Perspectives of the collaboration with the victim, as a competition with a practice of an ancient investigation, based on dog handlers

The criminalistics otorhinology from the philosophic, literal theory to the successful practice. Modern criminalistics - the most unique sciences in the spectrum of knowledge in the sphere of the doctrine of crime. Criminalistics traditions of the XIX ct.

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Kupriianova L.S.,

PhD in Medicine

Modern criminalistics - is one of the most unique sciences in the whole spectrum of knowledge in the sphere of the doctrine of crime, which holds in itself a well-known paradox of the XXI century. On the one hand, this specific science is incredibly connected with a wide range of criminalistics' traditions of the XIX century and, even with those times of the science's development, which are mostly known now as pre-historic [2]. Here we can say about crime's theory of the Hippocrates or methods of the ligature of Ambroise Pam [5].

From an other side, this branch of the science about crimes keeps up with times, even by being faster from time to time, what attracts a high level of attention of presenters from other spheres of knowledge in the world. But, in each case, our time would never stop, and for now, more and more often, we could come to a logic conclusion, that all branches of our science could never stop even for a minute, because of the fact, that the success of yesterday, would not be a success of tomorrow. In such conditions, exists actually a practice of criminalistics nowadays. Crimes, since ancient times, were a specific engine of the progress for law enforcement agencies, as well as for the whole process of the development of new skills in the sphere of crime detection [3]. However, the first one is always stays forehead relatively to the second one, and till today, unfortunately, we could not still win this race of experience and keep the win for the constitutional state.

According to a such point of view, we have been talking about earlier, as the most perspective, for nowadays times, we could emphasize all actions dedicated to the development of new methods as well as new practical skills in the sphere of crime detection.

As a science, which accumulate on itself the whole spectrum of the most important tasks, connected with this great ambition, is, without doubts, criminalistics, as well as all its doctrinal and practical directions. In our article, we would like to present an acute topic of the otorhinology, as one of the most controversial, and on the most perspective at the same time, scientific direction in the sphere of detection of crimes and criminalistics development in general.

Otorhinology - is, in general description, a science dedicated to the smells exploration, as well as influences of the smell treatise for the process of the crime detection “in hot pursuit” [4]. Such a long time ago, we should notice, otorhinology created a background for the development of professional practice of dogs handlers in police. And this is obvious for us for now, because of the fact, that, if we speak about detection of crimes, by using smells and special skills connecting with sniff, we could think only about dogs, especially, if we speak about police practice. Of course, we should also emphasize, that the practice of the “Modern West” leads to the direction, dedicated to start using for this crimes' detection not only dogs, but all types of fauna presenters. And there are a great number of rationales in honor of these ambitions. As on of the most logic we should remember, that, actually, every presenter of fauna has an incredibly perfect sniff, so, according to this fact, the number of alternatives for the practice of dog handlers is really great. But, speak ing about such perspectives, we should not definitely forget about one easy postulate, which tells, that the process of the animal understanding at the time of crime detection, first of all, it is an incredible time of practice in the sphere of understanding the animal's behavior; as well as great number of theoretic skills development connected with future using of these skills in practice. But, regardless on all our endeavors, that should make our practice of crimes' detection with animals help, more successful; we still comes to the one and only doubt: how could we treatise the behavior of animals during the process of the crime' detection procedure in such way, to eliminate all possible misunderstandings and leads to only one conclusion, and, finally, to be in 100% confident, that we understood everything, what was detected by this animal correctly, and now we hold in our hand a real criminal? But, it is not possible till today, and this unfortunate postulate could be confirmed by great number of professional dog handlers, who had been working in the police, in the Department of the Crime' Detection, for a really long time. Their great and unbelievable experience in this sphere could be only one more confirmation for the fact, that despite on our animal origins, there is an enormous intellectual and understanding precipice between us, and the whole animal world from another side.

