• The using of Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia as a stimulant to unfold transit potential in Ukraine in multi-modal freight transport. Advantages and weaknesses of the corridor segments and also looks at the competition with alternative routes.

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  • External factors having impact on the development of logistics globalization, internationalization and integration in all spheres of social life. Necessity of studying and systematizing the factors which influence development of logistics in Ukraine.

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  • Correlation of geometrical sizes of the most widespread cyclones is analysed. Correlation of geometrical sizes of cyclone is certain with a spiral sending vehicle. Research of hydraulic resistance of cyclones is conducted with a spiral sending vehicle.

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  • The study of parametric diagnostics of gas turbine engines. Based on the thermodynamic model, the observation variables of the operating conditions and engine parameters. Calculation of levels of deviations between the actual and base engine submissions.

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  • Понятие и история разработок HMS Dreadnought как британского линкора, родоначальника нового класса этих кораблей, названных в его честь и свершивший революцию в военно-морском деле. Размерения и их соотношения. Форма корпуса и коэффициенты полноты.

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  • Civil aviation market research in China and Ukraine. Air transport in economics. General description of Beijing International Airport. Analyses on the map Kiev-Beijing (KBP-PEK). Calculation of the route charges. Legislation provision of civil flights.

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  • Study the problem of increase the reliability of auxiliary machines for electric trains during operation. The boundary values of the quality parameters of electricity supply. Influence of electric energy quality on heating of the auxiliary machines.

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  • Aviation as the design, development, production, operation and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. Manufacturers of civil transport aircraft. A draft failure for realization of hypersonic flight at speeds about six numbers of the Move.

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  • Розгляд світових тенденцій виробництва та особливостей конструкції легкових автомобілів сегмента "low cost". Обґрунтування доцільності випуску недорогого легковика. Тенденції виробництва та особливості конструкції лоукостер легковиків відомих компаній.

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  • The study of methods of improving the automated systems of railway transport. Turnouts as one of the most important and crucial components. Monitoring and management of objects of railway automatics in real time using the automated process of diagnosis.

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  • Злиття двох старих німецьких автомобільних фірм. Криза кінця 20-х рр. Робота над військовою технікою. Створення майбутньої різноманітної програми вантажівок Мерседес-бенц. Перехід на дизелі з безпосереднім уприскуванням палива. Розширення сфер впливу.

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  • Технические характеристики Mitsubishi lancer X. Описание устройства двигателя автомобиля. Характеристика газораспределительного механизма, системы подачи смазки, системы охлаждения, вентиляции картера двигателя, системы питания, сцепления, привода.

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  • The model the distribution of passenger flows with respect to their waiting times at stations of urban rail transport by the method of distribution of passengers in relation to the duration of delay, consistent with the theoretical law of erlang.

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  • The "American Practical Navigator" by Nathaniel Bowditch, the Father of American Navigation, was published in 1802 and had already gone through ten editions totaling more than 30000 copies and was destined to become known among navigators the world over.

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  • Загальні відомості про автомобіль Nissan Terrano. Підвищення ефективності гальмування. Кривошипно-шатунний механізм. Система мащення, охолодження і живлення. Перевірка опору проводу та контакту в кришці розподільника. Автоматична коробка передач.

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  • Features of the development of renewable energy sources in the production of transport biofuels, its importance for the economy of Poland and Ukraine. The main economic, environmental and political factors affecting the development of the biofuels sector.

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  • The problem of optimization of the process of vessel repair by using economic models that would provide a shipping company within a free market and full liberalization of the tramp shipping a sustainable position at the relevant local freight market.

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  • The modern problems caused by the activity of aviation industry. The tendency for transition to alternative jet fuels all over the world. Ukrainian experience in development of national policy for introduction of alternative jet fuels into civil aviation.

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  • Approaching and traffic area of New York port. Port of Singapore regulations. Pilot boarding, mooring, anchorage procedure. Arrival and departure execution. Communication by means of high frequency system. Occupational situations on bridge during watch.

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  • The problem of the maximum resources recovery of rolling stock repair depot of industrial enterprise. The factors that affect the repair depot operation. The target functions of vector optimization as the mathematical model of rational system recovery.

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