St. Uspenska Pochaevska Laura

Pochaevska Laurels is situated in the West of Ukraine in seventy kilometers from the city of Ternopol and in twenty kilometers from the city Kremenec. It is situated on the high stony mountain towering above all vicinity more than on seventy five meters.

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St. Uspenska Pochaevska Laura

Pochaevska Laurels is situated in the West of Ukraine in seventy kilometers from the city of Ternopol and in twenty kilometers from the city Kremenec. It is situated on the high stony mountain towering above all vicinity more than on seventy five meters. At a sole of mountain from three parties the place New Pocaev is located.

The first historical data on Laurels concern to the beginning of the thirteenth century, by time of invasion of the Tatar khan Batiy for the Kiev Russ. After rout of Kiev and destruction of its relics some orthodox Enoch of Kiev caves ran on the West and have lodged in district Pochaevska Mountain. The founder on Mountain was Saint Mephodiy.

Curative Stop of the Virgin

As the national legend which has been written down in ancient books says, the Phenomenon of Divine Mother on Pochaevska Mountain was in 1920. St. the Virgin was to several monks and one layman-shepherd by name Join (Ioann). On a place, where there was a phenomenon, Tsarina Heavenly has left a print right stop. From this place has hammered in a source of curative water from which and now believing people receive heaving from various illness.

Since then it is stop became a place of a feat of many monks under an invisible fertile cover Over the Virgin.

Wonder-working image of Divine Mother

On Russ St. icon of the Mother of God had brought from Constantinople Greek metropolitan Ieofit. Traveling across Volynia, metropolitan for has stopped in manor Url for rest at pious orthodox women named Anna Goyskaya. Having asked some days, metropolitan has blessed and has left to her it for shown hospitality icon st. of the Virgin. In 1597 in Anna's manor there was a miracle - Anna's brother Philipp, has burned blind, has recovered from icon of God's Mother.

From an icon many miracles began to occur. Anna has decided to give its monks who lived on Pochaevska Mountain. The same year the icon has been transferred in Pochaev and to a monastery allotments have been presented, that the officially approved existence of a monastery.


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