Man and food

The study and description of the main functions of sugar and starch content of the composition to increase serotonin in the brain, which is soothing neurotransmitter. Defining the role of significant amount of carbohydrates in late afternoon or evening.

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Man and food

The ancient saying that a man is what he eats. Loyalty to this statement. Now scientists have confirmed. They came to the conclusion that food is the most amazing effect on our thought processes. From what we ate, depend our mood and clarity of thought. This dependence seems strange, but Nature has designed the brain this way, and the fact that scientists have discovered in this area can be very useful for us. Let us turn to examples.

Breakfast. Many of us start the day with a meal containing carbohydrates, such as with sweet buns. Sugar and starch content of the composition to increase serotonin in the brain, which is soothing neurotransmitter. As a result, we achieve the opposite effect. Such food does not give cheerfulness.

Ham and eggs are high in fat and cholesterol. They are slowly absorbed and digested, causing blood flow to the brain and thus slow down brain activity. It is believed now scientists, good breakfast consists of foods that are low in fat. This can be a lean ham (in any case no sausage or bacon), low-fat cream cheese or cottage cheese instead of butter, fresh fruit or juice instead of syrup or sugary products.

What about caffeine? One or two cups of coffee or tea for breakfast significantly embolden you allow to express themselves well in tests for activity. However, after drinking three cups or more, you can lose a good response and clarity of mind from an excess of caffeine.

Dinner. Most people know how dangerous it during lunch consumption of alcoholic beverages, as they dull consciousness for a long time. Generally speaking, alcohol is harmful for the brain; permanent its use can lead to structural and functional changes and disturbances in the brain. But few realize how bad a meal consisting of three meals containing carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta or potatoes and sweet for dessert. The study, conducted by a team of scientists led by Bonnie Spring, concluded that these products are women catching drowsiness and men are relaxing. Moreover, according to Spring, it turns out that after such a dinner for all who are over forty, the ability to focus on the work of recovering 4 hours later than those whose lunch consisted of foods high in protein.

Why is this happening? Protein-rich poultry or fish filled with your blood amino acids, including tyrosine. Tyrosine penetrates through the protective filter, the so-called blood-brain barrier. In the brain, this amino acid is converted into chemical substances that enhance the activity - dopamine and norepinephrine. If during stress supply of these substances in the brain is exhausted, then you is a sense of confusion, indecision, anxiety and depression. Another nutrient that easily penetrates the blood-brain barrier - is choline. It is found in fish, meat, egg yolk, Soy-containing products, oatmeal, rice, peanuts. Choline - the chemical precursor of the neurotransmitter of the brain, acetylcholine. Last play an important role in the development of memory.

Dinner. If you do not need to stimulate energy for work or training at night, do not eat dinner foods high in protein, such as a juicy steak or fish. Instead, eat carbohydrates. They indirectly affect the chemical composition of the brain: promote the release of the hormone insulin to stimulate the absorption of amino acids in muscle tissue from the blood. And how to treat a glass of warm milk, which my mother told me to drink before going to bed? It is, unfortunately, was not right. The researchers found that although milk and contains tryptophan, a protein in its composition neutralizes the effect of this amino acid. Before going to sleep beneficial than just the impact of carbohydrates, such as in oatmeal cookies or a bun with jam.

The impact of carbohydrates on the activity of the brain is much deeper than scientists used to think. According to recent data, tryptophan acts not only as a sleep aid, but also as a painkiller. Indeed, quite unconsciously, many of us eat the sweet, eager to improve their health. For example, every autumn, when the days become shorter, we sometimes painful experience seasonal depression (SDS), which is characterized by a feeling of depression, the need for more sleep and overweight.

We get better mainly as a result of consumption of a significant amount of carbohydrates in the late afternoon or evening. The shorter days of autumn or winter pineal gland secretes melatonin significantly more normalizing ratio of sleep and wakefulness. In order to get rid of the discomfort, depression and gloomy mood, suffering VTS start absorb an excessive amount of carbohydrates in an effort to increase the concentration of serotonin in the brain and at least briefly to get rid of such a state. serotonin sugar carbohydrate

Abandoning the habit smoker, people also seek solace in sweets. Dubious compensation. After all, scientists have concluded that, significantly increasing the concentration of serotonin in the brain, tryptophan prevents the emergence of a syndrome associated with giving up nicotine. Those who suffer from CDC, former smokers, and everything else you need to remember that only 50 grams of carbohydrates helps release serotonin in the brain tranquilizer. Large amounts of carbohydrates, may contribute to excessive fullness, but not calm. Its action begins only after some time will take about an hour after dinner, when you eaten biscuits digest; you calm down, and your appetite will decrease.

