Moral as a connecting link between university idea and its institutional form

Analysis of moral role in modern Ukrainian university idea formation. Role of person moral consciousness level forming is showed, especially of level of legal consciousness and culture in new academic culture establishment, element of which is honesty.

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Kharkiv State Pedagogical University named after G.S. Skovoroda


O.V. Brusakova, competitor of philosophy department


This article is devoted to analysis of moral role in modern Ukrainian university idea formation. It is proved that moral is definite link which connects University idea itself and its institution form. Specialties of national education reforming are analyzed as well as in part of content and organization as on legislative level what explains those difficulties which characterize modern Ukrainian educational space. The role of person moral consciousness level forming is showed; especially the role of level of legal consciousness and culture in new academic culture establishment, element of which is academic honesty,

Key words: moral, University idea, form of institution, educational space, academic culture, academic honesty.

Main text

honesty moral university academic

University idea bases on counter factuality of post conventional moral with freedom recognition and serving to science and humanity as the highest values. University idea and corresponding empirical institution don't match and even can conflict each other (K. Jaspers) It can be watched on an example of university autonomy principle realization and scientific investigation freedom demand where real and desired in theirs communicative opposition create conflict situations. Corruption phenomenon in education and academic honesty demand are also such opposition poles. University idea moral component activation is a factor which influence on humanization and recovery of moral climate of institution. But this doesn't happen directly and happens through scientist's and teacher's person. Their outlook, life and civic position form moral atmosphere of university as institution. I'll note that among fundamental principles of university life important place was always occupied and still occupies problem of freedom. European university idea which cultivates academic freedom which bases on respect to human being sense of self, pluralism of ideas, outlooks, religions etc. appears on Ukrainian territory more than two centuries ago ( as an example - Kharkiv university at the beginning of XIX century).

University idea transforms freedom problem into pedagogically-practical and political. Governments and universities must provide respect to this fundamental demand. University must stay faithful to European tradition of humanism. Its main and permanent care lays in universal knowledge reaching, its calling implementation, in spite of political and geographical limits and claim life demand for different cultures in knowledge. University is always a mirror of society because is doomed to reflex positives and negatives of all sections of its life, moral height and failure, at the same time it is its mirror because always was and must be conductor in the sphere of ideas and search of better alternatives [see 1, p. 16-17].

University idea receives its realization in its institutionalization (K. Jaspers). “We love university, - K. Jaspers writes, - as long as it as an institution realizes idea...This idea cannot be felt by touch, seen by eyes, heard by ears. It smolders in ash of institution and time from time blazes clearer in separate people or groups of people. In order to live by it is not necessary to belong to state institution. But idea needs institutionalization. [2, p. 162].

Connecting link between university idea and its institution form is moral. That's why moral components theoretical analysis of university idea itself and of its institutions is principally important. `On the level of theoretical reflection, - M. Kultaeva writes, - university idea moral complex includes freedom idea, truth as the highest good and faithful serving to science and people as the highest values, and also to society, its humanization. This moral-humanistic complex is constant, kind of hard core of university idea [3, p. 46]. So moral constant preservation is definitely a condition of modern university modernization and transformation. Wolf Lepenies also pays his attention to it comparing German and American university [see more detail 4, p. 223-233].

This moment has principal meaning in goal-oriented construction of new educational reality and adaptation of modern society education system to new socially cultural realities. Analyzing condition and perspectives of Ukrainian universities, M. Kultaeva writes: `Ukrainian university activity doesn't dominate on its idea so far, bending to change of freedom, intellectual independence, highest moral values by everyday needs. It conceals danger of high school transformation into conveyor satisfaction of this demand what covers by slogans of personally-oriented education. As a result of this university loses ability to realize its moral and social mission what influences on quality characteristics of Ukrainian society” [3, p. 55]. Without respect to moral values and law, recognition of freedom and wide autonomy of universities, search of intellectual resources and potential etc. full construction of educational space of Ukraine relevant to European is not possible.

In connection with this should underline principal need to follow fundamental values in education. They lay in: creative freedom of teaching and researching, scientific etic, reach philosophical culture, heartfelt and clear thought, civil honesty, tolerance of other thinking, cultural difference and different religions. Ideas which founders of University discourse articulated and their follows developed today laid into basis of all strategic international documents which outline ideology of modern University. First of all it is Magna Charta Universitatum and Lima Declaration of academic freedom and university autonomy [1, p. 16]. But university must always be ready for adaptation to new calls of modern globalized world. According to Ukrainian scientist O.I. Navrotskyi, high school from the moment of its appearance is experimental field on which not only new knowledge and technologies are generated and examined but also social roles, between personal relations, problem of innovation legitimization permanently reflex [5, p. 13].

