• Описание интеллектуальной системы, обеспечивающей проведение научных исследований поведения глобальных геосистем (ноосферы, биосферы, геосферы, магнитосферы, атмосферы и других) в зависимости от астрономических параметров небесных тел Солнечней системы.

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  • История познания человечеством Солнца как звезды, его обожествление в Древнем Египте. Описание понятия "Солнце" по мнению Аристотеля и И. Кеплера. Состав, температура и источник его яркого сияния, движение солнечных пятен и отличия Солнца от других звезд.

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  • Sport as an essential part for humanity in everyday life for many centuries. Individual performance - the main factors that influence on the duration of a career in football. Analysis of the transfer market value of clubs in Russian Premier League.

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  • Photometry of 2194 stars in the field of the open cluster NGC7142 in VRI filters. Photometric diagrams. Using the VRI and JHK photometry from 2MASS to improve the age and the reddening for the cluster assuming the distance 1683 pc from WEBDA database.

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  • Encoding information; internationalization and national specificity. The nomination process. General Business English vocabulary and terminology. Business vocabulary as a dynamic system. Phraseological units, metaphors, special terms, and synonyms.

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  • A similar critical table for temperate latitudes. The difference in the corrections amounts at the lower end of the scale. Critical tables of atmospheric refraction at low altitudes for temperate and polar latitudes. The vertical diameter of the sun.

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  • Consideration calendar holidays in the Britain: new year, pancake day, Mothering Sunday, ester, april fools’ day, happy hampstead, halloween, thanksgiving day, christmas celebrations. Characteristic features of customs, weddings, births and christenings.

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  • Review of proposals to address the problems of missile navigation accuracy rate on long flights. The Lunar parallax method of measuring the direction of movement , using the orientation on the position of the moon and the stars relative to the Earth.

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  • Air navigator as supplied an instrument that permitted star observations at the night. Using the ordinary marine sextant at night with success. The accurate measurements of night-vision back-lighting intensities. Factors affecting observations, results.

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  • Suggested changes of a line of position can be computed speedily by the Dreisonstok method which can be used without interpolation, and which, after the simple routine is once learned, involves only two rules which are very easy to remember and to apply.

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  • Investigation of the physical properties of different types of binary stars and their evolution. Using the effect of selection for modern binary distributions for various parameters catalogs. Distribution of binary star systems in a number of components.

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  • The project of a program package to explore fractal properties of isolated points (galaxies) distribution is presented. The package includes tools to load catalogues of galaxies as well as to simulate fractal and uniform distributions of points.

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  • The Pierre Auger Observatory is the largest observatory of high-energy cosmic rays. Are being tested the energy spectrum, mass composition and arrival directions of cosmic rays. New detection techniques, radio and microwave measurement presented here.

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  • The study of M-dwarfs as one of the foremost challenges of the modern astrophysics. CM Draconis as an eclipsing and doublelined spectroscopic binary system with period, its synthetic spectra. The radial velocity curve. Function for sets of parameters.

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  • The inability to identify carriers of the diffuse interstellar bands as one of the biggest problems in astronomy and astrochemistry. Spectroscopic families of diffuse interstellar bands. Differences in chemical composition of the hot and cold stars.

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  • Споры вокруг дальнейших путей развития стратегической технической разведки. Прототип для стратегического разведчика SR-71. Первый учебно-тренировочный SR-956. Разведчики в боевом строю. Требования к летчикам SR-71. Подготовка к полетам на "Черной птице".

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  • История создания стратегического разведчика SR-71A "BlackBird", его тактико-технические данные, испытания учебно-тренировочной модификации SR-71В. Боевые полеты SR-71A "BlackBird" в Индокитае и на Ближнем Востоке, причины его снятия с эксплуатации.

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  • Historical background to the first travel into space. The rationale for the interest of scientists to the origin of such phenomena as the asteroid belt, comet dust and weightlessness. Study of the technical aspects of the work of missiles and orbits.

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  • The temperature radial profiles of intracluster gas, and the radial profiles of density and mass for dark matter and intracluster gas for the five galaxy clusters. The Navarro-Frenk-White density profile of the underlying dark matter distribution.

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  • The results of CCD photometric study of the intermediate polar FO Aqr based on observations obtained at the Baja Astronomical Observatory and at the Vihorlat Astronomical Observatory. Variability of the spin period of the white dwarf in FO Aqr.

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