• The scope of business of the company. The efficiency of the global brand. Competitors of the company and compare them. The defenses of the brand in target markets. SWOT analysis of the company (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

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  • Logistical and geographical features of catering - one of contemporary forms of restaurant services. Providing catering logistics far from production facilities (so-called "touring" catering). Essence of social catering and specificity of its logistics.

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  • The peculiarities of Ukrainian milk and dairy products market under current conditions. Steps to improve the competitiveness of milk processing factories by implementing innovations in their product sales policy. The effectiveness of such measures.

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  • Tendencies to interdisciplinarity that force organizations to search for concepts from different areas of science. The role of the concept of internal control and management talent in the competitive process of obtaining advantage in the marketplace.

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  • The history of the establishment of McDonald's. Market share of McDonald is 27 percent in US market. The unique business model — the excellent suppliers and employees — is the reason McDonald’s is the world’s largest quick-service restaurant brand.

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  • A study of factors affecting the sales of Samsung Galaxy 4. Designing, developing sophisticated database structures and systems the telephone. The study of the pricing strategy. Consideration of the company's activities, telephone sales profitability.

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  • Evaluation of strategic potential of Isabelle Camille, the ability of the company to meet the expectations of Russian distributors. Recommendations for the development of a conceptual commercial equipment with the symbols of the trademark of the company.

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  • Founding the company, the names of the founders and first tailoring shirts. Formation of the new brand and the first store Karen Millen. Expansion of chain stores. Interesting facts of Karen Millen. Feature of women's clothing produced by Karen Millen.

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  • Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships. The functions of marketing are: Researching, Buying, Product development and management, Production, Promotion, Standardization and grading, Pricing and Distribution, Risk bearing and Financing.

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  • Division of consumer groups. Types of segmentation: geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural. Principles, methods and criteria of market segmentation. Сharacteristics of marketing tools used in the business, the role of strategic planning.

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  • The approaches of a marketing concept for the cooperation between profit and non-profit sectors. The usefulness of a partnership, based on interconnection of sectors. The initiation of long-term partnerships of business entities, non-profit organisations.

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  • Sony as the corporation, which carried on the following key areas: professional electronics, production of information and telecommunications, film production, music programs and computer games. Marketing environment and SWOT analysis of the Sony.

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  • The types of communications media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines and internet-based web-sites. The advantages of newspapers over the other major news media television, radio, and newsmagazines. The global information system and newspapers.

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  • McDonald's - the world's largest fast-food chain, known for its burgers and fries. Brand McDonald's mission is "to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat". Promotions: Ronald McDonald House Charities, World Children's Day, Mother knows best.

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  • Analysis of the laws regulating synthesized marketing communications, principles and functions of marketing communications synthesized effect, suggestes the mechanism formation of marketing communications synthesized effect of industrial enterprise.

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  • Description of the marketing plan of the company of Mercedes-Benz: driving forces affecting global marketing; Hofstede model of the United Kingdom; segmentation, marketing, positioning; marketing mix strategy; mission statement, the goal of the company.

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  • The concept of "breakthrough" products and their characteristics. Analysis the main approaches to pricing the products that are new to the market. The use of methodology for the "breakthrough" product pricing according to the level of its consumer value.

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  • Характеристика целей, видов международного маркетинга как одной из форм интеграции и взаимодействия предприятий различных стран. Принципы, методы международного маркетинга. Способы разработки международной маркетинговой стратегии. Выбор зарубежного рынка.

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  • Problems and difficulties faced by owners of small businesses. Miles & Snow typology of strategies. Empirical applications of Miles & Snow's generic strategies. Research method. Competitive Strategies By Business Sector. Strategy and performance.

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  • The study of the evolution of needs and means to satisfy them. Evolutionary development tools to meet the needs of consumers in the relevant line of development that meet the conditions that these methods are successful in their development process.

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