Proper nutrition at the scheduled time will help you regulate your mood. The chemical composition of the brain - a finely tuned mechanism, and an excess of one vital substances can lead to a deficiency of another.

Recent studies have shown a paradoxical phenomenon: Americans who religiously followed the anti-cholesterol diet, went to the world's leaders in the number of heart attacks, but the smallest number - the French, who have a reputation gluttons, with overlap in the goose fat, blood sausage and wine. It turns out that fat pereponchatolapyh - ducks, geese - the composition is very similar to olive oil, the most useful in the world of food products. A leading nutritionist from Renaud believes that the best French wine protects against heart attack.

Moderate alcohol consumption reduces twice the risk of cardiovascular disease. As for sausages, especially the blood, then, according to recent data, it restores the iron content in the human body faster than any drug, and a little salt is necessary in the brain of human activity.

Several major medical centers in Germany, the United States and Britain decided to try a new method of treating pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis - to give patients chew chicken and beef bones! As shown by preliminary tests of this method of treatment in the United States, patients with the chewing articular cartilage of chicken and beef bones swallow a considerable amount of collagen of the second type. This collagen in the body is not destroyed by our immune system, that is not perceived as foreign, and, once in the blood is absorbed and goes to restoration of damaged arthritic joints. In a London hospital intensive adopting this diet to treat patients.

Healthy Eating is in itself a beneficial effect on the body, some of the products in their impact can easily compete with the best cosmetics. It is known that carrots rich substances essential for vision. However, few people know that it contained beta-carotene is extremely useful for hair. This so called provitamin stimulates cell division, resulting in the renewal of the skin of the head. Cottage cheese softens lips. The fat-free yogurt contains large amounts of riboflavin, which improves metabolism. Those who have dry, chapped lips, should be daily eat 400 grams of cottage cheese to get rid of this shortcoming.

Truly "Cosmetic set" are peanuts: thanks to its high content of vitamin E, they effectively affect the blood supply to the skin. Every day eating 150 grams of nuts, you can relatively quickly get rid of pimples. This has the impact and fish. Sheep cheese perfectly "repair" your nails: it contains substances prevent the nails become brittle and dull. Every day, 50 grams feta cheese or milk enough to "handle" nails without having to manicure. Soy or products made from soybean and using it, it is necessary to take not only in food because they promote the digestion but also because prevent hair loss.

Tom, who are concerned about the dry, cracked skin on the hands, should regularly eat bananas. After all, the problem is a lack of vitamin B6, which is extremely rich in these fruits. Mushrooms and dishes made from them, are essential for people with sensitive skin: they contain a lot of vitamin B12, which strengthens pigmented layer of the skin.

Most centenarians were conceived after the posts. Before reaching this conclusion, the director of the Institute of Longevity Valery Tuev he has studied 1,000 men and 500 women aged 85 to 110 years old. Of course, for each pair you can calculate your most favorable period of conception. But not for nothing in Russia has always played a wedding in the post positions. During the post man ate mainly porridges, and energy crops extremely favorable for male seed. To improve its results and the lack of sex prohibited by the church at that time.

Foods containing a lot of plant fibers, in particular grain (especially - rye bread) and drink yogurt - that is the best guarantee against cancer of the colon and of the risk of many other diseases, from cardiovascular to diabetes.

This recommendation expressed at Helsinki International Symposium of experts on nutrition. Studies have shown that dietary fibers that do not dissolve either in the stomach or in the small intestine, in the colon fall into the fermentation reaction that decomposes them. According to modern concepts of doctors and nutritionists, the reaction itself prevents diseases of the intestine. This reaction involves the fermentation of bacteria besides fibers and other carbohydrates, including oligosaccharides. These compounds found in onions and ordinary leeks, artichokes and chicory (Not coincidentally, a long-standing popularity of coffee with chicory). Studies have confirmed the special importance for the welfare of intestinal lactic acid bacteria. They also fall mainly in the colon, and enhance its resistance to infection.

Experts, known worldwide for its success in the fight with cancer, argue that fast is better than to be operated. This seemingly plain rule is under a deep soil, and modern research, as well as the experience of his grandfather, recommend: eat more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins A, C, E and minerals. And this is the most usual carrots, red and green peppers, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, plums. Fruits are not clean. In the skin - the most necessary! Especially miraculously in the prevention of this terrible disease as cancer, cruciferous family. It is necessary to "podnalech" for white and cauliflower, radish and radish. Do not neglect the cereals and legumes. Useful nedroblenaya wheat, beans, lentils, green peas. To increase the body's resistance, Lose weight, consumes less canned and smoked. There is another opinion, very original: more than a laugh and do not lose hope. Pessimists rather "kiss off" than the optimists. American scientists have found that pectin - one of the substances contained in citrus reduces metastasis of cancer cells, prostate tumors in experimental animals. So do not limit yourself to citrus, of course, if you are not allergic to them.

