Vasil Sternberg

The studying biography Vasily Sternberg famous artist. The history of friendship with Taras Shevchenko. Russian painter, genre painter and master of landscape. Invitation of patron Tarnovskys. The author of Little Russian and Italian landscape scenes.

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Vasil Sternberg

Рerformed: Nazarenko Ekaterina

Vasil Sternberg (February 12, 1818 St. Petersburg - September 8, 1845, Rome) Vasily Ivanovich Sternberg famous artist.

Born in St. Petersburg. In 1835-38 he studied at Peterburhskoy am in M.Vorobev professor. Every year in summer 1836-38 first forum in Ukraine.

Although born and brought up line in St. Petersburg at the time of his travels Hudozhestvenny'h fascinated by the beauty of Ukraine.

1838 meet with Taras Shevchenko, was one of the closest friends of ego. In St. Petersburg, Sternberg, with Shevchenko lived in the same apartment, drew a few pictures of the poet. Zrobyvl frontispiece to the first edition is "The Poet" - etching "Poet of povodirem" (1840).

Sternberg, as mentioned above, born and raised in St. Petersburg. Here were cousins ego, Semia officer Alexander Schmidt. They acquainted Sternberg his friend Taras, as well as musical Germans have a second family - Inspector university students Peterburhskoho Alexander von Fytstum Ekshtedta and artist Karl Joachim. Shevchenko Each End Time spent in family Week: Saturday afternoon and Sunday was Joachim Fytstum and Schmidt. Shevchenko, who long for lives. Now, to better get acquainted with family life cultural family want to learn the way of life, gets to culture. "I always - wrote Shevchenko - As such, they are clean and Dobree." Or, "We are born in Beethoven and Mozart Sonata in known Boehm, and while the night returned households."

Shevchenko spent Sternberg poem "Ivan Horseshoe" and before the departure of the ego Arciau presented "poet" in Kotor wrote the poem "In nezabud Sternberg" (1840). sternberg shevchenko painter landscape

At first forum 1836 -1838 years at the invitation of patron Tarnovskoho Gregory and Basil ego MEANS Sternberg and lived in Kachanovke in Homestead Tarnowski. These three years at work. For the sake PICTURES Kachanovskoho loop Academy of Arts presented the award V.Shternberha K gold medals 1 st and 2nd degree. This is due to the emu right accounts. Academy of Art in Italy. As the group says success - great merit Kachanovky. Arts Academy in 1837, his father H. Tarnovskoho to ego "By grace Sternberg." Ego photos especially "Are in tree" (in season, great praise from artists and art lovers.

In 1839-40 Basil Sternberg expedition in B. Perovsky in Orenburg Krae. As soon in Italy. Among Sternberg - "The Shepherd" (1836-38), "Crossing the Dnieper near Kyiv pod" (1837), "Manor GS Tarnovskys in Kachanovke" (1837), "Malorossyyskyy tavern" (1837), "A view of the hem in Kiev "(1837)," In Ukraine "(1838) and others.

Powered Sternberg be in Kiev Ukrainian Museum of Art, Museum of Taras Shevchenko in Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg museums.

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