• The design of control system compensation inactive components for powerful sounding pulses generator using fuzzy logic based decision structure and implementation using the 68HC12 microcontroller. Description software design in program Fuzzy Tech.

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  • Разработка компанией Google гарнитуры для смартфонов на базе Android. Взаимодействие Glass с пользователем через голосовые команды. Рассмотрение технических характеристик устройства. Изучение главных преимуществ и программных возможностей Google Glass.

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  • Решение проблемы формата. Преимущества цифровой передачи. Стандарты цифрового телевидения. Наследие старого телевидения. Проблема передачи сигнала. Компрессия сигнала в HDTV. Стандарт кодирования MPEG-2. Кодирование кадров и компрессия видеоданных.

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  • Research of efficiency of a ultrasonic transducer for excitation longitudinal and shear waves on base of yttrium iron garnet thin films. Study of value and the direction of an external magnetic field, geometric sizes of a films, and ultrasound frequency.

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  • Examination flow chart of the proposed construction approach. Characteristic features the integral output of the receiver, which gives a correct detection signal due to other channels, which still operate properly and an optimally set threschold.

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  • Review of modern systems of control which are intended for use in nuclear power plants including their functions and main tasks. Discussion on the application of programmable logic gates (FPGA). Experience of modernization of the digital systems on FPGA.

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  • Adaptive transmission schemes that adjust transmission parameters with respect to time-varying channels enable robust and spectrally communications. Developing the CQI by using feedback for the data transmitting. Open and closed loop spatial multiplexing.

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  • Familiarization with the scheme of passive and active transducer with mode of preset voltage. Characterization electric models of capacitive sensors at alternating current. Analysis of electrophysical parameters monitoring of nonelectric products.

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  • The antenna elements are arranged along a circle arc and an ellipse arc. The expressions for the equivalent aperture of the antenna array. The values of the amplitude to excite the antenna elements on the basis of the genetic algorithm are obtained.

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  • IP-камера как цифровая видеокамера, особенностью которой является передача видеопотока в цифровом формате по сети Ethernet, использующей протокол IP. Блок сжатия видеоизображения. Центральный процессор и встроенный web-сервер. Тревожные входы и выходы.

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  • Исследование сетевых технологий ведения разговоров и передачи данных в режиме реального времени. Рассмотрение технических параметров и характеристик IP-телефонии. Анализ протоколов и методов кодирования. Организация связи между оконечными устройствами.

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  • Принцип действия электронного генератора. Общие сведения о генераторах с внешним возбуждением. Особенности регенеративного усиления. Механизмы синхронизации и деления частоты. Исследование вольтамперной характеристики (ВАХ) полевого транзистора.

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  • The transmission line overload as the relevant problem for the distribution network of the Moscow Power System. Development of the device LOLA Institute ESP, use his logic to the microprocessor devices. Parameter calculations, the scope of LOLA.

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  • Изучение особенностей строительства сетей четвертого поколения коммерческих сетей (LTE), для предоставления скоростного мобильного Интернета. Технологическая нейтральность технологий LTE 1800 и UMTS 900. Проблема работы сетей LTE и GSM в одном диапазоне.

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  • Mathematical model of electrode processes in systems with amalgam electrodes of limited volume. The influence of the concentration values of the supporting electrolyte solution on the peak height of dissolution is researched. Characteristics of amalgam.

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  • Software technology transfer fuzzy information through a quantum communication channel with quantum teleportation. Description of membership functions of quantum information, the fuzzy variables and the tensor of the multiplication of unitary operators.

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  • Diagram of the energy spectrum and impurity states for doped PbTe-based alloys. Temperature dependence of the relative resistance for PbTe(In) films. Photoelectric instabilities in a film induced by a combined effect of illumination and slight heating.

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  • Making the Project Studio Pay for Itself. Live/On-Location Recording: A Different Animal. Loudness Levels: The Decibel (dB). Primary Factors Governing Studio and Control Room Acoustics. Microphones: Design and Application. Speaker and Room Considerations.

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  • Characteristics of different flat multi-band antennas, their purpose, features of the production, and measurement. Description of antenna parameters, their advantages and disadvantages. The results of the modal and full-wave analysis of antennas.

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  • Description wireless near field as trends in the development of applications for mobile devices. Features use of wireless communication for electronic payments, communication between the communication. Device communication and "smart" marketing posters.

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