• Research foaming effect, which can be the addition of zeolite in the asphalt mixture that causes the of the asphalt, better adhesion and ability lehkoukladalnist mixture. Characteristics of adsorbed water allocation as a function of time and temperature.

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  • Studies of Heat and Mass of drying in the process for the production of slag gravel. Determination of the temperature of the thermal agent at the height of the layer of materials. The dependence of the velocity of the mass transfer of temperature zones.

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  • Revolution in denim fashion in the 60s of the twentieth century. The technology of using different colors and shades fabric for jeans. Release of the "Levis" final version of durable and comfortable original studded jeans with contrasting thread.

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  • The study of methods of improving mechanical properties of coatings of implants by reducing the value of young's modulus and coefficient of friction in the fluids of the body to improve the tribological parameters of the implants with ceramic coatings.

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  • The study of the properties of low carbon steel. Methods of cold plastic deformation. The rationale for the recommended annealing temperature. Is the microstructure of low-carbon metal. The study of the conditions of plastic deformation of ferrite.

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  • Processes of change of mechanical properties and microtexture of castings from gazars. Effect of monolithic areas formation inside the porous structure. Consideration of monolithic formations inside porous structure of gazar after annealing, x 50.

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  • Research process to ensure the values of the endurance limit of the material details. The establishment of correlations between the modes of machining, quality of the surface layer and the fatigue limit. The characteristics of processed material.

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  • Physical and chemical research methods of mechanically hydrated cement binder with organo-mineral additive - silica fume. Study the effect of additives on the kinetics of the formation of calcium silicate core lowly. Role the microsilica as a binder fume.

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  • Super ultrahard nanostructured and nanocomposite thin films. Preparation and industrial applications of hard and superhard nano-structured coatings on tools for machining (drilling, milling, turning), forming, stamping, injection moulding and the like.

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  • The research revealing of the amount of regular wood and hazardous wood treated in Finland in this year. The most common techniques are applied to wood treatment in this country. Hazardous waste processing. Prevention of producing waste. Energy recovery.

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  • Increase in the use of hard, high strength and temperature resistant materials in engineering necessitated the development of machining techniques. Abrasive flow machining as process non-conventional machining processes. Magneto abrasive flow machining.

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  • Technological parameters (thermal loss, cooking time, etc.) grilling the second meat dishes. Use marinades based on vegetable oil and vinegar as the most common. The composition of the marinade with yogurt and kiwi. The energy value of ready meals.

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  • Доповіді керівників центрів колективного користування науковими приладами про результати дослідно-конструкторських розробок, що будуть впроваджені в новітні наукові прилади. Сучасні прилади, які найближчим часом з’являться на ринку наукового обладнання.

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  • Дослідження струменево-променевого різання твердих тіл з використанням лазера потужністю 400 Вт із широким діапазоном регулювання тривалості імпульсу та енергії. Вплив високошвидкісного потоку рідини малого діаметру на умови охолоджування в зоні різання.

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  • Elements of a watermarking system. Recovery of the hidden information. Demonstration of rightful ownership. Requirements of data-hiding-based authentication. Bridging the gap between analog and digital objects. Direct embedding readable watermarking.

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  • Familiarity with the basic method of identification of defects of the drive with induction motor using wavelet transform for the test signals. Analysis of a neural network model converted to the next subsequent stages on the basis of the algorithm.

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  • Consideration and characteristics of the scheme double-point wheel-rail interaction. Familiarization with the erosive wearing. Definition of the dependence of the coefficient of adhesion on the temperature. Analysis of sand system of the locomotive.

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  • Области применения абсорбционных процессов в промышленности. Различия физической абсорбции и хемосорбции. Описание технологической схемы процесса. Характеристика сырья, продуктов и материалов. Конструктивный расчет насадочной абсорбционной колонны.

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  • Порядок расчета тарельчатой абсорбционной колонны. Выбор типа контактного устройства. Вычисление проходного диаметра штуцеров колонны и выбор фланцев, кожухотрубчатого теплообменника, трубных решеток и фланцев кожуха. Определение данных по формулам.

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  • Проведение синтеза цифрового конечного автомата. Характеристика орграфа автомата Мура. Кодированная прямая таблица переходов, выходов и сигналов возбуждения автомата Мура. Сущность карты Вейча, ее задачи. Особенности разработки электрических схем.

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