Unbalanced diets and their consequences

The necessary substances from food. Types of unbalanced diets: mono diet, emphasis of nutritional value, immunosuppression. The consideration the minimum standard values required amount of calories. The risk of stroke and also loss of muscle mass.

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Unbalanced diets and their consequences

To unbalanced diets includes those diets which do not provide the necessary substances from food, or enough calories and do not include in the diet all the vital food groups. Unbalanced diets are dangerous if they are used for more than one month (extremely hard - more than a few days). Such diets are usually involving the exception of essential products, severe calorie restriction, etc.

Types of unbalanced diets: First is the undoubted leader of unbalanced diets - mono diet, a diet that is allowing eating only one product (or product group). Buckwheat, kefir, rice, grapefruit, etc. - all this products are poor. The imbalance of these diets is related to the lack of basic foods in the diet, vitally important nutrients and calories. The second is diets with a displaced emphasis of nutritional value - this type of unbalanced diet consider many popular diets that do not meet the regulatory balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate (Atkins diet, diet Duke Montignac diet). And the third one is different variants of vegetarianism - To unbalanced diets should include veganism (only allowed vegetable food), fruitarianism (only fruits) and a raw food diet. These systems are also poor power supply substances needed by the body and calories. Besides raw foods digested worse than products that have passed heat treatment.

Many unbalanced diets do not take into consideration the minimum standard values required amount of calories. Excessively low-calorie diets can cause muscular dystrophy, vitamin deficiencies, deterioration of health, and so on.

The consequence of unbalanced diet with an imbalance of consumption of macronutrients leads to negative changes in the digestive tract (constipation, diarrhea, flatulence) and disrupt metabolism. Normally, the ratio provides 15-20% protein, 30% fat, 50-60% carbohydrate. In unbalanced diets, these figures are shifted it becomes carbohydrate-free, low-fat, low-protein diet, which is abnormal.

Immunosuppression is also one of the types of unbalanced diets where the organism through long period does not receive the necessary nutrients to it, whereby it becomes too weak to maintain the ability to resist the constant assault of viruses and bacteria.

To get the full range of vitamins, minerals, minor and biologically active substances can be only in the case of a varied diet. The restrictions imposed on the basic food groups (meat, fish, dairy, grains, vegetables - fruits), will inevitably affect the receipt in an organism of micronutrients. It entails the risk of hypovitaminosis deterioration of the skin, hair, nails, and in the most severe cases - serious problems with the activity of major body systems (hormonal, nervous, cardiovascular, etc.). Deficiency of any vitamin or mineral will be shown in own way, for example in deficit of vitamin A your skin becomes dry and poor lacrimation; deficit of Fe anemia, weakening of the protective function of the body - the immune system, decreased concentration; from deficit of vitamin C will occur bleeding gums, arthralgia, slow wound healing; and so on.

Excessive consumption of sugar, various sweets (jam, candy, and confectionery) may be one of the factors contributing to the development of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. Concentrated solutions of refined sugars are rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, dramatically increase the level of sugar in the blood and stimulate the body's fat.

Depression and neurosis: The consequences of unbalanced diets can also be expressed in violation of the ability to think maturely, concentrate and act. Those diets can strongly affect mood, promote nervous system diseases, appearance neurosis and neurasthenia, and depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability, this occurs more often from `starvation' diets.

The risk of stroke: The danger of vegetarian diets is that the type of food restrictions can increase the risk of stroke. A vegetarian diet will keep as long as you are eating products which contain enough soy and sodium; these components cause an increase in blood pressure.

Loss of muscle mass: If the diet is very strict and unbalanced, then in process of following that diet, you will lose water, nutrients, and muscle tissue. Too many restrictions in the diet turning on our body into the saving energy mode. Because of this, instead of losing weight, body begins to form fatty deposits. After returning to normal diet, all nutrients will be spent on the restoration of muscle mass. In this case cells will remain in the form of the consequences of too strict diet.

The best representative of ethical and cultural factor are vegetarians, they are not eating meat, sometimes even fish and chicken is includes in theirs' restrictions. «The main reason that people choose to be vegetarian is a conscientious objection to killing animals. Other reasons are welfare concerns for animals raised in intensive animal industries, the belief that abstinence from meat will result in greater food availability for the world's poor and religious or health reasons.» In some cases, they do not eat meat because they were tamed in this way.

The economic factor is very closely interacts with unbalanced diets, because balanced and healthy diet is more expensive than unbalanced in some regions, food such as fast food, for microwave cooking, and so on. Comparing the price per calorie, from precious study, the high-calrie pastries and ready meals seems that their price is much smaller than plant food. Comparing portion size and weight, the grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy products are less epensive than most types of meats or any kind of foods with saturated fat, sugar and salt. For example, after eating glazed donut with 240 calories a feeling of fulliness will be much lower than after 1,5 banana with 105 calories. The cost of healthy food is pressing question in United States, where dramatically exacerbated the problem of obesity population. Currently obesity in America is more than a third of all Americans, it is expected that by 2030 this figure will rise to 42%. (Associated Press).

The unbalanced diet effects society, when person, who is using type of unbalanced and very severe diet for weight loss, he becomes nervous, his speed of thinking is decreasing because of hunger, and in social places such as parks or malls he will act inadequately, and people around him will get negative energy. Or most of people, even when their look and weight is great, because of various advertisements or television programs wants to be more «beautiful», even they getting theirs' weight minimum, they continues to lose weight, eventually they become ill. The self-restriction in the food which brought to the self-torture - obviously, it is very painful, and from the vision of other people it looks pathetic.

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