Unbalanced diet and its consequences

Consideration of the importance of proper nutrition in human life. Policies of the UN and the governments of some countries to combat malnutrition. Through a balanced diet. Overview of diseases associated with malnutrition. Tips for proper eating.

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Unbalanced diet and its consequences

By Darya Zhexembayeva

There exists the saying in the world "you are what you eat". However, nowadays people often don't pay attention to what are they eating. Meanwhile, unbalanced diet and its consequences become a cause for many different diseases. That's why the issue of nutrition is being one of the major problems and discussions of scientists. Malnutrition threatens the UN's progress in achieving their goals, while they need to plan agricultural processes more carefully, so everyone could have enough products to stay healthy. And if the products do not contain needed amount of vitamins and minerals, the government of every country has to solve this problem, for example by adding more calcium to milk. Also, due to the increase of cases of malnutrition, government need to invest more money to treat people, which has a great impact on economics of the whole world.

This is due to the fact, that even now we can feel the lack of certain products. About 60% of humanity, especially in undeveloped countries like South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, people have malnutrition as a result of poor amount of proteins. These days, the problem of nutrition is amongst many global questions. Malnutrition threatens the UN's progress in achieving goals

In other parts of the world, where life is developing quickly, issue of nutrition has opposite side of the problem. There appears an overeating due to the stresses, ecology factors, genes and lifestyle. Increased production of variety of products gives a situation, where only small amount of people could control themselves from buying tasty, but harmful foods.

To keep yourself healthy, people need to think more about what they ingest and eat only right products. Balanced diet includes 7 components: proteins, fibres, fats, minerals, vitamins, water and carbohydrates, but each one of them should be taken in equal amounts. Very few products can completely meet organism's needs. For example meat even thought it contains all needed amino acids, has a few minerals and vitamins. So that the bread contains a lot of carbohydrates, but no other useful parts of food. That's why it is necessary to include in the diet proteins, animal and plant fats, vegetables, full of vitamins and minerals. In the plant foods there is a lot of fibres, forcing stomach and intestines walls to contract.

The amount of chemicals that the body of an adult man consumes per day should be equal to the amount of chemicals, that should everyday be given to the organism. However, during the process of metabolism, one chemical could be transferred to another. Majority of them could also be synthesized in the organism, but others couldn't be synthesized and should obligatorily come with food. From the food, organism should gain energy for the vital activity as well as all needed nutrients. We use energy for maintaining metabolism and for physical activities, but everyone needs different amount of it, depending on lifestyle and age. If the foodstuffs are poor on carbohydrates, the deficit of energy replenishes with help of protein reduction. However, if the protein is not enough as well, organism will start to seek for new sources of amino acids, and might use internal organs instead.

But as we know, reduce of the protein consumption is typical for many diets aimed for the weight loss. That's why the lack of even one part of food might be very harmful and even dangerous for the health.

Nowadays, unbalanced diet leads to nearly 80 diseases. Every third person on the earth is suffering from different malaise, caused by the errors in the nutrition, and amongst dead people, substantial part becomes a victim of malignancies and cardio vascular diseases, partly caused by unbalanced diets. Severe fatigue, prostration, depression, uncontrolled anger, oily or dry skin accompanied by pimples, bad memory and loss of sight are only a small part of all the consequences of unbalanced diet. Often, bad nutrition starts with very young age, and weakened immunity shows up, so the child, who doesn't get proper food, might have problems with health, physical, intellectual and emotional development. More and more humans, whose diets are unbalanced, face the issues of obesity, problems, associated with stomach, abnormal liver functions, high cholesterol level, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia and many other diseases, that lead to death without needed treatment. High cholesterol level in blood results in a blockage of blood vessels, pressurization, tachycardia, while the lack of calcium causes diseases of the joints and bones, osteoporosis and the violation of the entire body functions.

Even if it seems that keeping balanced diet is difficult and not possible in modern lifestyle, there is a decision and few advices that will help people stay healthy. First of all, it is necessary to include in the diet products, containing grains, eat fish at least 2-3 times per week, drink milk with high concentration of calcium and take a lot of water. Also, it is very important not to eat one time per day in big amounts, but divide the daily ration into 4-5 small portions, so the hunger will never come to you.

Looking back at everything said, we can say that nutrition is a vital human's need, it gives people energy, good mood, force and if competently eaten- health, and 70% of people's health depends on the quality of ingested products. Food can be useful and harmful at the same time, and this is already everybody's own choice how to use it- wisely, to stay healthy and fit, or awry, to suffer from diseases whole life, which for sure, will not be long.

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