• The features of surface waves motion and the analysis of methods for finding the timing and patterns of change in motion R-waves along the free surface. The calculate time - frequency performance under different formulas and compared with each other.

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  • Analysis of carbon, which is the structure of the reactor and the factor of neutron scattering at energies up to 2 MeV. Its status in the energy range 1-60 KEV. Essay experimental data used to measure the neutron cross sections using the detector.

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  • The design and the performance of the Ionization Beam Profile Monitor. operating on the residual gas ionization principle. Stability the IBPM is prospective for beam profile due to long time non-contact method monitoring, stable operation in emergencies.

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  • Important properties of the system power supply. The value of renewable energy to be able to supply electricity when demand is high. Requirements for various energy storage applications, the ability of existing technologies. Energy storage technologies.

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  • Квантово-хімічне моделювання молекулярних кластерів, що утворюють структуру рідкого метанолу та розрахунок відповідних коливальних спектрів. Особливості контурів коливальних смуг в широкому температурному діапазоні за різних умов зміни температури.

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  • Introduction to the history of creation Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company. The definition and characterization basic objectives of this company - provide performance reliability of the unified power system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • Lazer nurining xususiyatlari. Yarimo’tkazgichli lazerlar va ularning qo’llanilishi. Yarimo’tkazgichli lazer nurlanishining parametrlarini o’lchash. Lazer nurlanishi quvvatining elektr damlash quvvatiga bog’liqligini o’rganish. Yarimo’tkazgichli lazerlar.

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  • The current state of the incoherent scattering equipment in the observatory of Institute of Ionosphere for the purpose of showing radar potential. To introduce techniques for the parameters of the ionosphere measurement and ionospheric data processing.

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  • Detecting the travelling ionospheric disturbances over Kharkiv with periods of 40 – 80 min occurring in the time range. The modification frequencies by high power. The relative amplitudes of the travelling ionospheric disturbances in electron density.

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  • Capabilities of two plasma assisted methods based on a pulsed laser ablation and electrical discharges in liquid media for fabrication of metallic and composite nanoparticles. Production of metallic and composite nanoparticles with controlled parameters.

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  • The review for different devices: Infrared sensor arrays for thermal imaging on active Si read-out chips, resonant cavity enhanced IR detectors, quantum well lasers on Si substrates and "wavelength transformers", structures operated in sub-threshold.

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  • A transit time of light through the system. The magnetic field oscillations. The studying a Faraday’s law. The resistance of an electric wires and contacts. Levitation of conductors in an oscillating field. Methods for choosing the discrete differences.

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  • Computer modeling of fluorescence light quenching is performed with no limitations on the optical wave intensities. Searching for such combinations of polarizations of the interacting waves that provide minimal polarization changes for the waves.

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  • Description of the concept of formation of micelles of surface-active substances. Features smooth polymorphic transitions, oscillations, and hysteresis properties in the size of the micelles. The use of active substances in the development of technology.

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  • Influence of oil impurities on the characteristics of isobutane boiling process in the evaporator complex setup. Dependence of oil concentration before throttling versus mass flow rate, of the local heat transfer coefficient from concentration of oil.

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  • Brief biographical details from the life of Marie Curie. The research process the effect of "radioactivity", the discovery of new radioactive elements-radium and palladium. The awarding of the Nobel prize in physics Marie Curie for their work with x-rays.

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  • Пример численного решения задачи в системе MatLab. Методы решения систем дифференциальных уравнений. Одношаговые явные методы Рунге-Кутта 4-го и 5-го порядка. Движение заряженной частицы. Закон Кулона. Траектория движения пули под действием силы тяжести.

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  • Technologies for voltage control of self-excited induction generators. An approach for maximizing the power extracted from self-excited induction generators in specific applications without strict restrictions on the generated frequency and voltage.

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  • The short life span of satellites - the reason of the complexity of the observation region of the ionosphere near the ionospheric peak. The features of the use of the Faraday effect for measuring the geomagnetic field using incoherent scatter radar.

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  • Methodology and milestones defined density measurement of liquids, as well as the definition of its other parameters: isothermal compressibility, isobaric thermal expansion and pressure. Conformity assessment of the experimental density regulations.

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