• Training at the University of Edinburgh. Completion of the first draft of the collector in the late 1960s. The most commercially successful novel "The French Lieutenant's Woman", an autobiographical novel, "Daniel Martin" and the film "The Collector".

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  • The short biography of J. Chan, his parents and wife. Begining of the career in small roles. First Hollywood film "Battle Creek Brawl" in 1980. The most famous works of actor. Stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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  • The family of James. Rule in Scotland. Marriage. Highlands and islands. Accession in Englang. Early reign in England. The cooperation between monarch and Parliament. Spanish match. King and church. Favourites. The last years of the life of the monarch.

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  • Irish novelist and poet. Psychological perceptions and innovative literary techniques. The psychological discoveries of S. Freud into fiction. Later Works, Poems James Joyce. he publication of Ulysses, the themes of which are based on Homer's Odyssey.

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  • The yen as the most traded currency in the foreign exchange market. The dependence of the stability of the yen from capital investment and the fixed value of the yen relative to the U.S. dollar. Japanese government intervention in the currency market.

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  • Jasmonic acid biosynthesis. Molecular mechanism of jasmonate action. Jasmonate biological activity. Regulation of seed germination. Influence on ageing processes. Jasmonic acid and sex determination and immunity. Involvement in adaptation processes.

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  • Базовые типы данных и литералы. Документирование кода. Методы с переменным числом параметров. Полиморфизм и расширяемость. Антишаблоны проектирования. Форматирование строк. Лексический анализ текста. Байтовые и символьные потоки ввода-вывода текста.

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  • Знакомство с таблицами, представленными классом Java. Рассмотрение особенностей сортировки и редактирования в самой таблице. Общая характеристика программных кодов. Анализ шаблона MVC, основное его назначение. Сферы использования компонента JTable.

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  • JavaScript as a prototype-based scripting language programming. JavaScript as a language for embedded software applications access to objects. Use of browsers as a scripting language to make interactive Web pages. Key architectural features JavaScript.

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  • Особенности работы с Backbone.js. Создание структуры веб-приложений с помощью моделей с биндингами по ключу и пользовательскими событиями, коллекций с богатым набором методов с перечислимыми сущностями, представлений с декларативной обработкой событий.

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  • A job can be just going to work to earn a paycheck. A career means that each of your jobs and training programs is helping you advance in pay or responsibility. The contents of a resume: job objective, education, experience, extracurricular activities.

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  • Distinguish between job order costing and process. Record materials and labor. Adjustment for under, overallocated overhead. Calculate unit costs for a service company. Weighted-average method. Journal entries to record July costs placed into production.

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  • The list of factors influencing job satisfaction. The influence of the professional dedication of staff on the employer and on society as a whole. Consideration of the dynamics of staff turnover, depending on the economic situation and unemployment.

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  • English Romantic painter. John Constable - the first landscape painter who considered that every painter should make his sketches direct from nature, that is, working in the open air. The Hay Wain, Salisbury Cathedral, The Harvest Field, other pictures.

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  • John Galsworthy – an English novelist and playwright, Nobel prize laureate in Literature "for his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in The Forsyte Saga". The study of biographies, description of the main works of the writer.

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  • Characteristics of the world's first public park underwater sculptures. Base feature Jonathan Levine Gallery in 2006. Research extinction of coral reefs. The study of the museum, as the largest water attractions of artificial works of art in the world.

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  • Characteristic of the development of a data-driven transition-based joint syntactic and morphological parser. Comparison of performance of joint models over the traditional pipeline models. Development the ways of an improvement in parsing quality.

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  • Features of judaism and the Jewish People. The Jewish Diaspora and Israel. The First Crusade. Anti-Jewish Myths: desecrating the Host and committing ritual murder. Patterns of Discrimination. "Usury". The Jewish Community. Expulsions and the Black Death.

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  • Development of new dosage forms for immunomodulatory and antitussive drugs created based on natural compounds: polyextract of ntitussive and sunflower vegetable protein. The study obtained the drug granulate in accordance with a new method of SPhU.

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