• Analyzed the belief that adult children of alcoholics abuse alcohol as the result of genetic composition. and to show instead evidence that "the chaotic nature" and the "unpredictability" in the home may be the precursors to alcohol abuse in adulthood.

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  • Expression level of immunohistochemical markers such as HepPar-1, AFP, CK7, CK20. The area of immunopositive cells in cholangiocellular liver cancer, and their differences from hepatocellular carcinoma. Histopathological, histochemical research of treph.

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  • The main characteristic of acute infectious disease of the liver caused by a virus of hepatitis A. Feature risk of symptomatic contagion. Head analysis of the signs and symptoms of jaundice. The essence of vaccination, good hygiene and sanitation.

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  • Marketing research - the function which links the consumer, customer and public to the marketer through information. Obtaining information on competitors activities, changes in attitudes, behaviour distribution channels - the task of sales manager.

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  • Maintenance of foreign trade in goods and services, international movement of capital, transfer of profits from one country to another, foreign loans and grants as the objectives of currency. The difference of international transactions on domestic.

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  • The currency market, as the largest financial mart in the world. The main characteristics of the global electronic network of banks. Basic dealer centers and time zones. Factors affecting demand and supply. Stakeholder analysis of the Forex emporium.

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  • Analysis of physical fitness criteria proposed by Mazur. Estimation of postural and motor skills of children from rural areas. Study of correlations of the characteristics of body posture in the sagittal plane with motor skills in boys and girls.

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  • Canada as the second largest country in the world after Russia. Sport and its important place in the lives of the Canadians. Economics of the country and first Canadian Flags. National park Banff and The Niagara Falls. The House Parliament of Canada.

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  • Approval of the National Coat of Arms of Canada in 1994. The peculiarity of the maple leaf as a Canadian symbol. Characteristics of the provincial and territorial tartans. The use of large print in all public documents. The main parliament building.

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  • Characteristics of sandy soils on moraine deposits. The content of nitrogen and humus in the soils of moist and fresh boron. Changes in the granulometric composition and nutrient content in sandy soils on morainic sediments in different forest conditions.

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  • Research of characteristics of nonmetallic inclusions to reduce their harmful effects on the properties of the steel. Using thermodynamic software to simulate the conditions under which switching occurs. Formation of a low melting point impurities.

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  • Theoretical background for risk arbitrage. Transaction costs theoretical background. Background of linear discriminant analysis. Assumptions of the model. Optimal classification. Speculation spreads and tender market pricing of proposed acquisitions.

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  • Analysis of the different ways that a country can achieve nationalism. Devotion to the interests or culture of a nation. Characteristics of "passive resistance" Gandhi. The relationship of the modern national patriotism with the French Revolution.

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  • Analysis of professional and personal qualities of a specialist in the legal field. Feature of the role of a lawyer in society. The study of the unethical behavior of members of this profession. Skills of a jurist, necessary for effective law practice.

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  • The main application tasks developed for the analysis of social networks. The analysis of approaches to software development. Selection of project management tools. Especially the use of the programming language and integrated extension environment.

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  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as the UK's public-service broadcaster, headquartered at Broadcasting House in London. The birth of British Broadcasting, management board, governance and corporate structure, finances, revenue and expenditure.

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  • The sun as the center of our solar system. The rotation of the planet around its axis in a counterclockwise direction, except for Venus and Uranus. Differences between the positions of the sphere relative to the old sol. Meteor as a "shooting star".

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  • The national characteristics of England. The influence of the domestic habits countrywomen o the prevalence of religious instruction. Coldness of English women ought only to be regarded as a means adopted for the preservation of their purity of mind.

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  • Platinum as a chemical element, six it naturally occurring isotopes. History of the discovery of this metal. Use as precious metal. Industrial applicability alloys containing platinum in catalytic converters, laboratory equipment, dentistry equipment.

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  • Control the computer's resources, the hardware, software as one of the operating systems main tasks. The use of a graphical user interface that eliminates the need to learn complex commands - a feature of the operating systems of the Windows family.

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