Here are no less interesting conclusions of scientists. Laboratory mice are served for breakfast raw potatoes, seasoned with cholera. More precisely - antiholernoy vaccine. After this breakfast in mice begins to produce the corresponding antibodies. Department of Molecular Biology at the University of Houston in Texas has managed to create the first plant vaccine using his potatoes and tobacco. Typically, a vaccine composed of proteins that are introduced into the blood to induce the immune system start antibody production. Under the new method, the plants receive an additional gene, allowing the desired protein is contained in the fruit or in the leaves of a particular culture. Physicians have great hopes for this discovery, because every year in the world 2.4 million children die only because they later was vaccinated. Benefits of food vaccination is particularly valuable for developing countries, where the need for disposable syringes. Until now proteins for vaccines prepared rather complicated way - from cell cultures of human and animals. They require sterile and must be kept at a certain temperature. Vegetable same vaccine does not require anything other than land, water and sun. And most importantly, they can not carry with them pathogens unknown diseases.

The ancient healers believed that the spring is more valuable and more useful drug than carrots, for a person to be found. We all know that this vegetable is extremely rich in provitamin A (or carotene). But that's part of the composition of the carotenoid complex ethereal spirit - inositol few know. Meanwhile, when the deficit affects the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract can become inflamed skin, worsen vision. The disadvantage of nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), which many in carrots, leads to lethargy, headaches. Vitamin E (its in the orange vegetable 4 times more than in beet) is more valuable because it helps other vitamins are better absorbed. Without available in the root crops of folic acid in humans may develop anemia.

How many carrots minerals! Magnesium, for example, removes excess cholesterol, dilates blood vessels, relieves spasms of the gallbladder and duodenum. Vanadium, cobalt, boron, iodine and zinc are actively involved in hematopoiesis, improve the function of the sexual organs, and iodine - and thyroid. More than twenty years of observation of scientists from the National Cancer Institute of the USA confirmed the discovery of ancient healers property carrots reduce the risk of this disease.

Carrot juice is recommended to drink fresh, empty stomach, one glass a day. But not anymore. The best time of reception - morning. In the evening - salads of grated carrots with honey and sour cream. Spring beriberi is treated as decoction of rose hips, mountain ash, currant, wood apple (wildings).

To a surprising conclusion reached by American scientists, studying the effects on the different products. It was found, for example, that butter useful for the nervous system, tomatoes, remove the internal stress, and chocolate improves overall mood. Especially as useful parsley - and not just because it is rich in vitamin C: to use it in food feel increasingly self-confidence, courage and activity. Incidentally, this property parsley known since antiquity - the Roman gladiators ate it before going on stage.

In the spring, in late May, many people, especially vegetarians, collect dandelions, making them salads, boiled nettle soup. What do we know about the healing properties of these herbs? Let's start with the plantain. Look at the clasped to the soil surface leaves reminiscent footprint. This plant is always accompanied by a man, brought forth from the roads and on vacant lots. The dried plantain leaves contain many vitamins and toninovye bitter substances, essential oils. Infusion of them is used as an expectorant in chronic bronchitis. To do this, one tablespoon of crushed leaves infused cup of boiling water for fifteen minutes, strain and drink one tablespoon three or four times a day. But that's not all. Fresh juice of plantain is useful in gastritis with low acidity and chronic colitis. But the infusion of its leaves is indispensable in the gastric noncommunicable diseases and inflammatory bowel disease.

Well, what we know about nettles? Soup of it is really delicious. But collected during the flowering and dried leaves contain vitamin C, carotene, vitamin K, and in addition, formic acid, tannins, etc. The infusion of nettle used mainly as a styptic in lung, kidney, intestinal, and especially uterine bleeding. Prepare it as well as the infusion of plantain, and drink one tablespoon three times a day.

Finally - on the dandelion. Its medicinal properties of Arab and Greek scientists knew in the XVI century. Used as a sedative and from eye diseases. Unfortunately, we have these old recipes are not reached. Many people like to prepare a salad out of it, but few know that the dandelion has laxative effect. But it is the grass root to choleretic and improve digestion means. But to collect any grass needs only a minimum distance of 500 meters from the main road, power lines and industrial plants. In these areas, they are thoroughly saturated with toxic heavy metal salts.

