• Determining the level of emotional development of students - physical therapists and teachers of physical education. Differences between groups of students depending on the direction of education and sex. The propensity to interpersonal abilities.

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  • The philosophical behaviorism as a position on the mind-body problem. The functionalist arguments about multiple realizability. The Goals of Scientic Research. The differences between a physical object in the world and its optical image on retina.

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  • Psychology and Common Sense. The support and structure of neurons. The Growth of the Central Nervous System. Sociobiology and sexual behaviour. Psychosomatic disorders and panic attacks. Hunger and the Control of Food Intake. The Development of Emotion.

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  • The study of the interaction of gender and ethnicity as a factor in the isolation of a person that deeply affects the formation of personality, as well as a review of research on gender socialization and ethnic identity of minorities in American society.

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  • Puberty and Psychological Development. Socialization and Self-Development. Moral Cognitions and Prosocial answers in Adolescence. Processes of Risk and Resilience. Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Influences. The Legal Regulation of behavior.

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  • T. Nelson: life and comments on implications of his functional view of metacognitive memory monitoring. Primers on metamemory and memory. Current directions in memory monitoring and control. Contemporary issues involving the metamemory-memory framework.

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  • A history of psychotherapy integration. The future as an integrating force through the schools of psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapies for specific disorders. Integrating therapeutic modalities. Future directons in psychotherapy integration.

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  • Improved memory and memory process. Stimulating the production of new brain cells with the help of proper nutrition. Exercises for development of memory. Storing information using mnemonics. Studies of brain plasticity. The value of a healthy sleep.

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  • Further Experimental Investigation of Nonhypnotic Realities. The original experiment was intended to determine if external reality was apprehended differently in the somnambulistic hypnotic state than it was in the ordinary state of conscious awareness.

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  • Understanding the state of the soul, the filling of the creative power of the person. Classification of types of inspiration. Overview of voluntary and involuntary creation of creativity. Definition of the role of inspiration in the creative process.

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  • The study of communication theory and scholarship. Traditions of communication theory: semiotic, phenomenological, cybernetic, socio-psychological, sociocultural, and critical. The theme of the analysis of fantasies and the symbolic convergence theory.

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  • Losing your mind: the function of brain cells. The anatomy of the brain. The lanes less traveled: instructional strategies for episodic, procedural, automatic and emotional memory. Producing the evidence: assessment that mirrors instructional strategies.

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  • Разработка специальных комплектов LEGO для учебных целей. Развитие элементов логического мышления в процессе работы с конструктором. LEGO-технология и ее значение в коррекции развития детей с нарушениями зрения. Сенсорное развитие чувств у дошкольников.

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  • Lymphocytic chalone and immune homeostasis. Classes of stress responses. Adaptive responses that are aimed at supporting constant internal environment. The impact of stress changes on protective systems of the body. Using a model of antigen load.

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  • Индикатор типов личности Майерс-Бриггс (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI). Основные шкалы предрасположенностей. Концепция типов личности и взаимоотношений между ними, основанная на типологии Юнга и теории информационного метаболизма А. Кемпинского.

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  • The Lacanian big Other designates not merely the explicit symbolic rules regulating social interaction but also the intricate cobweb of unwritten, implicit rules. The relationship between mourning and melancholy. The successful acceptance of a loss.

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  • Study of neurological bases of psychological cognitive processes. Determination of nature of emotions and analysis of features of human perception. Language, thought, consciousness and philosophy of intellection as basic elements of psychical processes.

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  • Design and application of psychological theories and empirical data towards understanding, predicting and countering behaviors either in friendly or enemy forces or civilian population. History and intelligence testing in the United States military.

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  • Studying the individual person in their social environment as one of the criterias that can be adopted in the analysis of the practical psychological work in Bulgaria. The pension system like an instrument of social security for the elderly people.

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  • General characteristics of psychological causes and consequences of narcissistic personality disorder. Description behaviors these people. Diagnosis of these disorders personality. Features narcissist relations with others. Treatment of this disease.

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