For Ukraine university autonomy wideness is extremely actual because it has joined Bologna Convention which decelerates university self-government and academic freedoms as a key factor of high education development. It is important that is main way by which high education in Europe is moving and predominantly in the world.

It is necessary to mark that definite elements of university autonomy could be found in high education legislation before new “Law of Higher Education” (2014). Unfortunately in our country provision of law and its performance often are too far one from another, this indicates - our universities don't really have basic elements of autonomy. Universities are still further lower elements of hard regulated, hierarchical and centralized system in which responsibility for final result concentrated between many state institutions ( as a result of this nobody has responsibility for education quality). Though the main goal of new Law - increasing of “academic, financial and organizational autonomy” of Ukrainian high educational establishments [6]. But success of just decelerated reforms provides cooperation inside all education association. Joining to Bologna system and “Law of Higher Education” (2014) give backgrounds to creation of new model of university, society and state relations where university goes out of frameworks of vertical hierarchy and transfer to institution which independently defines its tasks and carries responsibility for results of its activity to society in the face of its own academic and student association.

One of the most important of person life periods is studying in higher educational establishment. Just at this time young person gets not only knowledge but learns different behavior models while communicating in students' medium, revise his worldviews under teachers influence. As we know developed person must demonstrate high cultural models in everyday life, including legal culture. So while studying student demonstrates his understanding of definite rules and regulations, learns to follow or, unfortunately, to break them. In this context academic honesty problem becomes extremely actual because following definite principles during studying is pledge of many processes important for society: forming intellectual elite, science and production development, country competitiveness increasing in the world and as a result - society progress. It is also necessary to mark that introduction of academic honesty postulates to studying process has powerful educational impact on young people sense of justice, on corresponding legal culture forming [7].

New academic culture forming problem, important element of which is academic honesty, is extremely important in period of radical reforming of educational sphere. In Ukraine now reforming processes of this sphere are taking place as well as in part of moral component as on its legal regulation level. Principally new legal base directed to, first of all, education quality level increasing, providing absolute transparency and objectivity. This goal reaching is possible only under condition of those demands following performance of which promotes academic honesty manifestation. But it is difficult enough to define clearly criteria and levels of its forming. It depends fully on person's moral consciousness forming level.

Important role in person's moral consciousness forming, high level of which must influence on academic culture requests following, play legal education. Legal education process takes place on all periods of person socialization but influence of family, educational establishments, labor collectives has very important meaning for person's outlook forming.

Many definitions of “academic culture” phenomenon exist. Generalizing them we can state that academic honesty is following definite morally-legal regulations which form definite codex of rules and principals inside educational establishments and outside them in educational process by students as well as by teachers. Relations which appear between students and teachers, inside teaching staff and students' collectives and any other public relations which appear in educational sphere are regulated by this codex.

Academic honesty regulations following orients student on quality study, adequate self-assessment as for level of acquired knowledge and on his transformation from object of study into subject of study. It is important for young person to understand that his future depends on acquired knowledge quality: range of possibilities to get job, careers, social status etc. Unfortunately as for existing in Ukraine practice now, - receiving document about education for document and not for real knowledge, - it is a shame phenomenon which must be fully destroyed.


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О. В. Брусакова

Статтю присвячено аналізу ролі моралі у формуванні ідеї сучасного українського університету. Доведено, що мораль є певною ланкою, яка поєднує саму ідею університету із його інституційною формою. Проаналізовано особливості реформування вітчизняної освіти як у частинах змістовній, організаційній, так і на законодавчому рівні, що пояснює складності якими характеризується сучасний український освітній простір. Показано роль ступеня сформованості моральної свідомості особистості, зокрема рівня правової свідомості та культури у становленні нової академічної культури, складовою якої є академічна чесність.

Ключові слова: мораль, ідея Університету, інституційна форма, освітній простір, академічна культура, академічна чесність.



О. В. Брусакова

Статья посвящена анализу роли морали в формировании идеи современного украинского университета. Доказано, что мораль есть определенное звено, которое связывает саму идею университета и его институциональную форму. Проанализированы особенности реформирования отечественного образования в частях как содержательной, организационной, так и на законодательном уровне, что объясняет сложности которыми характеризуется современное украинское образовательное пространство. Показана роль степени сформированности морального сознания личности, в частности уровня правового сознания и культуры в становлении новой академической культуры, составляющей которой является академическая честность.

Ключевые слова: мораль, идея Университета, форма институализации, образовательное пространство, академическая культура, академическая честность.

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