During the collection of medicinal herbs can bump and poisonous plants. With only one touch of the skin to their leaves or stems and shows bubbles and even hard-healing wounds. These include, for example, include milestones shrub wolf splint (forest lilac), tuber butene, aconite. The most dangerous landmark - it grows in wet areas along rivers, marshes and streams. It has bright green trifoliate like chicken legs leaves, knotted with a red bloom stalk, small, like fennel, white flowers. And the smell - well, anyway, that parsley. After contact with poisonous plants skin in humans formed blisters filled with murky liquid. After a while, they burst, leaving itchy, prolonged healing ulcers. So, if you feel that you are stung a poisonous plant, it is best to spray place burn panthenol, and in severe pain, you can take a pill diphenhydramine.

We often have the satisfaction of a natural need for food results in daily getting your stomach with anything. Although the idea of ??"horrible", each with its own: everything we perceive the taste of the same food differently. One whole lemon and eat pomorschatsya, others only at the thought of it will reduce the cheekbones. The reason is that all the different operating systems of the body - digestive, endocrine, etc. All the different composition and viscosity of saliva. In addition, you should know that the taste of food in the usual sense is not so much taste as such, as a combination of taste and smell. And often the smell is crucial. Taste perception distort many diseases. In diseases of the stomach often appears sour taste in the mouth. In diseases of the liver and gall bladder, any food seems bitter. In diabetes mellitus in the mouth there is a sweet taste. If neglected diseases of the nose all the food seems to be stale. It affects the taste and temperature of the surrounding air. For example, in the heat reduced sensitivity to salty, sour, bitter, not accidental southern people love spicy food and add a lot of spice to it.

Influencing various spices, you can adjust the human condition. Tarragon added in vascular disorders, and to improve appetite, basil - for inflammation of the stomach, and p - for digestive disorders. If a woman wants to reduce sexual activity husband should give him more starchy foods and refined sugar - it reduces the production of androgens in the male - male sex hormone. It is no accident men choose for themselves the bitter spices: pepper, mustard, etc. Sweet like most women and men who have diseases of the nervous system, because it is an excellent sedative. The combination of sweet and sour sharpens vision. During World War II during night flight pilots are encouraged to keep a piece of sugar in the mouth with a solution of citric acid, or askorbinku. Almost all food products themselves have medicinal properties, and in many cases, the right selection of products allows you to completely abandon drugs. In some forms of diabetes only through dietary can control blood sugar levels and without resorting to the hypoglycemic agents.

We all know the impact on the weight with the use of low-calorie diet of vegetables (cabbage, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, tomatoes), which prevent the absorption of cholesterol and increase its excretion from the body, promote better bowel movement. All this eventually leads to excessive weight reduction and improvement of the body. Lack of potassium, which occurs with prolonged use of diuretics, as well as some other diseases, can be compensated using dried apricots, raisins, beets, apples and other foods rich in potassium. When anemia can significantly improve the efficiency antianemic means using products that a lot of iron: beets, apples, apricots, strawberries, pomegranates, pears. Very much iron is in fresh boletus, chanterelles, mushrooms, white mushrooms. Champions of iron are dried porcini mushrooms. Many people know that in the treatment of kidney and urinary tract well help watermelon due to the presence in them large amounts of glucose and their strong diuretic action.

Thus, using certain fruits and vegetables, you can adjust the function of the intestine, constantly replenish the deficit of macro- and micronutrients that are essential for the normal functioning of the body, regulating the secretion of digestive glands, health promotion. Conversely, irrational food may complicate the course of the disease, a negative impact on the entire course of treatment, to provoke a relapse. For example, salted and smoked products, in which a lot of sodium chloride, increases blood pressure and may even provoke crises in patients with hypertension. Fatty foods leads to the development of atherosclerosis and diseases of the digestive tract.

Very often the drugs, by interacting with various components of food, form stable compounds are either poorly absorbed or not allow the drug to exert its effect in the body. For example, if you are taking tetracycline antibiotics, you need to eliminate from the food milk and dairy products because calcium ions contained in milk, form compounds with tetracyclines, which significantly reduces their activity. It also reduces the activity when taking iron supplements, along with tea, coffee, nuts, wheat and dairy products. Sulfonamide "neutralized" protein foods. On the other hand, the weight of food if necessary to protect the gastric mucosa and intestine of irritating drugs, thereby avoiding the gastro-intestinal tract during their prolonged administration. Under the influence of food intake changes of drugs. Fats, for example, reduce the gastric secretion, impaired peristalsis of the stomach, resulting in a delay of the digestive processes. Foods rich in fats, significantly reduces the effectiveness of anthelmintic drugs: furadonina, sodium benzoate, sulfonamides. When you need to increase the absorption of soluble drugs (vitamins A, D, E, K, anticoagulants, seduksena etc.), The food is rich in fat benefit. Sugar and sweet products also slow gastric emptying, which leads to delay absorption sulphadimethoxin and its analogues and many other drugs.

