Bukovinian State Medical University

The history of foundation of Bukovinian State Medical University. Description of infrastructure and basic directions specialization. Participating of students is in regional and international conferences. Condition for the advanced study and active rest.

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Bukovinian State Medical University was founded in October 1994 on the basis of the 2nd Kyiv Medical Institute. The history of its foundation and development as a center of medical science training of medical and scientific personnel played a very important role for Bukovyna whose century old colonial status had left a negative imprint on the material and spiritual life of the population. This region was characterized by the highest sickness and mortality rates in Europe. At the same time only 120 physicians worked here in 1939. Therefore the problem of training of the medical personnel was especially acute. Due to the foundation of the University it became possible to train doctors from the local youth. Nowadays over 3 thousand physicians work in our region mostly graduates of Bukovinian State Medical University.

Over 100 doctors of medical science and 450 candidates of medical science have been trained at the university over the years of its existence .nowadays 48 professors , 189 assistant professors and 267 candidates of science work fruitfully at 36 departments. There are Honoured Scientists of Ukraine , Honoured Science workers of the higher school of Ukraine , honoured educationalists of Ukraine, Members of New York Academy of Medical Sciences . Over 100 teachers of the University worked at higher medical institutions of foreign countries of Asia, Africa and South America at different times . They have a good command of foreign languages and sufficient experience of work with foreign students.

Nowadays Bukovinian State Medical University is a modern higher educational institution with abundant experience of training of the medical personnel and scientific traditions . There are Medical Faculty for the study of Russian and Ukrainian by foreign citizens.

General practitioners are trained at the Medical Faculty specializing in doctoring , their term of studies lasting 6 years. Over 3000 students study at the University now including students from India , Cameroons , Sudan , Morocco , Tunisia , Saudi Arabia , Somali , Syria , Palestine and other countries .

University graduates go through post-graduate specialization in almost all clinical specialties at the Faculty of Internship which lasts 2-3 years.

The scientific and productive base of the University is found in 12 buildings, while city and regional medical establishments are used for clinical departments . 15 lecture halls, educational and scientific laboratories are equipped with all the necessary means and apparatus to ensure the educational process and research work Computer classes are intended for self - education and control of students knowledge. medical specialization student rest

The professors and tutors of the University carry out great research work combining it with the educational process. The main scientific problems of the University over many years have been those connected with gastroenterology, diseases of the cardio-vascular system , kidneys , synthesis and study of new chemical substances which possess an antimicrobial action , est.

Students take an active part in the research work of the departments. These students are members of the scientific societies which comprise 600 people. Many students papers were acknowledged to be the best at the regional and international conferences. Over 119 authors certificates for inventions for the last 5 years are indicative of an acknowledgement of the priority of the University scientific achievements.

Apporopriate conditions are created not only for studies and research , but also for rest and leisure time activity of the students . The University library numbers over 500000 volumes of educational , methodical literature and fiction . Many students take part in amateur societies. The ensemble of folk song and dance Trembita enjoys wide popularity both at the University and beyond its limits and has often been the winner of regional and international contests .

The University provides lodging for students in 6 dormitories. Chernivtsi is the administrative center of Northern Bukovyna - a wonderful land with the picturesque Carpathians , medicinal moumtainous streams , landscapes of a unique beauty.

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