, its functions (the proof, the limitation of liability limits, differentiation of types of liability, etc.). Characteristic of the objective elements of the offence.

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  • Analysis and characterization of the main problems of the current pension system of Kazakhstan. A review of the activities of accumulative pension funds of the Republic. Description of possible prospects of development of accumulative pension system.

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  • History derives and meaning the term "common law system". Its main primary connotations. Case law or precedent as the law developed by judges decisions of courts and tribunals. The procedural merger of law and equity. Legal powers and duties of judges.

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  • The problems of the lack of appropriate e-commerce definition in civil and tax law. The meaning of electronic commerce in the light of civil law. Consideration of international regulations relating to the broadterms of international trade issues.

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  • Peculiarities of administrative legal status of the subject. Legal entity as subject of administrative law. Consideration of the reform processes relating to the scope of public administration. Analysis of the subjective composition of administrative law.

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  • Unlawful appropriation, theft and publication of thoughts, ideas or expressions of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work. Morphological and legal aspects of plagiarism. Re-use of previously published materials.

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  • The methodology of biojurisprudence. An entity, sources and functions of biolaw in the form of theses and hypotheses. The use of descriptive, evaluative, obligational and performative types of statements for descriptions, evaluation and regulation of law.

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  • The organization of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities in the US. Determination of the powers of Congress, the Supreme Court and the president of the United States. History and structure of the Republican and Democratic parties.

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  • This article analyzes the content of the right of the employee on training, retraining and professional development. Human resource development, training based on basic social values — equality, justice, gender equality, elimination of discrimination.

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  • The protection of indigenous numerically-small peoples rights in the Russian Federation and scrutiny of the court practice and case law based on this issue. The practice of high courts which de facto is obligatory for all levels of unitary court system.

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  • The constitutional foundations of parliamentary democracy in Bulgaria. Analysis of the influence of the concept of rationalization of parliamentarism on development of society. Legal technique a preserving the stability and power of the government.

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  • The concept and essence, purpose and main tasks of state regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The characteristics and features of state regulation, description and distinctive features of the alleged methods of the study of anti-corruption policy.

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  • The study of the main provisions of the order of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea from 14.02.2005 No. 53. The rights and obligations of patients. Bases of activities of ethics committees. Principles of ethical review of clinical research.

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  • Suicide prevention in penal establishments. The questions of research for the reasons of suicides and increase of their number in prisons are illuminated in the article. The methods of suicide preventing among convicted persons and inmates are proposed.

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  • The analyze the provisions of the Harvard Draft Convention, containing the norms that are the basis of the contents of the further provisions of piracy legislation with the cardinal value for maritime law, reflect the nature of the piracy regulation.

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  • The two countries, Battenland and Alamaguay, have among themselves border river Varsho. Jurisdiction of the court and Statement of relevant facts. Adjudication on the recognition of the Kilgus Strip is part of the sovereign territory of Alamaguay.

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