Particular attention should be paid to intake of medicines and foods rich in protein. All the proteins that we consume food, are in our blood. If the blood increased the protein content, the degree of binding vsosavshegosya drug with the blood also increases and reduces their therapeutic effect. About the compatibility of medicines and food is very important to know.

Digestive juices affect the processes of digestion and transformation of drugs in the body. Drugs act differently depending on whether they are accepted: before, during or after meals. Fasting when stomach acidity is low, it is necessary to take such drugs as cardiac glycosides, as well as drugs, do not irritate the gastric mucosa. Medications taken on an empty stomach, are absorbed more by the fact that they are faster and more complete contact with the surface of the stomach and intestines. During meal gastric acidity is very high, therefore, such a strongly acidic medium significantly affects the stability of the drug, the rate of passage through the digestive tract and absorption in the blood.

Changing the pH of the stomach can occur when different drugs zapivaniya berry juices, soft drinks and milk. Acidic fruit and vegetable juices can neutralize the pharmacological effect of certain antibiotics (eg, erythromycin), slow the absorption amidopirina, Ibu-profiles, furosemide. Can not drink milk drugs with acid-coated (pancreatin, bisacodyl) as soluble protective shell collapses and the drug, before reaching the suction space.

Many beverages contain tannins and other binders which either enhance the pharmacological effect of the drug, which may lead to overdose or on the contrary, form them sparingly and nonabsorbable components. For example, milk is calcium caseinate, which prevents the absorption of tetracycline and lincomycin hydrochloride. Milk is drunk only those drugs that irritate the gastrointestinal tract does not bind to the calcium and milk proteins and do not alter its activity by reacting with it. Almost all medications should be taken with cold boiled water in an amount of 100 ml (half a glass), better standing. In many cases it is necessary to choose an appropriate diet when prescribing medicines to food components did not change the bioavailability of drugs and does not cause side effects. In the treatment of Parkinson's disease should not eat beans, nuts and other foods containing pyridoxine. In the treatment of aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid, the food should be poor in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, otherwise the absorption of the drug components is halved. Therapeutic efficacy sulfonamides significantly reduced or almost completely lost the presence in products folic or benzoic acid (liver, kidney, green leaves of plants - spinach, lettuce and cranberry). These acids due to poor solubility may precipitate as crystals in the kidney and urinary tract clog. To prevent this terrible complications when receiving sulfonamides patients should drink plenty of fluids, preferably alkaline (mineral water 2-3 times a day), or a solution of sodium bicarbonate (0.5 teaspoon to 1 cup water).

Corticosteroid hormones and steroids cause very sudden changes in water-salt, protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, so to prevent the complications at their reception it is advisable to increase the dietary content of proteins (cheese, liver, lean meat, fish), potassium salts (dried apricots raisins, squash, apples), calcium (milk products), vitamins, decreased carbohydrate (sugar, sweets, chocolate, etc.), fats, salts, sources of oxalic acid (spinach, beets, potatoes, beans , rhubarb, figs, parsley, plums, strawberries, gooseberries, tea, coffee, cocoa), with the exception of high-melting fat (lamb).

In the treatment of cancer therapies need food, helps to improve the blood (liver, fish, eggs, carrots, fennel, pomegranate, black currant, strawberry). Such patients useful mixture of honey, aloe juice and Cahors wine in equal parts.

When using antimicrobials (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs) requires full vitamin diet - lots of fruits, vegetables, herbs. Treatment with diuretics, or diuretics (furosemide, mannitol, dihlotiazid, hydrochlorothiazide, and so on. D.), Is the lack of potassium in the body, so you need to enrich his desk products containing a lot of potassium: pods of green beans, green peas, spinach, sorrel, potatoes , onions, apricots, cherries, peaches, apples, peas, beans, soybeans, lentils. Conversely, those treated spironolactone, triameteronom should be excluded from the food products listed above, as they need a diet poor in potassium.

Long-term treatment of patients with rheumatological salicylates and nonsteroidal antirheumatics irritate the gastro-intestinal tract, may cause its inflammation, until gastric bleeding. Such patients need light diet, which excludes coarse-fibered foods - raw vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, and fried foods, meat and fish broth. Building a proper diet is an additional curative factor.

From all the above, I think it becomes clear how important it is for a man, his health and well-being of the normal right and good nutrition. Or, in other words, a person will certainly have what it eats.

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