According to everything, we have been talking about in our last thought, there is only on question: could we really speak about providing new otorhinological experiences with new presenters of fauna now, when we have not even good enough skills to treatise correctly everything, what says to us our well-known friend, the Dog?! And also, according to these great doubts in our abilities, we have one more question: if we have not enough competences to treatise in right way everything, what tell us dogs; according to this fact, we could not develop a otorhinology, easy because of the understanding, that we could not create a right way of our development. So, finally, could we really speak about development of this sphere at all? We do not want to be pessimistic, but, we could not develop something, what we could not even understand. But, at the same time, as a greatly correct postulate, we should emphasize the fact, that to lose such a perspective direction in the sphere of crime' detection, as otorhi- nology definitely is, would be an unforgiving fault as well. So, what shall we do in this complicated situation?

Honestly, by providing a great number of research, connected with the sphere of ortohinological practice in the crime' detection, we came to the conclusion, that a great perspective of the development of the successful otorhinology, as well as the whole criminalistics' practice in general, is accumulated truly on the surface, namely, in everybody among of us!

Yes, and this is definitely unbelievable but true, that in the practice of the crime detection could be involved each of us, namely, each victim, of course.

Just a couple of years ago, however, such theory could be treatise as an incredible scientific madness, without no doubts. But for now, it could be even realistic and logical enough, if we only could present a couple of such logical and realistic postulates, which will help us to confirm its truth.

The whole world remember definitely a great time, on the beginning if the XXI century, when a well-known book of Patrick Suskind was presented on the literature market almost in every country on our planet! It was the book, under the titled “Perfume. The story of one murderer”. As you can imagine, it was a story of one murderer, who was “never seen” by anybody; all his crimes were appalled by its unique, and what is more, but what creates a great number of controversial feelings at the time of understanding; that the story of this murder definitely exited all people around the world! But, the correct fact could be one more thing, namely, that 96% of readers, after closing this book, would not even think about an incredible number of real postulates, that were disclosed in the novel by this great author. These postulates were hidden, but there were exactly frightfully true and important for us today! We could even imagine the fact, that this bestseller on the literal market, could sometime help the whole police practice to detect an exiting number of crimes in future! He wrote a history of the one successful murder, and, consequently, as we have been talking about earlier, the whole progress of the crime detection is evaluated on the progress of criminals, so, the personality of the Suskind's murderer became a new breath of the otorhinology development as well. Moreover, he created a new way of development an unexpected experiences and skills in the sphere of criminalistics generally!

We should probably for now remember a couple of main postulates of the “smell's manipulation”, that were disclosed by author in his great novel, in honor to show our practical propositions of the research in more successful way.

As we speak about smell in the Suskind's point of view [1], we should repeat one more time, but not in such a banal way, as we could do it all the time, that the smell of each person on the Earth is incredibly unique!

Smell - is it a feature of our body, which is impossible for repeating nowhere and on the body of no person in the whole world generally. Our smell is unique in such way, and maybe even more, than our fingerprints, though. Suskind, in his novel, also disclose such an important number of factors, which have their influence on the characteristics of our smell, here he says namely about the whole pallet of psychical emotions: as happiness, sadness, fright, as well as influence of such personal indicators as the age, weight, health are. And everything, what was named earlier is incredibly important, if we only begin to provide a research in the sphere of characteristic points of smell duration, hue and astringency of the smell for the very end.

Author sees all crimes from the side of the victim's psychology. His novel's hero want to create an ideal smell of the perfume, the best perfume in the world, what could be done thank to his acute sniff and strictly understanding of relations between emotions and pallet of difference of bodies' smells of his victims. Because of this fact, from his murders he eliminated everything, what could to the situation, when his victims could feel afraid before their direct death. Because of this fact, he committed all his crimes “from the victims' back”, just to make their keep a perfect aroma on their body unspoiled. And everything, we have been disclosing till now, could be treatise as a fantasy, until the time, when the author will lead to one very important conclusion, namely, to the direct understanding, that all his perfumes, that he created from body fatties of his victims, were not directly recognizable for our intellectual smell, but it was a direct great influence for psychics in unbelievable way! And this was a main reason, why, after killing a couple of young girls and “keep their smell” for his own body, the murder was directly adored by parents of these girls; he kept their smells, smells of their children! He was a great manipulator, though!

In this article we made this literal review because of the fact, that it was a practically very valuable confirmation of the actuality and modernity of our research in the sphere of otorhinology and criminalistics for crime detection in general.

The human body smell is an unique indicator of our personality, which could be repeated but nobody else, and, what is more, when it is impossible to fell by our “intellectual sniff”, it could be perfectly recognized in 100% cases by our “smell of mentality”! And, actually, because of these facts, despite of the special features of our correspondent as tone of the voice, appearance, clothes, movements etc; we could, from time to time, create his or her psychological portrait in our mind much more earlier, that we will pay our attention on these features! And this is just because of their individual body smell! Our “mental smell” (maybe, the most valuable and greatest feature of us, which we had taken from our animal origins), without problems, in couple of minutes, creates a definite portrait of person in front of us, and, what could be more important and valuable for our research, this smell creates a define emotional link of psychical associations between this smell and our mental treatise of this person.

Due to following all previous postulates and arguments, we lean to the conclusion, that the commitment the crime, when the procedure of indication of criminal becomes such the most important part of finding out “the right person, who hurts us”, the victim, form his side has absolutely no time to define his personal feelings and strong link of psychological association, which we have been talking about above. And, moreover, according to the fact, that such institution, as mediation in the process of execution is, in our country still stays on the right of doctrine, victims see the person, who hurts them only once in life, at the time of the crime commitment id est; then, it is gonna be a long procedure of the judiciary (an actor play between two professional attorneys, actually), and in such way this history will reach to the end. If!!! The most important thing, if we would not think, of course, about a high level of possibility, that in front of the judge will stay a wrong person and, consequently, the wrong person, who had not commit this crime absolutely, will jailed, too! And in such way directly our justice system creates a practice of innocent's penalty, unfortunately!

Absolutely other thing will be created definitely, if would try to use something, what we have got from our natural origins and, consequently, if we will use this knowledge in the everyday practice of criminalistics. We will reach brilliant results without any doubts!

Namely, at the moment of becoming a victim of the crime, this person, by all of his or her sense organs, feel “the smell of criminal” in a very acute rate! And then, consequently, (it would sounds banally, but it is true), victim remember this “smell of criminal” clearly enough to recognize, whose this smell was! According to this fact, as absolutely logical will be created a conclusion, which will tell, that the victim has a clear psychological portrait in his own mind, the portrait of the criminal, but he or her easily has no knowledge in the sphere, how this portrait should be recognizing in right way. So, according to this postulate, we lean to the idea, that the most actual and acute task for criminalistics and the otorhinology mostly, is to create new practical skills and theories, dedicated to help victims with their mental memory, what will help to install in future lots of such “mental smell portraits”. If the victim, at the moment of the criminal's indication in the Police Office, will have enough knowledge to wake these abilities in right time, this person will definitely understand, that in 100% of cases, this victim without no complications could recognize a person, who hurts them, even better, than it could be done by police dogs! According to this “mental smell portrait”, how fantastically it could be sounds, but victim could right recognize a right criminal among hundreds of innocents, just because of this individual smell, which will be reincarnated in a right time in the mind of his- or herself!

Practically, for our research will be important one more fact, namely the understanding, that, oppositely to the well-known novel, we have not to create an incredibly complicated theories dedicated to finding out, how to compile a perfect smell from the victims' body, how not to spoil the perfume etc. For us nowadays, there is a great value, accumulated around of development the practical skills connected with making ourselves hear our animal origins and use and experience, which we got from nature! And, maybe, after that all of us will understand, that this task only compile the whole success of the future development of brilliant of otorhinology of the newest generation!

Leaning to the conclusion, we should say, that, according to the constant development, progress and movement of our modern world, practical skills of all presenters of the justice, their professional knowledge become more and more important and more successful as well. But, despite of this fact, we still have a great precipice between justice and crimes' detection in right way. So, maybe it is already a right time to think about the fact, if we should not no more try to develop new techniques of providing the criminals' indication by animals? Maybe we should now concentrate on the process of creating absolutely new theory, dedicated to possibility of being in 100% of cases confident, that the person, who was jailed, was a real criminal?

The whole branch of perspectives' development in the sphere of the modern criminalistics - it is only a wide variety of otorhinology directions and implementing them into everyday practice of crime detection, but in the modern, more successful way, though. When we will reach a final goal, which was postulated in our article, the whole history of crimes' detection will be changed forever! Moreover, after that, justice will stay in stay in 100 steps in front of criminal progress undoubtedly!

criminalistics otorhinology doctrine crime


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